Display cards to provide more secure payments

Although standard bank cards won’t surprise anybody, display cards can still make an impression on cautious users. The first payment company, which had taken a fancy for them, was MasterCard. It happened 4 years ago. Was it a success? If the partnership firm keeps offering similar products, and Visa enables one of them too, the answer must be obvious…

NagralID Security had been approved to release advanced plastic cards, and this link shows what it managed to produce. To anticipate your negative thinking, I’d like to note right now that all display cards of this manufacturer are fully verified by MasterCard and represent nothing exceptional. They are available at authorized MasterCard manufacturers and personalization service bureaus.

Basically, visually NagralID Security plastic pieces differ from ordinary Visa/MasterCard thanks to LCD screen, keyboard and battery. The first devices, that had challenged simple cards in our wallets, were one button and multiple button gimmicks, with which a client got at least better security and even more banking advantages such as checking account balance, total expanses, transaction history, etc.

This one button gizmo (MasterCard One Button Display Card) will help you figure out how much money is left in your balance, generate OTP and perform all standard banking operations:

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Technically, MasterCard with 12 buttons (MasterCard Multiple Button Display Card) is a more perfected mechanism, combining traditional card details with security features (the client authentication token). A sensor touch keypad helps launch such applications as PIN activation or challenge response. In a word, that’s a useful thing for e-shopping:

Dual cards (Dual Interface Information Display Cards) can beat two previous types. They match capacities of a contact card powered by embedded micro-processor with conveniences of contactless payments. The display shows total balance, reward points, credit history, etc. The Dual Interface Information Display Card is secured with OTP and generation of two different passwords for e-banking and e-commerce. Here’s its design:

All three MasterCard cards are described in detail on this page.

So far Visa offers only one kind of display plastic cards, built on the authentication system by CodeSure, called Visa Payment Card. It owns all crucial components such as micro-processor, 12-button sensor keypad, dot matrix display, and battery. The architecture of the card enables all banking operations, including cash withdrawals via ATMs. It is available as a credit card, a prepaid card, a gift card, or a commercial card. NagralID Security says it is a fair alternative when making secure online transactions:

Before I close though, let me inform you about one thing: display cards manufacturers give a 1-year guarantee, which is an equivalent of 5 thousand generated passwords. Oh yes, ordinary bank cards seem even more a back number now…

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