Exchangers are a very important and necessary service in scope of the world-wide network. This necessity in it is caused by existence of many other Internet services working with absolutely different electronic currencies. Need for exchangers appears when, trying to pay for this or that commodity/service, you find out that, instead of required for example WMZ, there are only WMR in your payment system. In the case with HYIPs, one often has to exchange WMZ for LibertyReserve USD, PerfectMoney USD and inversely. Not everyone wants to waste time on registration in these systems – that’s when the exchangers’ services are to the point.

Electronic exchangers work on the principle of standard exchange offices, we only deal with electronic money here. Of course, for providing such a service, certain commission interest is charged. Specialized monitorings of exchangers can help you to choose the exchanger with the best exchange rate. But we’ll get back to this later.

First of all, you should know that there are two variants of electronic currency exchange.

Automatic exchange is performed by automatic exchange offices using certain software required for performing electronic currency exchange.

Private exchange is performed by transferring money to an account owned by a private person who is performing the exchange, with further transferring of converted currency to your account.

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Automatic exchange is performed almost immediately and, in addition, it is almost hundred percent quality and secure alternative to private moneychangers. However, in virtue of some nuances, including those connected with the principles of work of particular payment systems, automatic exchange is impossible in most popular directions (for example, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for PayPal or WebMoney). In such cases one has to use private moneychangers’ services. Such exchange takes much longer time, and private persons’ reserves are not inexhaustible, that’s why exchange of certain amounts often causes difficulties. But it is not the main thing, the main thing is that risk of running into a fraud moneychanger is very high. Only recommendations of people you trust can help here.

But there are also enough cheaters among supposedly official exchange offices. Many of them, despite widespread victims’ angry feedbacks, have already been working for some years and even longer. This is because a new blood that has just joined the network doesn’t know or simply ignores elementary safety instructions. Not checking the system in which you are investing a lion’s share of your funds, at least at the appropriate forums, is the ultimate in carelessness. Here are some rules that will help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

1. Check if the site you have chosen is in the exchangers’ blacklist. Here are some of them:

http://rurexchange. com

http://rurexchange. net
http://wexchange. biz
http://goldchange. org
http://exchangelines. com
http://on-exchange. com/

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http://exchangeobmen. freetzi. com

http://www. exchangemoney. land. ru

http://moneychange. smtp. ru

http://e-gold-wmz. tripod. com

http://e-wm-exchange. tripod. com

http://instantexchange. netfirms. com

http://www. easy-change. org

http://www. exchangeemoney. com

Do not trust your money to these exchangers in any case! Learn from other people’s mistakes.

You can also enter into the search system the site name with the words “cheat”, “fraud”, try to know as much as possible about the chosen object in general.

2. If the exchanger performs exchange in WebMoney payment system, you should check:

    date of registration in the system and date of obtaining a passport; existence of complaints of this WMID; level of business activity (or business level – BL), the higher it is, the better (if it is 0, this WMID may be blocked).

3. Check the existence of contact information, and if it is possible, its reliability.

4. If there is a possibility to register in the exchanger, register for sure – check the system efficiency.

5. Try to exchange a minimum allowable amount. If minimum threshold for exchange amount is too high, this is one more reason to think about your choice solvency.

6. Exchange the whole amount of money in no case! Exchange small amounts until you are 100 percent sure in your choice.

7. If the exchange was performed in automatic mode and you didn’t receive money to your account within 5-10 minutes, contact the exchange office administration at once. But it is early to raise a scare, the delay may be connected with insignificant technical issues in system.

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8. If you have performed the exchange and the funds were not received on your account and the exchange office administration doesn’t answer, try to contact the payment system administration and to resolve the existing situation.

Another tool that can help you to choose the dignified exchange intermediary is monitoring of the exchanges. As a rule, such services value their reputation, so they spread information only about reliable, really working systems on their Web pages. Due to monitorings, it is possible to choose the best exchange rate for you. It is quite easy to do:

Here is a screenshot of one of monitoring service’s Web page. In the left table column you choose currency you want to exchange, in the right one – currency you want to receive. Monitoring will immediately give you the list of exchangers that perform exchange in this direction. The system will automatically sort them so that you could choose the best variant. Here are some addresses of such monitoring services:

http://firstwm. ru/

http://www. bestchange. ru

http://www. emoneychange. net/

In the end, here are some tested reliable exchangers:

http://roboxchange. com/

http://currex. ru/

https://e-forexgold. com/efx2/

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