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5.25% weekly, daily inerest
Global Building Group
1.2% daily for 20 days, 1.5% daily for 35 days, 1.7% daily for 45 days, 2% daily for 60 days
103-125% after 1 day, 110-180 after 3 days, 125-350% after 7 days
1.2% daily for 20 days, 1.5% daily for 40 days, 1.8% daily for 60 days
5% daily for 30 days, 2.5% daily for 20 days
Senior Gold review
6-8% daily for 20 business days
UPS-Bank review
0.9-1.7% daily for unlimited term (20-40% monthly), flexible rates
Ogden Organization
0.8% daily for 15 days, 1.1% daily for 30 days, 1.4% daily for 60 days, 1.7% daily for 90 days
4.33-6% daily for 30 days (deposit included), 1.33-3% daily for 30 days (deposit is returned), 1-2% daily for unlimited term, 15-16.4% daily for 7 days
Assured Assets review
0.8-1.4% daily for 190 business days
0.8% daily for 50 business days, 1.4% daily for 150 business days, 2% daily for 250 business days
Gramstock review
8-8.6% daily for 15 business days
Grand Forex Limited review
103-125% after 1 day, 117-250% after 5 days, 150-800% after 15 days
Elastic-Profit review
10% daily for 10 days + up to 2% daily for 5 days, 5% daily for 20 days + up to 3% daily for 20 days, 2.5% daily for 40 days + up to 8% daily for 60 days
2.6% daily for 30 days, 2.8% daily for 40 days, 3% daily for 50 days
Rockwell Partners review
1-3.5% daily for unlimited term
Barton Assets ltd.
50-75% on business days from company profit (from 7% per month)
Albion Union
0.6% daily for 40 days, 0.8% daily for 70 days, 1% daily for 80 days
FinMutual review
1.8-2.6% daily for 160 business days
Global Business Technology
0.85% daily for 20 business days/5% weekly for 4 weeks, 1-1.6% daily for 200 business days/6-9% weekly for 40 weeks
1.5% daily for 15 business days, 2% daily for 45 business days, 2.5% daily for 90 business days
Thai Monetary Fund review interview
1.1% daily for 20 business days, 1.3% daily for 40 business days, 1.5% daily for 60 business days
Dublin Cryptorium Limited review interview
10% in a month
102.5-130% after 1 day, 110-220% after 3 days, 130-460% after 7 days
Target Income
0.4% hourly for 500 hours
Oil Rig Contractors review
105-125% after 1 day, 56-70% daily for 2 days, 130-300% after 5 days
Hex Fund Ltd review
5.5-6.25% daily for 20 days
Patent Capital LTD
1.25% daily for 30 business days, 1.55% daily for 45 business days, 2.05% daily for 60 business days, 2.2-7.5% daily for 90 business days
1-4% daily for unlimited term
INWIQU review interview
flexible rate, 20% per month on average
Stronghold Finance
5% daily for 31 days, 114% after 10 days
Arbitrage Top
9-11% monthly
10% daily for 12 days
Visiber Fund
103-109% after 1 day
1% daily for 30 business days, 1.2% daily for 45 business days, 1.4% daily for 60 business days
5-6% daily for 30 days

HYIP Articles


GIO - e-magazine about high-yield investment

HYIPs  →  BitcoFinancial review
Thursday, 24 April 2014 14:43

So many project managers tried to use the bitcoin topic to draw attention of the audience, but few of them ever succeeded in fulfilling their plans. Let's see what results BitcoFinancial will finally achieve. As of now, I suppose something can be made of it. The admin carefully offers various options which will make our life more interesting even in case they fail to optimize it. However, he doesn't require a lot and says he is ready to send some clients profit directly to their BTC wallets. It would be unfair to refuse from considering BitcoFinancial interior... 

News  →  Strong Hold Finance -> Standard!
Thursday, 24 April 2014 11:56


This admin asks to welcome him with curious plans. The first one expects you to leave your deposit just for a day because the first portion of % + a part of your investment will be returned the next day (ROI = 155%). In the case of the second investment option, you will be reminded of your starting deposit after 10 calendar days when you are sent 100% + 14% net income. We can dispose of only 3 days of project's online experience, that's why everything we have is payments by the first plan. And 17 more days remain till the break-even point will be reached. It's not a problem to gain a lifetime, and the manager will easily cope with showing positive dynamics. The site already looks fresh as in spring; the green address bar fits with the view in a harmonious way. I guess the pic will be even nicer as the resource gets maturer. Everyone who wishes can join my observations!

