E-Gold, LibertyReserve…Which one is next?

At present moment there is low probability of LibertyReserve return. The United States authorities have arrested not only EPS direction: all property has been seized, including the domain name. This public precedent is a serious ground to consider the future of other anonymous payment systems. The first oppression measures with regards to one more popular payment processor arrived soon afterwards. More details are posted right below the cut.

Upon entering the LibertyReserve site we see the following table instead of common interface:

Of course, a direct LibertyReserve competitor in the medium of activity – PerfectMoney – has got into notified bodies’ field of view. Regulatory bodies in Panama have openly clarified their position with regards to PM in the public release since January 31, 2013.

* SMV – Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores – Superintendency of the Securities Market in Panama.

However, there is no reason for a premature panic. Everything mentioned above only reveals the fact that Panamanian authorities decided to ensure themselves against risks due to increased disturbances. The case with LibertyReserve simply played the role of the appropriate reason to make the claim publicly known. PerfectMoney – with increased demand for its services and pitch on the market – decided to refuse from cooperation with the US citizens in proper time. Now it carries out technical improvements and gets ready to replace the departed competitor.

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Surely, all this fuss – actively supported by mass media – has been caused for some reason. As usual, there are people who can benefit from it and some other people who cannot balance between own needs and claims of the third party. The system of anonymous payments that used to take a stable position in the bank system of any modern state till certain moment starts to bother ‘the supreme persons’ of the world as global economy is taken over and everything is getting involved into the Internet space. Within the campaign on implying monopoly on this sphere, there should be a careful and expected acquaintance with new players, which will undoubtedly appear pretty fast. In that way, nothing ends with LibertyReserve crash. Guys, everything just starts. There is no collapse as such. We see a pure transformation:)

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