A topical review of EPS market news-2

As it has been supposed, a not quite predictable but final shutdown of one among the largest players – LibertyReserve entailed the wave of efficient transformations and involvement of new structures in the EPS market. While experienced payment processors undergo changes in working process optimization, new representatives of this sphere already attempt to make themselves known and establish themselves online. Continue reading today’s review to learn about up-to-date changes in this medium…

The first payment system in our sight is PerfectMoney. Here upcoming changes and updates had been predicted long before the official end of the direct competitor LibertyReserve was announced. The expected occurrence soon became real: a fresh piece of news on the latest transformations in the project was posted on the official site. We will outline the excerpts on key points.

In an effort to improve the brand recognition of the payment processing system and reduce fraudulent attempts of creating copies of the official resource, the domain name has been changed to PerfectMoney. IS. Now it is enough to enter this combination into the search line in any browser. In the next update a real-time peer-to-peer rating system will be available as well as additional tools allowing to get additional information about net users. These innovations help minimize the risks of fraudulent activities. Within the corporate restructuring system the PerfectMoney administration decided to merge with StartUp Research and Investments – the company with multi-million investments in IT that will provide the EPS with judicial support on the international arena.

As for the first point about the domain name change, there is more than one good intention hidden under this action. As point 3 says, the merger of two companies factually means the establishment of a new organization. By the way, now it has contacts in Hong Kong. Most likely it is the answer of PM direction to the Panamanian authorities’ claim on the illegal PM activity.

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Meanwhile, exchange rates of PM to other currencies have decreased in the light of these events (take a look at graphs below). For now the reason is not clear, but there are few possible ideas explaining the occurrence:

– a panic caused by LR closure

– the policy of Panamanian body towards PM

– the domain name change with all consequences

– speculations of exchange services.

Now let’s talk about a relatively new player on the market of virtual payment systems. The strengthening of its positions is much associated with the script provider GoldCoders. This very company added HD-Moneyto the list of possible payment processors in late May (the corresponding notice was posted on the GC blog).

The supposed payment system origin is related with the departed LibertyReserve that claimed to have its assets there in 2009 and then skillfully denied the fact. Here is the EPS description on the official site:

HD-Money is an online payment system that allows users to transfer to and receive funds from other HD-Money users. Funds can be sent instantly, for minimal fees, to thousands of users around the world. HD-Money can also be used to safely store funds. Securely located outside of the reach of many governments, HD-Money provides safety when storing your earnings from offshore investments, forex trading, and foreign business endeavours.

HD-Money fees:

– no monthly fees

– no administrative fees

– 1% fee on HDM transactions (max $2.99)

The list of exchange services and sites accepting the HD-Money currency is given on the payment system website. More real exchange opportunities must be offered in the near time.

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Here are fresh HYIPs accepting HDM deposits:

– DollarLegend. com

– Zanco. biz

– GrandProfitClub. biz.

We have been already familiar with the next EPS from our list – OkPay, but in current circumstances I feel the need to refresh the output data on the payment system. Remarkably, in April 2013 GoldCoders added the opportunity to pay via merchant in respect of this system (and PexPay). This step justifies for the fact that OkPay will be more widely used in the near time.

The list of topical HYIPs accepting this currency is given below:

– Zanco. biz

– GrandProfitClub. biz

– Bourgeois-Assets. com.

OkPay currency can be freely purchased in many exchange services and exchanged to almost all currencies (PM, EP, STP, Yandex Dengi and others). The most beneficial exchange rates are given here.

Let’s continue our review with a short description of one more EPS – PexPay:

PexPay is all about “bridging” the gap between any transactions you make in which funds are transferred at a local, national, or worldwide level. With PexPay you can shop with merchants as close as next door or to the far corners of the World. PexPay may be used to send and receive funds from friends and family too.

PexPay fees:

– Personal Account: Free

– Business Account: Free

– Monthly Service: Free

– Send Money: Free

– Receive Money: 1.29% + $0.24

In spite of low demand for the payment system, it is likely to be used more widely in the future due two reasons: first of all, the administration (unlikely most of others) is willing to work with HYIPs (some of recent projects accepting PexPay – StallionGold, BensonUnion, NewGNI, among active ones – GrandProfitClub. biz); secondly, PexPay is of interest for GoldCoders (as I mentioned earlier, the provider added funding via merchant).

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We conclude our today’s release with fresh facts about a loud LibertyReserve closure. Consulting Services International of Costa Rica, LLC. that delivers hich-tech decisions to international client bases of private investors, law firms, etc. provides new details and proofs on Budovsky’s case.

DOJ exhibits:

Exhibit -1 – LibertyReserve. Indictment

Exhibit -2 – LibertyReserve et al. The list of exchangers dealing with EPS

Exhibit – 3 – Bank document. Dedacted and so on.

CSI exhibits:

Exhibit – 7 – Artur Budovsky arrest (video)

Exhibit – 8 – LibertyReserve office

Exhibit – 9 – Artur Budovsky photo (front) – Arrest

Exhibit – 14 – Budovsky’s Costa Rica Mansion (House) and so on.

Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that not only LibertyReserve had to respond to the Unites States law on all points. The authorities seized a number of exchange services connected with it: the domain names are being blocked pretty often – wm-center. com, m-gold. com – (here is the full list). Someone has managed to migrate to different addresses, but the USA does not change its attitude.

The information about possible funds recovery for legitimate users starts to be announced due to the efforts of Consulting Services International of Costa Rica, LLC. Now these are claims without real actions (however, this company is going to deal with the case this week).

Anyway, the market of virtual payment systems keeps functioning and even the strongest authorities will not be able to destroy it in the near time. Everything built and strengthened within years is impossible to be removed by anyone after a couple of raids.

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