Cybersecurity: maintain anonymity online

Internet resources with all their diversity have integrated into life of a modern user so profoundly that few people imagine their existence without involvement of the global network opportunities. What should we do with our job demanding a continuous interaction with a direct Internet product, i. e. hyip websites? As new IT technologies come up, the borders between virtual and real things fade, so the user also risks to reveal his/her identity to server owners and service providers by opening up with a single click on any site. To fight with governments or other organizations that try to find out the source and reason of interest for some person is to make efforts in vain. But something has already been done instead of us: now each of us can use at least two or three encryption methods to maintain one’s right to anonymity and to speak out one’s opinion without fear…

There is no need to turn into Captain Obvious in order to guess that the Internet contains much more pieces of information about us than we actually provide (by signing up in social networks, filling up our profiles on freelance websites, posting messages on forums, etc.). To be more precise, it’s a small percentage of data which can be found on the web about us in the web space. Cache of search systems will store our 5- or even 10-year old browser requests for a long time, and our record may be accessed not only by FIB and special services but also by anyone. Here is why…

Let’s start with the easiest thing, i. e. a modern mobile phone model that can be called like that because of visual features and one of multiple features allowing to reach the phone number of other users. Let’s leave aside all search technologies (for instance, Skyhook, Google Glass) and talk about such simple function as synchronization of Google account on Android, thanks to which Google knows the list of your tasks, contacts from your list, your mobile phone number and any other data stored on your mobile device. Surely, the Google company is not a single volunteer to spy on your private life (don’t miss the Apple corporation) and bring it to publicity, but it copes with this task better than others. Here is what experts advise to do in this case. Those who still imagine their life without social networks and the Internet at hand are suggested to solve their business with regards to communication/job in the global web on PC/notebook.

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Of course, it would be fine to stop using a smartphone, take a notebook and think that our anonymity online is guaranteed. But reality is much more severe and cookies (a small piece of data received by a user’s web browser from the site he/she visits and stored in the form of file during some time) is one of the weakest evils on the way to user confidentiality. Some of other personality identifiers on the Internet are IP address, web bug, http referrer, TCP, html code of search results in Yandex and Google and others. In spite of the variety of basic methods applied to get some user’s information online, all of these technologies lead to a common result: everything one does (even his/her private correspondence) can be read by any organization that gets access to logs on websites’ servers. Hence, it’s our business to maintain our own rights to confidentiality provided in state laws.

How to be online anonymously

It’s quite real to hide your personal data from public access. Just consider a couple of useful and time-proved pieces of advice:

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1. Use browsers with open input code:

    Mozilla Firefox Flock Lolifox Chromium (it’s not the same as Google Chrome) Mozilla Suite SeaMonkey and so on.

2. Use extensions for browsers that enhance anonymity. If you normally work with Mozilla FireFox, you can switch such options as NoScript (JavaScript elements will be open only for tried sites), Cookie Monster (Cookies will be used by trusted sites only), IPFlood (this extension shows your IP address as a proxy server IP address) and others.

3. Disable browser caching (it is of special use when you enter different sites with identical information. The same pieces of data are not uploaded by a browser as they are taken from cache).

4. Involve anonymous proxy servers (http/socks) that work as mediators between your PC and the server you try to connect. Such proxy servers let you go incognito when visiting sites and show their IP address instead of yours. In order to start working through a proxy server, you just need to know proxy’s IP address and port (here is one of sites with free proxy lists), add these parameters to your browser settings (For Opera: Tools-Preferences-Advanced-Network-Proxy Servers) and save changes. You can switch on/off this function at any time. Paid proxy servers enable faster connections.

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An ideal option for an ordinary user is a set of a popular multi-functional system Tor – Tor browser for FireFoxPortable. However, you can set proxy for Google Chrome too. Just install the Proxy Switchy extension (go here).

5. Browse the web via a soft that involves a chain of proxy servers (your PC is linked to a proxy server-1, a proxy server 1 is connected to a proxy server-2 and so forth).

6. Finally, use such a commonly known option as free anonymizing services (hidemyass. com, anonymizer. com, etc.). The procedure is standard: enter the service’s website, input the link to the target site to the corresponding search line and get redirected to this site anonymously.

Surely, even if you follow all rules, none can give you a 100% guarantee of being anonymous online, but your efforts will no go down the drain. At least, you will leave less entries in extensional records of Internet servers and the e-mail receiver will not get your IP, home address and other data (thanks to remailers). As they say, watch over yourself (and over your right to anonymity) while you are young…

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