News  →  Target Income -> Premium!
Thursday, 24 April 2014 11:56


This project is good-looking even if it is no miracle of a designer's thought. It would be a mistake to give it a miss as everything you find here is aimed at a common, productive play rather than made to please the eye. Its admin asks to invest just 10 bucks to test how the program works and get 3% per day by a 1-day plan in return. A referral rate is not that big, but 2% bring some positive moments too. As a rule, small returns make hyips last longer. In Target-Income, investors are still very careful. I am not surprised with that since it is hard to find something good in the storm of criticism. In the meantime, I let this fast project reveal itself and show who is who. Both its lifespan and the current account balance allow giving everyone hell.  

News  →  FayGold -> Diamond!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 13:54


The first launch of this fast hyip happened three days ago, and even then I got the impression that its admin would turn it into a serious rival. As they say, everything is in his hands: none puts a spoke in his wheel, and investors are willing to let him manage their savings. But still, I can't say that its design and plans hook up or produce an urge to action even though they are not without peculiarities. For instance, when I view the website, I don't associate it with other projects. It is all new and made with love by All4HYIP. Everything - from technical details to the location of sections and a brief structure of plans - is featured in a standard way. Well, the very investment plans also won't surprise you as the project is ready to give 3% in a day and a 3% referral reward. One way or another, half a week for a resource that generates income super quickly is enough to get the feel of a fast hyip and reveal itself in a certain manner. Now I like it here: the manager is working hard; investors are encouraging him with deposits...

HYIPs  →  Amazing Profit Club review
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 09:52

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don't invest your money in it!

This project feels quite good even though it offers a basic set of financial options with average profits. Can anyone know better than us how big the potential of such a program can be? Its chief follows elementary safety measures, staying off a high-speed increase of the monitoring base and heaping up investors with large sums. The effect is obvious, and I would like to make my contribution to the development of the "club"...

News  →  BitcoFinancial -> Diamond!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 07:47


In this project, the admin decided not to invent anything, so we can read an up-to-date topic dealing with bitcoin trading in a nice implementation. He also added official forum/blog and promised to send 5%-15% for people who promote the resource by various directions. Plans suggest only two positions for risky and more careful players. If you let the project swallow your deposit for 20 days, you will get 50% net income in the end of this period. Conversely, you can earn the same sum in 30 days (the break-even point is reachable on the 20th day of the term). The resource is quite strong (a dedicated server, a domain for 3 years, SSL + a green address bar, etc.) and informative. Apart from basic data (use the website's right column to get a quick access to sections) in different languages (Google translate module allows switching to En/Fr/Ru/Pl and other languages), you can try to learn more in social networks (Facebook, Twitter). And if it is also not enough, drop a message via chat or make a call. BitcoFin has spent the first confident week online, and the manager's push is inspiring. Consequently, a cooperation can be lucky...

News  →  Brigona -> Premium!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 07:23


Check a fresh project: it's a delayed-action doubler for all investors who want to get 0.4% per hour for almost 21 day. Together with bonuses and the referral reward, a total return can be rather essential. Both Russian and English-speaking users (thanks to corresponding language versions) are welcome to a modest and quite rich house of the admin, although the plan may not suit all tastes. On the whole, all minimum requirements are observed: you won't find anything breathtaking, but all basic things are available. You can understand and accept offered conditions without being concerned with the technical part. According to the admin's way of thinking, this project should function thanks to correctly set priorities and not without investors' financial support. We'll wait and see...

News  →  MDS-Funds. Diamond!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 06:48


Here the admin improves his creation virtually right away. It's been just 5 days since it started, and we already have a new piggy bank plan (a min rate is 0.8% per day), a modified personal profile and a chance to join its FB group. However, it is not a full list of project virtues. An overall assembly is also worth attention and in particular, multifunctional sections, weighty texts, technical details in accordance with all requirements (a dedicated server, ddos protection, SSL + green bar, a unique design). If you have a spare minute, you may visit the site and find out admin's preferences (for instance, check TOP investments from the MDS-Funds portfolio). And in case you want to allocate your 20 or more dollars, you are welcomed. In return, you will withdraw 24% net profit in 20 days, 5% referral fee and up to 10% by the partnership program (specify this sum by contacting a support specialist). I will be viewing further performance with interest. Feel free to visit my monitor!

