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5.25% weekly, daily inerest
Forex Team
103-125% after 1 day, 111-195% after 3 days, 124-300% after 6 days
Golden Safe review
6-7% daily for 25 days
Global Building Group
1.2% daily for 20 days, 1.5% daily for 35 days, 1.7% daily for 45 days, 2% daily for 60 days
4.33-6% daily for 30 days (deposit included), 1.33-3% daily for 30 days (deposit is returned), 1-2% daily for unlimited term, 15-16.4% daily for 7 days
0.8% daily for 50 business days, 1.4% daily for 150 business days, 2% daily for 250 business days
Grand Forex Limited review
103-125% after 1 day, 117-250% after 5 days, 150-800% after 15 days
Elastic-Profit review
10% daily for 10 days + up to 2% daily for 5 days, 5% daily for 20 days + up to 3% daily for 20 days, 2.5% daily for 40 days + up to 8% daily for 60 days
RosKapital review
1% daily for 2 years, 5.16-5.9% daily for 30 days
Bloc Limited
8-10% daily for 15 business days, 140-180% after 15 business days
Senior Gold review
6-8% daily for 20 business days
UPS-Bank review
0.9-1.7% daily for unlimited term (20-40% monthly), flexible rates
6% after 1 day, 7% after 2 days, 8% after 3 days and etc., up to 205% for 10 days
Ogden Organization
0.8% daily for 15 days, 1.1% daily for 30 days, 1.4% daily for 60 days, 1.7% daily for 90 days
Assured Assets review
0.8-1.4% daily for 190 business days
Gramstock review
8-8.6% daily for 15 business days
2.6% daily for 30 days, 2.8% daily for 40 days, 3% daily for 50 days
Rockwell Partners review
1-3.5% daily for unlimited term
Barton Assets ltd.
50-75% on business days from company profit (from 7% per month)
Albion Union
0.6% daily for 40 days, 0.8% daily for 70 days, 1% daily for 80 days
FinMutual review
1.8-2.6% daily for 160 business days
Global Business Technology
0.85% daily for 20 business days/5% weekly for 4 weeks, 1-1.6% daily for 200 business days/6-9% weekly for 40 weeks
1.5% daily for 15 business days, 2% daily for 45 business days, 2.5% daily for 90 business days
Eblone review
1.3% daily for 60 business days, 1.5% daily for 90 business days, 1.7% daily for 120 business days
Thai Monetary Fund review interview
1.1% daily for 20 business days, 1.3% daily for 40 business days, 1.5% daily for 60 business days
Dublin Cryptorium Limited review interview
10% in a month
103-125% after 1 day, 37-55% daily for 3 days, 120-255% after 5 days
Oil Rig Contractors review
105-125% after 1 day, 56-70% daily for 2 days, 130-300% after 5 days
Hex Fund Ltd review
6-9% daily for 20 days
Patent Capital LTD
1.25% daily for 30 business days, 1.55% daily for 45 business days, 2.05% daily for 60 business days, 2.2-7.5% daily for 90 business days
1-4% daily for unlimited term
INWIQU review interview
flexible rate, 20% per month on average
Arbitrage Top
9-11% monthly
10% daily for 12 days
Visiber Fund
103-109% after 1 day
1% daily for 30 business days, 1.2% daily for 45 business days, 1.4% daily for 60 business days

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GIO - e-magazine about high-yield investment

HYIPs  →  Arbitrage Top review
Friday, 18 April 2014 10:26

It won't be an exaggeration to say that this project belongs to the most remarkable ones in its direction. It is original, interesting, carefully crafted and at the same time self-reliant. There is probably no need to look for special words to feature it in an adequate way: just look at its age (almost 9 months online) and positive dynamics of payouts. Artbitrage Top manager is doing a great job, so why don't we support his efforts? 

News  →  Bloc Limited. Diamond!
Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:04


A high-class product is noticed from a distance. If you take a closer look, you will make sure that the first impression doesn't deceive you. The project has just started, but its manager doesn't know how it feels to simply sit and wait. And his active position is not an illusion. I was assured in it when we had a talk. You can see yourself at which level he is about to work: the site is filled with useful content; new video versions are coming soon; Google translate module allows switching to a convenient language in case English won't suit you. In this context, investment plans sound harmoniously: duration periods are quite tolerable, and a part of your principal will be paid out on a daily basis (ROI = 120% or more). 5% referral fee is guaranteed for active members. Thanks to its current virtues and an available potential, the resource is given a cozy place on my monitor.  

