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Holiday period is approaching us implacably causing (still temporal) but not the most favorable changes in common scenario of investment actions. One has to be especially cautious not to get into trap of dishonest admins with their fast scamming projects. Wishing to somehow secure investors or at least decrease risks of money loss due to such “thought-out” admins we decided to create special “Dossier” rubrics. Based on our personal experience and your subjective observations, we will be comparing hyips and drawing parallels in order to set connections among them. Besides inestimable use in the form of your (and our) budget safety from scammers, the names of admins, worthy of attention and our trust will be revealed…

Though the admins of high-yield projects prefer working by individual schemes, there is a set of evidences they leave on scene of crime. The range of attributes includes the following components:

    Сommunication style (even if the admin tries to imitate someone, his habits and behavior speak him out in one way or another after communication) Methods of work (intensity of work under project after launch, promotion campaign, pre-scam behavior) IP, registrar, registration date (similarities are revealed during simple associative work and mechanical analysis) Design (though imitation is widely used, admins tend to work with definite and proved design studios and have their aesthetic taste) Technical provision (preferance of definite technical providers) Plans (aspiration of working under proved stable/profitable plans with similar structure) Sequence of implementation for different technical (and not really) elements (such as live-chat, language versions and so on; admins do not mask their tactics in this point) Primary project post on forums and topic development (often the same TS – topic starter – works as well as “supporting group” that “lobbies” all project topics on forums – such promotion methods, as a rule, do not remain unnoticed)

We will not explain and comment in DOSSIER the means by which we figured out this or that admin, because our careful research will make no sense. The thing is that the admins visit forums as often as we do, so they will have perfect chance to adjust their strategy and thus turn into “elusive”.

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One of active participants of our united investor’s team decided to share with us her thoughts and working methods in this regard – Maria, commonly known under Elena82 nick:

1. Hello! Please, introduce yourself to our investors. If possible, tell in brief about yourself and the story of your appearance in HYIP-industry.

Hello…My name is Maria but I am commonly known under Elena82 nickname on MMGP. It happened by chance when I occasionally entered MMGP website under “fake” nick from Facebook. Thus I still have it. Now this double name is my peculiarity… I came to the industry by chance when I was withdrawing money from Forex after disappointment. I decided to never come back there, though I would not dare just spend money for trifles. Here I got spam e-mail about new Forex-fund. I had my try. I invested money and said goodbye to it in thoughts…instead I had instant return, it was $300 amount. Within one month got deposit back and profit. I was so excited that told it my relatives and family. Someone from them also invested something. Here was scam. I’d better lose my money, but my family did that… Everyone was speaking bad about this project and advised to leave it while it was still active. I was interested in people there: who they were and how they saw it… It was my start…At first I didn’t understand anything, I tried to find out some information. I was “curious” about local professionals but then I was invited to test mew program for hyip analysis. Developers chose me as I was interested in the topic and obviously objective because of my lack of professionalism. I was not suspected of any collaboration with hyip admins. Here is how Elena82 was born on MMGP…

2. How long have you been working in the industry and what are your achievements?

It’s been about half a year when I came to the industry as described above… As for success, I had nothing after 3-4 months, which is no wonder… I was studying, my investments in hyips were experimental. Now the situation has changed but I have to admit that I am dealing with fasts only. You can’t earn a lot here, as my deposit is limited to $150. If you invest more, you are at risk of not getting money back even if the program is still working. I’ve set an aim to earn $150 on hyips and nowhere else. I started with $10… One month ago I reached it… I don’t know whether it is success or not… For last month this sum has been increased twice… These are my achievements. Judge yourself…

3. Which criteria do you use when choosing investment object?

First of all, it’s expenses for hyip preparation, that is excellent technical part… For personal purpose, I once invested in all projects on the monitor I use. Not a single hyip with technical drawbacks fulfilled its task, even minimum.

4. Could you please tell us about the program you apply for hyip analysis? Which exact functions does it perform and how many revealed details coincide with real facts?

It is a resource gathering all onset hyips in one base and compares it with each other by different parameters. For example, on MMGP it is impossible now to launch project using cheap or already used design.

5. By what methods do you reveal previous admin’s creations?

Primarily, it is many coincidences between hyips. As the same admins are likely to follow “beaten track”: they choose the same design studio, the same hosting and so on… Sometimes the situation comes to absurd: in whois you see that same name, phone or even address. It doesn’t happen to often, but it is made clear in a second.

6. Do you have your personal “black list” of fast scammers whose creations you prefer avoiding? Name the brightest representatives?

No… I don’t have it as fast scammer won’t do technically well-done project. Any drawbacks allowing to see a wish to spend as little money as possible for project launch will be quickly figured out…

There are many cases when such “well-to-do” projects didn’t pay even first investors. After analysis I realized that investors themselves are guilty, not the admins… As there is the situation when many investors like the project, actively invest in it and silently wait till the money is gained. Since total sum is rather big and interest is also big, there is no activity next day, the admin decides to stop working… That’s why it is important to follow dynamics of project development. Huge popularity on the start (I am talking about fasts only) is disadvantage for hyip…

7. Finally, would you like to make your own contribution in forming our dossier by means of giving info on previous admin’s works?

Well… I was doing something of the kind earlier. It is posted on my personal blog on MMGP… So we can combine our efforts in some sense.

We are thankful to Maria for rather straightforward dialogue and her readiness to make small contribution into general good. We believe that this innovation will make insolvent admins to reconsider their policy and become more responsible for numerous investors’ funds. Ideally, we would like to create new trend in the industry and tune it on more positive (if possible) work. We will be glad if this topic will be reflected in thoughts and actions of guys like us. Good luck to everyone! Stay in trend with GIO!

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