News  →  5DailyPro -> Trial!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 06:25


The project, by and large, looks okay, and it can fulfill its ambitions upon favorable conditions. The website cozily hosts basic details, without which it is hard to imagine a complete hyip. But nothing besides that. As for the financial part, it offers no surprises: 30-day plans with principal included to daily payments, allowing to reach a comfort zone on the 20th day and earlier (min ROI = 150%). I guess it will be easy to look into this project with good technical signs (a domain for 5 years, ddos protection, a licensed script by GC, etc.), but consultants will be waiting for you in Skype and online chat in case you have any question. If the admin plans to work for long, the Trial listing won't be a problem for him. Would you like to try?

HYIPs  →  ForexGHQ review
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 11:48

ForexGHQ is a project that has managed to crush stereotypes about a fleeting and unpredictable life of fast hyips. This one is run by a person who is unlikely to be frightened with any strains. He coped with a New Year's break, broke oppressing doubts of investors and never failed to send promised payouts. He is definitely worth the praise...

HYIPs  →  Arbitrage Top review
Friday, 18 April 2014 10:26

It won't be an exaggeration to say that this project belongs to the most remarkable ones in its direction. It is original, interesting, carefully crafted and at the same time self-reliant. There is probably no need to look for special words to feature it in an adequate way: just look at its age (almost 9 months online) and positive dynamics of payouts. Artbitrage Top manager is doing a great job, so why don't we support his efforts? 

News  →  Arbitrage Top -> Standard!
Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:04


The project has been living its life since August 2013. It doesn't make anyone try its services yet accepts clients with pleasure. I probably want to view even more what is hidden in its storehouse because the admin relies on his own capacities, without any third-party support. The site is compact, informative and practical. Its name reflects a supposed occupation of the team - the work with arbitrage cases. Regardless of the results, they give a certain share of income equal to 9%-11% per month in percentage rates. The manager doesn't disturb with time filling notices in the news section, and I like it. He is still looking for the best partner and is already ready to offer comfy conditions for the mainstream audience (thanks to Ru/En languages). In its category, Arbitrage Top definitely carries authority and can easily opt for a long-term game.