News  →  Arbitrage Top -> Standard!
Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:04


The project has been living its life since August 2013. It doesn't make anyone try its services yet accepts clients with pleasure. I probably want to view even more what is hidden in its storehouse because the admin relies on his own capacities, without any third-party support. The site is compact, informative and practical. Its name reflects a supposed occupation of the team - the work with arbitrage cases. Regardless of the results, they give a certain share of income equal to 9%-11% per month in percentage rates. The manager doesn't disturb with time filling notices in the news section, and I like it. He is still looking for the best partner and is already ready to offer comfy conditions for the mainstream audience (thanks to Ru/En languages). In its category, Arbitrage Top definitely carries authority and can easily opt for a long-term game.


News  →  Victor-Coins -> Diamond
Thursday, 17 April 2014 08:17


The project is young, but it can't complain of lack of prospects. In spite of abundance and originality of available details, an investment mechanism is rather simple, even though it requires little attention. The hyip is well-developed, and needs of all investors - whether they can leave their deposits to keep working or want to withdraw it as soon as possible (there are many options for replenishment and cash out) - have been considered. Although the site offers enough opportunities, and there will probably be many investors willing to try (especially as they can use En/Ru versions), Victor-Coins is not under the bankruptcy threat. First of all, a deposit can be withdrawn once per week (on Sunday) and, secondly, the referral rate of 2.5% is really small. Finally, a technical knockdown is not to happen if hackers decide to crack the website as security is fine (a dedicated server, ddos protection, SSL for 2 years, etc.). I hear others saying the program will be as famous as its predecessors. Well, I see it the same way. The admin can live and create with it as long as he wishes. 

HYIPs  →  Oil Rig Contractors review
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:38

Oil Rig Contractors is a kind of nostalgic project, but one can't take away its typical features. The manager uses words and actions to show how much communication and attention mean to him. Now he is doing his best to clear the way and reach the end user. It is the 4th day since the program started, but we can certainly see that its project lead appreciates the game in accordance with the rules and for the sake of his creation...

News  →  Oil Rig Contractors -> Premium
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 09:57


This is a high-end fast hyip by the admin, who virtually talks to clients from each website page. When you get bored of his greetings, you can ask him to stop by clicking on the pause button in the footer. Actually, the topic is winning as oil - in whatever cover you wrap it - is always associated with something positive. The resource also looks in accordance with an overall atmosphere: everything is in abundance and is carefully sorted by certain sections. The technical base is the same fine, with a domain for 6 years, ddos protection, SSL with a green address bar. All we have left is to look closer at the financial aspect and make our choice. A loyal $5 investment allows skipping it with 5% in a day. However, you can leave your deposit for one more day and estimate a 2-day plan with daily payouts (ROI = 112%+). The project is currently showing good dynamics of growth, although investors are still very cautious while joining it. On the whole, the situation is reassuring. It makes sense to try it. 

HYIPs  →  Senior Gold review
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 15:33

Senior Gold showed up in the high-yield field when investors didn't expect that. Surprisingly, almost no flaws were mentioned about it. Users took everything for granted. The admin responded with fairly good things such as fast payments, a responsive team and an everyday work according to the schedule. He seems to like running business in today's circumstances, and investors are impressed with his results...

HYIPs  →  UPS-Bank review
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 08:56

UPS-Bank is a project that simply needs to exist in order to look appealing for investors and gather fame. The admin appeared to be strong enough to go through New Year's fluctuation and investors' questioning reaction when the program just started. Today it can be easily considered the one that has grabbed an honorable place in the medium-term category, not without efforts though. If you are lacking drive, feel free to join it...

News  →  Senior Gold -> On GIO!
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 06:26


This admin pursues down-to-earth aims, puts forward quite "tempting" rates and promises a mutually beneficial cooperation. Given the existence period assigned to the project, its leader had time to think over details and look around. Perhaps, that's why Senior Gold was met without many questions and accepted without a shower of skeptical comments. The one who had done that remained satisfied as the hyip feels quite good with new plans, and investors with regular income whatsoever. In particular, a participant gets from 6% income per day if he/she makes a minimum investment. The break-even point is reached on the 17th day, ROI = 120%. If you play with larger amounts, the process will be hastened a little bit. The website shows all basic things, which clients are likely to look for while examining it. In case doubts arise, contact a technical consultant or scroll through its official blog. By and large, it is as easy as pie for the head to repeat the result of the previous month. I dare to hope he shares the same opinion. 

