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Bitcoin topic will be up-to-date as long as there are users concerned with it. And there should be millions of such people scattered among continents and countries. Today I want to create one more reason to get together, so to say, in order to search for new technical solutions in Bitcoin use. It’s quite clear that soon BTC speculations on the stock market will stop disturbing consciousness of extreme-fanciers, and the era of conservative players arrives (if it hasn’t already arrived to a certain extent). Here is my current story created for everyone who likes “coins” because of their direct purpose…

It has never been as easy and scot-free to exploit high-tech achievements as it is now. Almost all software files (either licensed or carefully cracked for us) can be downloaded for free, compiled and adapted in a new tool. In this respect, virtual currency is no exception. While others fray their nerves in the expectation of beneficial exchange rates, you can write your own history, create your clearing system for friends and accept payments on the website in your brand currency. If you are involved into the gambling business, you can arrange a small exchange service, holding the emitting core under your control.

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So, now you are inspired by the idea with no clue on how to fulfill it, aren’t you? It’s not a problem because in 5 or 7 minutes you will learn at least two options for transforming your miraculous dream into real life.

Method #1 – Software by Open Transactions

Anything available: general info about the provider* (click here), installer for Windows (here), and the program code (here).

Opportunities (for individuals): an unlimited number of emitting centers, issues of currency/stocks, payments of dividends, creation of basket currencies, cashier’s cheques, confident security thanks to strong crypto by Open Transactions, etc.

Extra opportunities (for corporate clients): the project offers individual program solutions for issuing payment services and emitting centers through its own commercial structure Monetas.

Output: your manual Bitcoin’s copy.

*Open Transactions is a financial project developed by worldwide Internet volunteers that communicate, plan, and issue the Open Transactions toolkit and its documentation. It product implies unchangeable balances (even by hacker’s tricks), unforgeable transactions, and so forth.

Method #2 – with Mastercoin (like “Bitcoin 2.0”)

Essence: Mastercoin allows the Bitcoin eco-system to work in a more decentralized P2P manner.

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How it works: the BTC-based protocol uses a chain of bitcoin blocks as a back-end to spread MSC currency and support new cryptocurrencies by the system.

Clients: MSC Web Wallet (Explorer) and Test out block chain Explorer.

Additional sources: more pieces of textual information with useful links and guidelines are provided on Mastercoin’s official website and Bitcointalk blog. A topical video file is available by this link.

If you decide to experiment and create your own EPS platform in these December days, I’ll be glad to hear, see and try what you’ve got. Perhaps, the Bitcoin trend will soon turn into a new form, and you can help it with it:)

Stay tuned!

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