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Sagalov: Roskapital, Trend-ltd, GoldenSafe, Eblone and Forex Team are scams now.
24-04-2014 12:31:35
Sagalov: Zena, please, send me a screenshot of your profile showing pending and add your login in the project.
24-04-2014 11:13:34
Sagalov: andy, the admin asked you to submit a ticket concerning this issue.
24-04-2014 11:12:28
Sagalov: varun1234, you are right. Unfortunately, it is so.
24-04-2014 11:11:57
varun1234: Eblone scam sad
23-04-2014 8:15:11
andy: Zena, good information!
23-04-2014 7:38:52
andy: Sagalov: andy, please, send me your login in Finmutual ==>my login is ear1080
23-04-2014 7:27:34
Zena: Grand Forex NOT paying. VIP accounts!! It's been 4 days and they have not paid nor have they responded to my emails!
23-04-2014 6:42:59
Sagalov: andy, please, send me your login in Finmutual
22-04-2014 7:57:19
Sagalov: andy, you are welcome!
22-04-2014 7:56:44
andy: Sagalov, I received Refback, thanks.
22-04-2014 0:09:01
varun1234: Got paid as usual by finmutual and eblone today
21-04-2014 12:39:10
21-04-2014 9:41:48
andy: Sagalov, I received Refback, thanks.
19-04-2014 11:34:30
bommel: elggl not paying
19-04-2014 7:13:05
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
19-04-2014 5:14:02
varun1234: Paid as usuai by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
18-04-2014 4:27:29
andy: Sagalov, thanks.
17-04-2014 8:43:01
Sagalov: andy, it is the whole sum of a referral reward I get, when you make a deposit by my referral link. I will return you 100% of this sum.
17-04-2014 7:36:28
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night IST
17-04-2014 4:37:15
andy: dear, what is Refback: 100%? i do not know.
17-04-2014 4:12:48
andy: dear
17-04-2014 4:12:20
varun1234: Paid instantly as usual by eblone yesterday night
16-04-2014 3:29:05
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night and vabank today
15-04-2014 5:29:44
varun1234: Just received my todays payment from finmutual
14-04-2014 4:43:05
varun1234: Paid instantly by vabank just now
14-04-2014 4:18:22
varun1234: Paid by vabank today
13-04-2014 6:53:21
varun1234: My pleasure Sagalov thanks for your kind words
12-04-2014 6:13:45
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night and vabank today morning
12-04-2014 6:13:20
Sagalov: Fred Harmon, please, check your e-mail
11-04-2014 12:29:25
Sagalov: varun1234, thank you for your regular reports
11-04-2014 12:29:10
varun1234: Paid by finmutual and eblone yesterday night and by vabank today morning
11-04-2014 4:07:56
Fred Harmon: @Sagalov: i have sent email to advertising.gio@gmail.com, Waiting for your reply... please email to admin@investorion.com. Thank's
10-04-2014 10:40:33
Sagalov: bee2bee, it makes selective payouts, please, check: http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=255551&page=15
10-04-2014 8:59:06
bee2bee: why finlegacy problem status?
10-04-2014 6:14:54
varun1234: Paid instantly by vabank today
10-04-2014 3:57:08
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual and eblone yesterday night
10-04-2014 3:44:38
Fred Harmon: Waiting for your reply... from Fred Harmon (investorion.com)
10-04-2014 2:02:45
Fred Harmon: Hello admin... i have sent email to advertising.gio@gmail.com
10-04-2014 2:01:57
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone today
07-04-2014 14:38:59
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual today
07-04-2014 6:11:50
varun1234: alliance development situation doesnt look good to me no response from admin
04-04-2014 13:45:54
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone today
04-04-2014 13:45:25
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone and alliance development as usual
03-04-2014 12:55:53
varun1234: Just received todays payment from finmutual
03-04-2014 9:17:57
varun1234: Paid by finmutual yesterday night after the site was back online with payeer integration
03-04-2014 1:55:53
varun1234: Paid by eblone and alliance development as usual today
02-04-2014 13:44:34
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
02-04-2014 3:42:19
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone and alliance development just now
01-04-2014 13:00:50
varun1234: and alliance development as well
31-03-2014 14:40:02
varun1234: Paid by finmutual today as usual
31-03-2014 14:39:53
miraeduard34: Anyone invested here in Rockwell Partners?
29-03-2014 10:55:12
varun1234: Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
29-03-2014 2:49:26
varun1234: and alliance development as well
28-03-2014 12:31:30
varun1234: Was paid instantly by eblone and IWM just now
28-03-2014 12:31:19
varun1234: Yes they are still paying anyways was Paid as usual by finmutual yesterday night
28-03-2014 2:42:34
miraeduard34: Hi guyz, is anyone here an active investor in Rockwell Partners? is it great site? are they paying?
27-03-2014 11:12:06
varun1234: Paid as usual be eblone, IWM, alliance development just a few minutes ago
27-03-2014 11:03:59
varun1234: Paid as usual be eblone, IWM, alliance development and finmutual today
26-03-2014 17:57:11
varun1234: Paid by finmutual as usual yesterday night
26-03-2014 2:41:42
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone IWM and alliance development today
25-03-2014 10:46:03
varun1234: Paid by finmutual as usual today
25-03-2014 2:50:30
varun1234: Paid as usual by eblone IWM and alliance development today
24-03-2014 16:14:45
varun1234: Paid by rockwell along with the principal today was a good ride
21-03-2014 12:19:50
varun1234: Paid by eblone IWM and comocredit( miniature payment) as usual today
21-03-2014 12:19:22
varun1234: Paid by IWM rockwell and eblone as usual today waiting for the pending payment from comocredit
20-03-2014 14:40:49
varun1234: Got paid as usual by comocredit IWM rockwell and alliance development today
19-03-2014 12:39:55
varun1234: just received the pending payment from eblone
19-03-2014 12:39:10
Sagalov: Derek, done
19-03-2014 6:32:47
Sagalov: varun1234, thank you for your reports
19-03-2014 6:32:38

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