“Honest” project administrator tries to save his face

It’s no secret that the main key to a successful business is an unblemished reputation of its direction. This point is even more important when it comes to virtual business, in which the participants are devoid of an opportunity to arrange the confrontation. HYIP participants are one of the most vulnerable categories of web users, so, unlike anyone else, they try to explore the ground before joining another fund. Of course, it makes enterprising administrators seek all available means in order to save their reputation after the project is closed. In such a way they will be able to come back to the industry and receive an adequate investors’ support over again…

Of course, not every HYIP creator is concerned with the question of their reputation: some of them launch projects one by one in an anonymous status. They are mostly fast hyip administrators, whose programs would last for not longer than some days or weeks. There are also creators, who treat their reputation as a part of a large-scale action aimed at client database collection. This database will migrate with an “honest” manager to his every creation, so that he will be able to take away investors’ balance as far as a convenient case arises. Every more or less advanced user has been able to see all common techniques of hyip administrators, but an artful administrator makes them sound differently.

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Technique #1. Losses for the sake of profit

We could have witnessed this gambling policy many times: after the official launch hyip is successfully operated for some time, then project management disappears to come back with an unpleasant notice. The website has been cracked, all funds have been stolen, the administrator has to state the fact of scam. Nevertheless, he agrees to bring back some part of deposits (as if by means of his personal savings). Most project members evaluate this noble action and are willing to support the coming hyip under the rule of that same honorable person. In a new project deposits will be larger and investors will be ready to provide a more weighty aid to their benefactor.

Technique #2. Project website has been hacked and investors are asked to send their personal data

It is not to be mentioned that there was not outside interference in the project, and no data were lost. Such an artificially created juncture adds more flattering traits to a creator’s image. As a result, all investors retrieve their positions in the project, but a broken chain of referral connections will not be restored.

Technique #3. Personal problems

Last autumn we witnessed project scam after the traffic accident had occurred and project administrator died tragically. Sorrowful colleagues hurried up to announce it. Surely, more sensible investors think twice before they believe in such occurrences and send financial aid. There are still some good people in the world…

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Technique #4. Partnership disagreement

Such feints also happen in hyip practice. At some point project co-founders reach a disagreement. Finally, one administrator goes away, having cleaned out program purses, another one remains with nothing (just like project members), but promises to return with a new fund and compensate (at least, partly) losses. One can’t help trusting such a reliable manager.

Technique #5. Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance is sometimes mistakenly considered a 100% guarantee of deposit return, which does not always happen. The administrator is likely to be the insurer, who claims to be rubbing shoulders with the manager of an insured fund. Far not all investors agree to use insurance service (since they are supposed to comply with insurance rules), but for a small group of users with insured deposits the insurer=the administrator will be an honest guy performing his duties.

Technique #6. Project absorption

Due to some reason hyip is sold to a different owner. After the project is bought, the things are getting worse and it scams. Of course, investors remember good times while the identity of a “new” destroying administrator is criticized and reproached.

Technique #7. Face verification for deposit return

That is a good way to save one’s face, return only some part of deposits and form the base of user database in order to apply it for mercenary ends. The direction requests documents identifying investor (passport, certificate of no criminal conviction). In this case it is much easier sacrificing some deposit than being the person involved in some dirty business.

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Technique #8. A series of subsidiary funds

Even the most long-lasting project starts to experience difficulties at some point. If the administrators not caring for their reputation prefer to give up, “honest” managers supply their hyips by means of additional resources, namely thanks to profit generation in cut and dried programs. Gathering money on subsidiary fund, the administrator of the main project will be able to run it for a long time, thus proving his consistency and honest intentions to investors.

No matter what tricks these “honest” administrators apply, everyone has a right not to be involved in such a blatant lie. Beware of psychological pressure, dear readers, and think twice before you open up and help the resourceful managers fix another machination.

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