News  →  WEEKLY RESULTS: April 7-11, 2014
Monday, 14 April 2014 08:55

Cognition comes through comparison. So, if we put on the scale results of past and current weeks, the difference will be rather sufficient. Only some admins decided that it would be either impossible or unprofitable to treat investors with payments. I offered you 7 objects as a fair replacement instead. It remains to be seen how they will work, and so far let's concentrate on facts...

HYIPs  →  Hex Fund review
Monday, 14 April 2014 06:30

Hex Fund Ltd project manager has been long picturing his company in world's TOP trading organizations, and this is a perfect reflection of his ambitions and farseeing wishes. In fact, the project is really good, with clear prospects. Investors are particularly involved in a relatively fresh topic of trading binary options, especially in connection with bitcoins. However, regular payments bring much more pleasure, and everybody is willing to wait for his/her turn to get them...

News  →  Traders Poll -> Standard!
Friday, 11 April 2014 10:13


It is not the first time we've heard the mass media saying that China, the country where "crypto" originated, can blow dollar down from the world arena. The creator of this MLM product also exploits it. In this context, the legend doesn't sound as overwhelming, but it doesn't feed the project either. Marketing is a different story. It promises regular payments on certain days (1 profile costs $60 and brings $4 daily, with withdrawals allowed once in three days). It is only up to each investor to define how much he/she can spend and how ready he/she is to follow admin's conditions (keep in mind 3 referral levels as well). Absolutely all users are accepted here: communication barriers have been ruthlessly knocked down (7 language versions are available); texts sound harmoniously, with a perfect combination of food for thought and wallets. The admin had done a great job before he let everyone know about his creation, and he got what he probably counted on right away. Projects differ, and it won't be a rash decision to hope for success now. 

HYIPs  →  The wearable future of online banking
Friday, 11 April 2014 10:08

A mainstream audience has not been given a chance to try all functionality of devices for portable banking yet, but manufacturers won't halt because of that. Samsung, Sony and the likes launch their products on the market while progressive Spanish banks CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell charge them with their apps. Don't you think one party is missing here? Indeed, they need someone to buy all these things. All people firmly believe that it is time. Now your "bank" is on your wrist or in front of eyes rather than in your pocket...

News  →  Hex Fund -> Premium!
Friday, 11 April 2014 06:29


A faultless work is the best ad for any project, whatever category it represents. To some extent, it is always a subjective thing to judge whether the product is good or not. Here I can still ground my words from the observer's point of view as I haven't received my first portion of payouts yet. The hyip looks great by all possible criteria, whichever you take. Technical details and a visual part dispose to the cooperation with the admin who knows the value of everything. As for a regular investor, Hex Fund will be equally profitable whenever he/she decides to join it. By the way, two strategically important language versions - Russian and English - sufficiently optimize the process. The resource is not overloaded with bulk texts. The topic is quite topical as of today. It deals with the cryptocurrency trading that seems to be conducted as if by the certified company. Clients' demand does not influence admin's wish to keep working in a set speed. It even encourages him. So, one can easily earn 120% ROI or more, reaching the break-even point on the 17th day (or earlier) of the period. It is definitely worth a try!


