Fears in investment activity: fight against them

“Nothing venture, nothing have”, “He that hesitates is lost”…one can recall some more eloquent phrases calling for action. Why are then many people negative about such kind of proclamations? It’s not because they don’t care about such advice. It’s because they feel comfortable in their own shell and are ready to drag out their not remarkable financial state. Surely, dear readers, I am not going to give a psychological session in this post. I will try being exact in observing the chain of fear factors limiting freedom of actions in investment sphere…

If you recall Maslow’s pyramid, in hierarchy of needs self-actualization and self-esteem take top-positions while financial needs exist on all levels: physiological, cognitive, social, etc. There are individuals who claim to discharge financial material priorities. I do not think that I am genuine materialist but I can hardly believe in pure spiritual development without financial encouragement. Another question is effect of restraining factors: fears, misgiving, lack of confidence. They are able to minimize human opportunities which are limitless. And many centuries of experience prove that.

Direction and intensiveness of preconditions that cause fear depends, first of all, on individual’s psychological portrait. The easier he/she decides to act, realizing the amount of potential profit, the less his/her self-preservation limiting barrier is.

In my practical activity I often had a chance to observe the behavior of different investors. Except those guys who would come into HYIP-industry without purpose – occasionally or just for fun – all other investors felt fear many times in investment process.

Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull away from it and usually hide. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus.


Whatever strange it sounds, in classification of situations that evoke psychological state of fear risks of losing money or being deceived by frequency of occurrence exceed those cases when one is under threat of losing dear people of workplace. I believe our world is not that poor but it is worth fighting with fears.

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In respect of our sphere of activity – HYIP-platform – online funds often “threat” (especially if it’s an experienced user) with “thievish” jargon, fraud and risks of not getting deposit back. Well, there is a reason for caution but still I see no profound case not to work in this medium. Moreover, one will find a lot of profs who have faced problems and paid for their mistakes in direct sense but managed to create a comfortable and well-paid space in HYIP-rows.

Let’s look a little deeper, why is there a feeling of fear when investing in HYIPs? How does one cope with it?

As I have said, work with high-yield funds – it is always a risk, without any insurance “means.” However, I know a lot of conservative people who manage to successfully apply the strategy to attract investment profits. Although it would seem that fear factor of these people must be stronger than it is for others.

State of fear arises when there is no purpose and, therefore, no methods are applied to achieve it. As psychologists advise, try not to use only money as a purpose. You can choose something for which money will be needed – household items, travel, etc. As for the means to achieve it, in passive income they are perseverance, faith and a bit of luck.

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Fear also arises because of uncertainty coming from the belief that HYIP is prevailingly a scam. There are different projects here: for instance, fast scams, but there are more solid objects on which one can and should make profit applying a competent approach. To reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to approach the study of project from different sides (technical inspection, thematic forums, viewing stats, etc.) – it’s the first thing, invest small sums (especially primarily) – it’s the second thing, remember the rules of reasonable deposits distribution, i. e. diversification – it’s the third thing.

Finally, fear of dealing with money occurs due to lack of experience. The deeper you get into the coffers of your protective shell, the less chances are left for self-education. Sometimes it is useful to think less, because a wise decision comes to mind first, but it happens if you have already had experience of dealing with such situations. Conclusion: like cures like. Learn, develop your own tactics of working with HYIPs and fight your fears.

Fear is Fata Morgana while reasonable actions are a path to a desired source. Start to get rid of that feeling, because fear is not an adviser neither in business, nor in a social sphere. Learn to accept defeats and celebrate victories. Everything in the world is committed to balance. I wish you to achieve inner harmony, give up unfounded prejudices and risk wisely! Fortune favors the brave!

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