Categories of HYIP-investors

Those who want to find information on HYIP-projects in the Internet will certainly satisfy their curiosity. Indeed, you will find a lot of information about this hyip-aspect with many examples – both successful and bitter. Despite clear risks every day new players join the ranks of investors. The desire to obtain quick profits “sends” to the background all the warnings and recommendations of experienced people. The measures of caution and circumspection of the second online investment party – investors themselves – are also there. Fortunately, not all investors are the same. During observations and my practical activity, I noticed the major recurring features of investors and set them in the appropriate categories. So, I propose to review my classification of HYIP investors…

Everyone is different and it’s fine. Otherwise life would pass by templates, with no emotions, with predictability, and finally, with monotony. Perhaps the existence of HYIP as an alternative source of income is partly explained by human factor. It is no secret that each investor chooses his/her game tactics: some prefer conservative measures, others take an aggressive stance, someone acts at random. In all cases, the win and the very fact of win depend on depositor’s skills to analyze, synthesize and understand the strategy of project administrator and invest/withdraw funds wisely. Unfortunately, not everyone stops to think analytically and takes appropriate actions. And that “unfortunately” in the end looks petty for investors.

Category 1 – “Random investors”.

Such investors do not bother themselves with HYIP-peculiarities. They do not read general rules of work with HYIPs. Working principle of such people: “Came, saw and maybe got one’s just reward”.

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Behavioral portrait of this category: investor occasionally found some ad in the web about HYIP, saw attractive rates and expected to be rich next day. He/she invested a deposit and decided to wait till the next day. Win in this case=randomness.

Result: investor woke up next morning, HYIP website is offline. “Maybe it had experienced technical issues”, he/she thought. After several hours depositor gave up all that stuff and went away with no attempts to clarify something. Lost amount of money could not be gained.

Recommendations: not to be impulsive, search for information about HYIP and find out its “threats”, analyse online-fund you choose, not to shoot from the hip.

Category 2 – “Conscious investors”.

Such people tend to find time for reading minimum amount of information about the project and looking through the online forums. As a rule, they invest a small amount of money. In exceptional cases they make large deposits.

Behavioral portrait of this category: for such investors attractive rates and assurance in super stability of fund are not poor truth. Having gathered some amount of money, depositor counts for positive result but does not apply all necessary efforts: acquaintance with some pages on project website and a couple of reviews from “paid” people is not the way to success.

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Result: next day investor rushes to check his/her balance. Website is online, that’s good. But deposit will not be returned. Investor tries to teach other lacking experience colleagues: he/she writes furious posts that HYIPs are ponzi and it makes no sense working with them. Nevertheless, he/she wants to gain losses, he/she gets involved into educational process, reads theme articles and topics on forums, figures regularities of scam projects’ behavior.

Recommendations: devote more time to preparatory work, develop own strategy of HYIPs selection. Learn to earn profit on small sums.

Category 3 – “Advanced investors”.

In this category investor will not be throwing money in vain, he/she will analyze HYIP before investing money and look for additional ways to profit – by means of referral program, promotions and bonuses.

Behavioral portrait of this category: investor considers himself well-read person on HYIPs. He/she possibly went through several circles of hell, poured a lot of money but rehabilitated and learned to be smarter. He is no longer on the verge of break-even point and is aware of the main “wisdoms” of online funds. He/she still needs improvement, but their earnings on investment funds are more or less stable.

Result: he/she will not be deceived by pieces of advice from kind people. The plan “30% of net profit after 1 day” will be at least skeptically commented by him/her. He/she develops but is still not a pro.

Recommendations: hone skills of play in HYIPs, constantly apply the theory in practice.

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Category 4 – “Professional Investors”.

Here HYIP investor approaches the subject seriously and understands all basics of the industry. Such a person is willing to invest in longer-term projects, to receive steady income and get interest on referral program. In the context of fast HYIPs, a professional investor will sift “slag” intuitively and consider future steps.

Behavioral portrait of this category: the investor feels in the industry as in his/her element. They do not deal will little sums (like $ 100) but sometimes they invest less money for fun. They do not spend their time in vain, do not read stuff on forums and share their experience in rare cases.

Result: they can’t help living without working with HYIPs. Touching stories of investors on how they’ve lost money do not catch him/her. Such investor responds only to high-profile events.

Recommendations: keep us with time and do not lose skills.

Conclusions: Each of the above mentioned categories has a chance of success. What are these chances? The answer must be clear. The way to improvement, to background knowledge and experience is open to all investors.

To achieve the aim – earning on HYIPs – in general, one should follow five basic rules:

– Planning

– Diversification

– Rationalism

– Persistence

– Improvement

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