FAQ for HYIP investors

Both investors who’ve just started investment activity and experienced users time and again need clarifications to general and organizational questions which regularly come to my e-mail box. Within this post we will consider basic moments which can cause ambiguity during working process. For your convenience this information block is represented in question-answer form and provide up-to-date information for each investor…

1. Question: HYIPs are likely to work with LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Which payment system is more convenient?

Answer: You are right. As a rule, projects accept deposits in both currencies but PerfectMoney is easier in use, it requires lower fee (0.5% for “outbox”) plus suitable Russian-language interface.

2. Question: Where do you keep passwords and how do you secure them from unauthorized access?

Answer: Personally I use special soft for creating and keeping complicated passwords (for example, KeePass). All passwords sent by project members after registration are to be deleted.

3. Question: I made a deposit in one project but it was not reflected on my balance. What should I do?

Answer: At first, find out the order of deposit crediting: FAQ shows the procedure of adding money on total balance (for instance, within 1 day or on working days). If all possible time frames have passed, contact project admin having described your problem and stating batch (transaction number listed on one line with your LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney transfer).

4. Question: Is it obligatory to fill in tax return from my activity in HYIP-industry? If I don’t do it, will not I have problems?

Answer: As your money is passed through different electronics payment systems and exchange offices, it is impossible to state their amount. Only in case definite sum is regularly credited to your bank account in large size tax administration may ask about their origin. You can also withdraw WebMoney for cash through dealers.

5. Question: Please advise, how can I exchange WebMoney/ЯндексДеньги for LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney?

Answer: I use this exchange base for the most optimal exchange rate: bestchange. ru. The following publication explains how to do it. Pay attention: automatic exchange in this direction is forbidden by WebMoney. For exchange contact the administration of exchange rate or choose transit option via other currencies. In some cases you can choose services of private moneychangers. Do it after thorough checking of their reputation.

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6. Question: Let’s suppose that I have $1 500. What is the best way to distribute them? Which projects do you advise?

Answer: First of all, I’d like to remind you the rule: invest as much as you are able to lose. Choice of projects depends on you, just remember using diversification and pick fulfilled in most aspects HYIPs, with adequate rates which pay interest daily or not less than once a week. To reduce loses, it is recommended to reinvest only net income, withdrawing money from “old” projects and making investments in new ones.

7. Question: Why do I often see e-mails suggesting me to participate in some HYIP? I’ve never worked with them.

Answer: If you ever had an experience of signing into some hyip, the admin has your e-mail in database and he will be sending you such offers in the future regardless of your participation. Database can be also resold or simply used by many people. It is a widespread tactics here.

8. Question: I’ve met compounding option in one project. What does it mean and how does it work?

Answer: Compounding is complex interest upon which all or some part of income (0%-100% – it’s up to you) will be credited to deposit. Thus, your earning grows. If you choose 50% compounding, you will receive a half of dividends per day, while principal and remaining dividends will be credited with additional 50% by deposit regulations. The latter will be given you back in the end of investment term together with principal. It makes both your income and risks grow, that’s why do not use this option too much.

9. Question: Can I take my money back from scam?

Answer: Probably, it is the most widespread question among novices. Unfortunately, it is impossible. You can start working in HYIP-industry only after you have realized this fact.

10. Question: Please, suggest me, where can I find decent and working hyips?

Answer: Look for decent projects on reputable monitors, check actuality of Paying status on theme forums. This section is place here on GIO blog.

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11. Question: I’ve invested some money in one of current hyips. Today I cannot access its website. Why did that happen? Did it scam?

Answer: Any website may experience different problems, for instance, on server. Before you panic, try accessing it through anonymizers (for example, hidemyass. com). In search line indicate website’s address to be accessed. The program may also be under severe attack at that time. In this case it is worth waiting for a while.

12. Question: I am new to HYIP-industry and do not understand statuses on the monitors well. Could you explain them to me?

Answer: Surely, you can see 4 different statuses attributed to hyips:

1. Paying – well, it pays

2. Waiting – it is given to new projects before they provide the first payout or to current projects that delay payments by schedule

3. Problem – it is labeled to hyips whicj do not pay for over 24-48 hours

4. Scam – the project stopped paying

The border between Problem and Scam is subtle. Previous status is referred to hyip in order to warn investors about problems.

13. Question: I’ve got an e-mail from LibertyReserve with directions and request to create API. What is that for?

Answer: NEVER do what is said in such e-mails as they are sent from frauds acting as if under LR name. If you follow the directions, frauds will figure your passwords and devastate your balance there. Payment systems do not send such kind of e-mail. Do not make somebody else’s mistakes.

14. Question: What should I do if my account in EPS is hacked? How can I prevent that?

Answer: First of all, contact its customer support service. It is doubted that you get your money back but the administration can apply better security measures in order not to let such situation happen again. As for the second question, the only one correct answer is to stick to safety measures. Read this post to find that out.

15. Question: Which kind of hyips is preferable – new one or with some experience online?

Answer: Both options allow you earning something. As for fast HYIPs, pick the first option. Earlier the safest way was investments on the very start. Now tendencies show that sometimes it is better to invest into decent HYIPs after 5 days online. For more precise entry moment it is recommended to check project’s statistics.

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As for more experienced programs, you have to consider payment days (calendar or business), investors’ activity on project’s start and figure out an approximate period of its active work, including marketing measures. If the project managed to pay back income and bring investors back deposits after 1-3 months by plan, try it. Yet, you never know what can turn up. It is all individual.

16. Question: Please, advise if it is worth investing in December?

Answer: Deep down, December is nothing different from other months. This farce around holiday fuss is artificially made. But we follow the rules of industry, often assisting the onset of such regularities against our use. Factually, many investors would rather stay off deposits in this period and admins take waiting position or create hyips which scam too fast.

17. Question: What resources can tell me if the project pays or not?

Answer: If you are interested in projects, listed on my monitor, check their status here. You can also read updated news feed on our blog in order to always keep informed. Besides that, you can check HYIP’s status on forums with its topic (e. g. mmgp. ru) or by means of monitors base Allmonitors. net. Looking for program’s status on monitors, mark the date of last payout and, actually, status – Paying/Waiting/Problem.

18. Question: What does such phrase “Principal is partly included into daily payouts” mean? Please, explain its meaning.

Answer: Unlike hyips that bring back principal in the end of investment term, these programs work on such conditions. Let’s assume that the project pays 4% a day during 30 days with no principal return. ROI=4*30=120%, hence, 20% are net income and 100% is principal. It means that you have been credited a part of principal every day in equal amounts during 30 days.

To be continued…

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