Advertizing as the engine of HYIP development

By its essence HYIP is, primarily, not a fraud fund according to beliefs of unaware users or even not the instrument for making money. At least, it’s not a role for hyip in the opinion of some enterprising creators. This is the product of their imagination, the result of mental and physical efforts and, finally, the good to be sold. Internet space provides enough opportunities for overall and wise promotion while scales and depth of development depend directly on administration’s priorities and end effect, at which hyip-derivative is aimed…

Despite the fact that marketing is a separate direction, deep acquaintance with which requires hours for looking through printed and electronic materials and then practice based on theoretical knowledge, administrators of high-yield funds (or representatives of advertizing departments) reduced the number of promotional means to minimal set and turned advertizing into compact engine of HYIP development.

I suggest you a generalized list of marketing devices, which are the most likely to be applied by project creators within promotional campaign, below. I’d like to note one small detail right on the spot: scales and depth of marketing attitude depend on: a) how long-lasting administrator’s intentions are; b) how generous he is and how large his budget is; c) how much non-standard his thinking is and whether he is ready to dynamically react on investors’ actions in response to innovations or not.

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1) Creation of project topic on theme forums (mmgp. ru, talkgold. com and so on)

This standard and perfectly operating method allows informing local inhabitants about a new project in the investment field and, at the same time, it creates a platform for further fueling interest in hyip, i. e. discussions, publishing reports on payments, etc. As a rule, the person with positive reputation and long online age is responsible for this topic (in case it is turnkey service performed on tens of forums, it costs about $400), but saving option prevails when topic is developed by monitors within listing service or by ordinary investors.

2) Enrollment of ‘interested guys’ into discussion

Such a trick complements a previous point and allows administration “cheap” midstream project promotion. Of course, it does not mean that all investors, who report about gained payouts, are ‘bought’. Stool pigeons are figured by typical communication manner.

3) Cooperation with monitors: listing purchase (Trial/Premium/Diamond), banner place order, ‘Sticky’ status order

Purchase terms of such ad, expanses on bonus deposits and the level of monitors effectiveness may be an indirect indicator of supposed administration’s plans for longevity of an advertized project. Correctness of displayed information reflects faithfulness of monitoring resources (they appear to be the only lucky ones to get profit in case hyip is almost over, hence ‘Paying’ status till the very end).

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4) Placement of context ad: the icon displaying information about promoted hyip will be accessible for visitors of various ad agencies (begun. ru, tak. ru, robotext. com, vk. com and many others).

5) E-mail and skype subscription: sending messages to e-mail of active HYIP users (data are taken from databases, kindly provided by colleagues, or from previous projects, led by this administrator) a day or two before official launch.

6) Partnership program within the project: referral scheme is a lot easy and comprehensible by everyone. You attract new investors to the project and get 1-10% of referral reward instead. HYIP gets fresh inflow, investor enjoys additional funds in his/her total budget.

7) Reviews on theme monitors and blogs: thus, readers of visited blogs have a chance to not only learn new project, but also get a full range of data on main website sections, on technical part and all available investment opportunities. Besides that, any review is a subjective and analytic material. Consequently, investors will find out the opinion of their experienced colleague.

8) Actions and bonuses in hyip: except those cases, when actions serve signs of project scam, attractive bonuses for participation in this or that fund help raise project rating among competing programs and attract more guys, willing to be on the grab. Such bonuses are distributed once and last for some days (in order to avoid budget devastation).

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9) Passive ad: well-done technical part, high-quality project assembly, positive reputation of administration, built on previous projects, possess a magnetic power. Surely, investors with sane budget are attracted.

The proverb ‘Good wine needs no bush’ is still meaningful, but in the medium of competing objects the seller has to declare his/her good, demonstrate its advantages and ensure buyer to evaluate its advantages in practice. Thus, above mentioned marketing devices are put into action in hyip promotion.

According to old tradition, I invite everyone to discuss this topic. In case I missed some points, feel free to post your ideas in comments. Welcome!

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