Failures can be useful!

Failure seems to be such a negative phenomenon, that even the tiniest bit of positive things drawn from it, are out of the question. Unfortunately, most people who are ready to slow down the course of their life not to run into another failure think this way. In fact, the severity of mistakes is often exaggerated by the very person and the significance of failures is inversely understated. As the historical experience shows, failures are that same engine of progress, which makes us always watch out…

Failure is only an opportunity to begin again, but this time more wisely. ~ Henry Ford

Scroll through the pages with biography of outstanding personalities (Stephen King, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and others). I am sure that you will find a great deal of negative moments in lives of these people, which still have not made them boil down to primitive aims and wishes. Just think about the life story of Steve Jobs. You will see collisions of 3 dimensions at once here: education (he was expelled from college), job (he was fired from the company founded by him) and health (medics gave a fatal diagnosis of a cancer). However, the fate of the deceased does not look like a sequence of attempts to avoid failures. Remarkably, all well-off people say that failures are convenient cases to stop, look back at their life from the side and build a new long-lasting plan.

‘Yes, it is easy to be philosophical on the topic, but tolerating with loss of a big sum after scam of one more HYIP is a much more difficult task’, you will think. Believe me, a financial loss is by far not the most serious failure in life, if you can call it a failure at all. Remember that a failure is a subjective notion, i. e. it is defined by your judgments. It’s a kind of examination for person’s endurance; it’s a test of his/her ability to hold out against inner fears on the way between putting the aim and fulfilling it. In that way, we are coming to the opposite conclusion: it is useful to experience failures.

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Failure makes us reveal courage

You must pay for everything in life. Consider failure as a payment for success. It is important to realize that you have made a mistake yourself, deliberately going to a destination called “Achievement of the wish.” In fear of making a wrong step, people often limit their opportunities too much by making careful steps. Of course, the limit of their capabilities is known in advance. Another thing is when people admit their fear and still go forward, revealing such important trait nowadays as courage.

Failure allows us reconsidering the values

Getting back to our familiar HYIP topic, I want to put you, dear readers, virtually a rhetorical question. Does unprofitable work make you reconsider you strategy of game, look for other alternatives for growing in a personal aspect? The emergence of new challenges impels each of us to leave our comfort zone and search for extra space for our personal development.

Failure provides a chance of getting answers

If you do not try new opportunities and do not fail, how do you know which method works the best for you? You are sad because you don’t know the answer to an interested question. Then you will have this chance. You will agree that bitterness of the mistake you’ve made is far less deprecating than the bitterness of regret because of the things you have not done.

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Failure allows addressing to personal self

Probably, all of us have heard the success story of the eminent physicist Albert Einstein. What did he start with? He started with the ‘mental bottom’, so to say. None believed in him. On the contrary, teachers labeled him with the stigma of a mentally slow kid. However, it did not become a hindrance to the scientist on the path of self-development. Do not worry about public opinion: there is always someone who will condemn and profane. The main thing is to believe in your own invincibility and achieve the aim.

Failure is a push to success

As analysts assert, the leading people in the industry have made the greatest number of failures. Compared with people who manage to get everything from the first time, you have the enviable advantage to improve yourself and acquire new experience. As you can see, in the HYIP field we see frequent cases when we have to be on guard all the time, to adjust to the dynamics of the occurrences and to choose a new working tactics. Of course, it is not an easy thing to surprise us: we are ready to almost everything on our path to success.

In conclusion, I would like to devote a couple of minutes to the question of overcoming failures. Surely, it’s much easier to understand that failure is no whip and no sentence than to go through the unfavorable period. A few pieces of advice on this topic are given below:

    treat failure correctly (it’s not the end of the world; perceive it as one of life derivatives) bring up an optimist in yourself (make a rule never to think bad; take the situation as it is, abstracting from its subjective perception) assess the degree of distress sensibly (as Grentlend Rice says, “failure is not terrible, if it does not take away your courage…”) act (take a time-out, reconsider your position, reset the priorities).
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What does not kill us makes us stronger. Let’s be strong, guys!

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