Doublers. The second breath

There is a whole lot of HYIP-projects bombing Internet space with attractive offers. Despite the fact that financial manipulations in programs of our field are associated with risks, the amount of people willing to try both their fortune and projects themselves, is growing. The same pertains investment programs in all their variations: doublers, triplers, randomisers, fasts, matrixes…and it’s far not the whole list. Even small decrease in popularity doesn’t lead to oblivion. So called doublers which were successful some years ago are a bright example to this. These representatives of investment industry seem to take the second breath…

Doublers are programs offering a chance to double deposit within short term.

The main difference between doublers and traditional HYIPs is open statistics and relatively transparent activity. Besides that, doublers’ projects do not need to close their projects. Adequacy and energy of investors are two crucial points here, as terms of existence and future of the program depend on flow of funds.

How do you play: imagine matrix graphically represented in the form of field divided into columns and lines. Changes in separate column do not influence the situation in other columns. Your position in matrix depends on the sum you are ready to invest (it is given on top of each column). Flow of funds (and investors) runs on lines. To get promised double income you need to appear in the first line and slots in your column should be occupied by at least two participants.

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Such system used to prevail. Currently it has been simplified to usual turn.

Thus, if you wish to leave the game with double profit, just make a deposit and attract new investors in the program by means of referral system (it is not obligatory). Marketing campaign is developed and fulfilled within doubles for the same purpose.

Strategy and tactics: join the project as soon as possible from the start.

If you work with structured investment program, figure positions by which funds flow and buy out those slots or get positions with the fewest members in a queue.

How do you figure decent doubler project? If you are interested in getting back double profit, work out the following points:

    analyse the project, find out all details, evaluate its design and other nuances, contact project admin (if possible) and chat with more experienced colleagues (remember to use toolbar for analysis). learn the rules of working in the project, look at its statistics. invest on the start (ideally, reserve the position on pre-start) or (in rare cases) make deposit in the first days of project existence. and think about risks, of course!

The practical side of investment in doubles will be revealed in mini-interview with one of GIO readers and active participants of such programs, your colleague Stas:

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1. What made you invest in rather risky kind of online funds?

Speed and level of profit from such projects. In practice they appear to be the same risky as fasts or even more predictable…

2. Which project was your first experience and how lucky you were with it?

Of course, it was Double-capital. I got about $4000 from it.

3. By which criteria do you choose doubles?

My criteria and selection methods are the following: analysis by means of GIO toolbar and http://mysitecost. ru/; my own opinion on the interface, feedback on mmgp, communication with admin, discussion in our skype-chat barmaleichik and my intuition, of course…

4. Name the most qualitative project and the least professional one you’ve come across?

The most impressive one was my first experience (Double-capital), the least successful was still this one in its 3rd version. No scammers…

5. What can you tell about your present results? (financial ones)

About $5000 of net profit is financial side. I lost nothing so far.

6. Can you share some peculiarities and secrets of successful work with doubles?

Guarantee of success in doublers is really easy. Make quick deposit and withdraw profit in arranged time by instant. Reinvest is under question. Now many guys elaborated the scheme, so…

7. Did you give up traditional HYIPs because of doublers?

Of course, I gave up traditional HYIPs? I am disappointed both in fasta and medium-term project.

8. Which new projectw would you suggest?

My plans for the near future as follows:

https://monetary-revolution. com

https://www. money-impulse. com

https://money-gateway. net

https://up-line. biz

https://www. money-kingdom. com/

I wish profit to everyone. Special appreciation to Alex…GIO is the best! (с)

Mutual thanks to Stas for sincere dialogue!

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