How much does it cost to create HYIP?

Analyzing this or that HYIP, we commonly evaluate how well the admin has paid for creating his project, how well it is protected, how well it is fit and marketing course of the admin. As many of you might have noticed, “fat” filling is not always a guarantee of successful and long-term existence of the fund, but the seriousness of intentions and the attitude of the admin are defined by the volume of budget contributed to the program. How much does the average HYIP with well-known Staminus, Litvinenko, GoldCoders and others. Let’s count…

What does the creation of any project start? It starts with CMS, i. e. with script.

1. Script. There are 3 kind of it: unprofessional (pirate, not licensed), licensed and unique (custom made):

    unprofessional script – from $10 to $50 licensed script from GoldCoders – $145 licensed script from ProBiz -$199 unique script – from $500-$1000

The object by the likes of successful in the past vncx. net (exclusive and high-quality project) today costs $1500. The price includes design, coding, programming, testing, installation and support. I managed to get “inside” it, it has all necessary stuff for demanding investor and the very admin.
2. Domain. The price varies from $7 to $13 per year in standard frames:

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This means that it doesn’t cost much to buy out a dozen of domain zones in order to show reliability to the investor, as well as purchase the domain, say, till the year 2021.

3. Hosting, DDos-protection. The prices from leading “manufacturers”:

    dedicated server with Ddos-protection from Staminus – $269-$2329/month dedicated server with Ddos-protection from BlackLotus – $450-$1200/month dedicated server with Ddos-protection from Koddos – $140-$700/month dedicated server with Ddos-protection from AntiDdos – $450-$1400/month

4. SSL-certificate:

    SSL from Comodo – €64.95-€99.95/year (Trial – 90 free days ) SSL from GeoTrust – $149-$299/year (Trial – 30 free days) SSL from Thawte – $149-$449/year

5. Design (per average):

    “nice”, used – $250:
    of the same level but fresh – $500:
    template – from $12:

+ such features as flash-design, java insertion and so on are additionally paid.

6. Content (qualitative, unique) – from $100. The transaltion costs the same much.

7. Registration certificate (such also happens, the proof can be found in the corresponding registries):

    on Cyprus – €2500 in the UK – €2500 in Belize – €1500 on British Virgin Isles – €1500 on Seychelles – €1000 in Dominicus – €1500

8. Рromotion:

    monitoring: listing (from $50 to $300 per deposit) + listing “fee” (from $30 in cash), banners (*468, *728) – from $100 per week blogs: from $150 to $650 and from $300 to $1000 (on the same MNO) for Standard and Premium listings forums, SEO, context ad and so on…….
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The amount of monitors reaches, as a rule, about 20-50, plus lots of banners and other promotion means.

Just count.

The admin of RIGHTfive, having avoided the question on what and how much he paid, nevertheless, shared the info that for the creation of similar project around $25K-$30K would be needed. Considering the level of script complicacy, the quality of protection and powerful marketing, the numbers appear to be real.

By the way, similar topic already happened to be on GIO.

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