Getting registered in OkPay payment system

Despite the fact that OkPay is a relatively fresh payment system (it started in 2009), it has both capacities and a right to displace the main leaders among payment processors in the next few years, if not today. These are not mere ambitions: OP really obtains a range of essential advantages compared to other payment systems and is extremely easy in use. In connection with that the question acquires special popularity…

What advantages does this EPS have in comparison with other competitors?

    Low fees (0% for bank wires, 0.5% for internal transfers) The opportunity to transfer funds via e-mail address (recipient only has to click the active link in the e-mail and follow the simplified registration process; after that funds will be sent to his/her account) The availability of a build-in currency exchanger (EUR, USD, RUB, GBP and others) The opportunity of arranging mass payments with one click (with individual sums for distribution) The system of regular payments A personal debit card An individual deposit system (3% per year)

Easiness, instant payments and convenience of currency use during online shopping are accepted as its due. Registration process is extremely simple. Moreover, there is a language choice option for your convenience. Language selection. If necessary version does not open automatically, choose the alternative from the popping up list in the right upper corner. Sign up. In order to start the registration process, just press ‘Sign up for a free account’.
Registration form. Complete the form with basic data: country of residence, e-mail address, mobile phone number, first name/last name, password, then press Agree and Create Account. Account activation. After the form is completed, the system will display the message saying that you need to check your e-mail box. The e-mail from payment processor administration is right there. Follow the link in that e-mail to activate your account. Account type. Depending on your aims and needs, select account type: ‘buyer’ or ‘seller’. Verification. After that you will be offered to verify your identity. In principle, if you are satisfied with 300 euros monthly income limit, you may omit this point. In case you want to use the system at 120%, pass a simple verification procedure, choosing the most appropriate way.
Sent documents will be processed within a few days.
I hope this manual will be much more up-to-date in the future. Get registered and start experiencing advantages of this financial tool right now!

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