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andy: Sagalov, I received Refback, thanks.
19-04-2014 11:34:30
bommel: elggl not paying
19-04-2014 7:13:05
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
19-04-2014 5:14:02
varun1234: Paid as usuai by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
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andy: Sagalov, thanks.
17-04-2014 8:43:01
Sagalov: andy, it is the whole sum of a referral reward I get, when you make a deposit by my referral link. I will return you 100% of this sum.
17-04-2014 7:36:28
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
17-04-2014 4:37:15
andy: dear, what is Refback: 100%? i do not know.
17-04-2014 4:12:48
andy: dear
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varun1234: Paid by vabank today
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varun1234: My pleasure Sagalov thanks for your kind words
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varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night and vabank today morning
12-04-2014 6:13:20
Sagalov: Fred Harmon, please, check your e-mail
11-04-2014 12:29:25
Sagalov: varun1234, thank you for your regular reports
11-04-2014 12:29:10
varun1234: Paid by finmutual and eblone yesterday night and by vabank today morning
11-04-2014 4:07:56
Fred Harmon: @Sagalov: i have sent email to advertising.gio@gmail.com, Waiting for your reply... please email to admin@investorion.com. Thank's
10-04-2014 10:40:33
Sagalov: bee2bee, it makes selective payouts, please, check: http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=255551&page=15
10-04-2014 8:59:06
bee2bee: why finlegacy problem status?
10-04-2014 6:14:54
varun1234: Paid instantly by vabank today
10-04-2014 3:57:08
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night
10-04-2014 3:44:38
Fred Harmon: Waiting for your reply... from Fred Harmon (investorion.com)
10-04-2014 2:02:45
Fred Harmon: Hello admin... i have sent email to advertising.gio@gmail.com
10-04-2014 2:01:57
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone today
07-04-2014 14:38:59
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual today
07-04-2014 6:11:50
varun1234: alliance development situation doesnt look good to me no response from admin
04-04-2014 13:45:54
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone today
04-04-2014 13:45:25
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone and alliance development as usual
03-04-2014 12:55:53
varun1234: Just received todays payment from finmutual
03-04-2014 9:17:57
varun1234: Paid by finmutual yesterday night after the site was back online with payeer integration
03-04-2014 1:55:53
varun1234: Paid by eblone and alliance development as usual today
02-04-2014 13:44:34
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
02-04-2014 3:42:19
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone and alliance development just now
01-04-2014 13:00:50
varun1234: and alliance development as well
31-03-2014 14:40:02
varun1234: Paid by finmutual today as usual
31-03-2014 14:39:53
miraeduard34: Anyone invested here in Rockwell Partners?
29-03-2014 10:55:12
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
29-03-2014 2:49:26
varun1234: and alliance development as well
28-03-2014 12:31:30
varun1234: Was paid instantly by eblone and IWM just now
28-03-2014 12:31:19
varun1234: Yes they are still paying anyways was Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
28-03-2014 2:42:34
miraeduard34: Hi guyz, is anyone here an active investor in Rockwell Partners? is it great site? are they paying?
27-03-2014 11:12:06
varun1234: Paid as usual be eblone, IWM, alliance development just a few minutes ago
27-03-2014 11:03:59
varun1234: Paid as usual be eblone, IWM, alliance development and finmutual today
26-03-2014 17:57:11
varun1234: Paid by finmutual as usual yesterday night
26-03-2014 2:41:42
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone IWM and alliance development today
25-03-2014 10:46:03
varun1234: Paid by finmutual as usual today
25-03-2014 2:50:30
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone IWM and alliance development today
24-03-2014 16:14:45
varun1234: Paid by rockwell along with the principal today was a good ride
21-03-2014 12:19:50
varun1234: Paid by eblone IWM and comocredit( miniature payment) as usual today
21-03-2014 12:19:22
varun1234: Paid by IWM rockwell and eblone as usual today waiting for the pending payment from comocredit
20-03-2014 14:40:49
varun1234: Got paid as usual by comocredit IWM rockwell and alliance development today
19-03-2014 12:39:55
varun1234: just received the pending payment from eblone
19-03-2014 12:39:10
Sagalov: Derek, done
19-03-2014 6:32:47
Sagalov: varun1234, thank you for your reports
19-03-2014 6:32:38
varun1234: Once again paid as usual by eblone, alliance-development, rockwell partners, IWM and comocredit
18-03-2014 10:54:17
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone, alliance-development, rockwell partners, IWM and comocredit
17-03-2014 11:04:50
Derek: please reply to admin@top-inv.com. Thank you!
17-03-2014 5:05:00
Derek: I have sent email to advertising.gio@gmail.com
17-03-2014 5:03:15
Derek: *of
17-03-2014 5:01:19
Derek: I'm admin off Top-Inv.com
17-03-2014 5:01:08
Derek: Hello
17-03-2014 5:00:07
varun1234: Instant payments from comocredit IWM and rockwell today
16-03-2014 6:45:54
varun1234: Paid as usual by comocredit IWM and rockwell partners today
15-03-2014 8:03:27
varun1234: Paid by eblone, alliance-development, rockwell partners, IWM and comocredit today nice
14-03-2014 10:15:59
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone, alliance-development, rockwell partners, IWM and comocredit today
13-03-2014 10:13:34
varun1234: Paid by eblone, alliance-development, rockwell partners and comocredit today
12-03-2014 10:08:18
varun1234: Paid instantly by eblone, alliance-development and comocredit today
11-03-2014 15:53:40

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