How to protect yourself against financial frauds?

Frauds accompany money turnover everywhere. Alas, this phrase sounds like an axiom. We have to delete new incoming emails offering us a chance to become millionaires at once almost every day. Fraudsters’ tricks lie in wait for us virtually everywhere: in paid ads that pop up when we enter certain sites, in tempting offers from a HYIP-administrator about opening one more fund at very favorable terms, etc. The drive to wealth is an absolutely normal phenomenon, but do not forget the wisdom of the phrase “get rich slowly” to avoid problems to your own cost…

Although there will be many advice-givers on how to manage your capital, it’s only you who carries all responsibility for the fate of your funds. In fact, you will need just few things to keep your savings secured: a measured caution, self-reliance and sanity.

1. Say ‘no’ to everything that sounds too implausible.

If you have at least one-time experience of participation in HYIPs, your personal data (in particular, your e-mail address) is already in the investors’ base that can be used by very dishonest people. Be ready for regular updates of your mailbox with fresh proposals that go beyond all allowed limits (200% net profit after 1 day in a promising fund and so on). You just can’t jump from rags to riches in a moment. Approach your financial goal progressively by getting not that high but stable interest (4% per day in fast hyips, from 0.7% in medium-term funds) in a favorite hyip project.

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2. Address your requests for advice to people, whom you can trust.

Everybody should think for oneself, especially in doing business with money. Hyip investor community is constantly growing, qualified investors grow as you gain experience. But it is not necessary to neglect opinions from the outside, no matter how advanced you are. It’s normal to ask considerations about this or other project, about administrator’s person and regular payments. Look through thematic forums, gather subjective information and match it with your guesses. This point is an essential attribute of a preliminary evaluation for many investors. However, it’s only up to you to make the final decision.

3. Do not invest money into objects which impose anything against your will.

We often have to deal with insistent promoters who are trying to impose on us a deal against our will. Of course, they work for their own benefit and receive a referral fee for every new client, for instance. If you are frankly annoyed with people’s persistence, just say ‘no’. Never do what you don’t want. Anyway, you neither lose nor gain anything. Make exceptions only in case the offer is really worth your attention.

4. Learn the ins and outs of any potential investment fund.

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People, whose purpose is to promote a new project and get the money from you, may resort to any methods, just to do their job. Your task is to reread the terms of cooperation carefully, calculate the real sum you get by selecting a certain plan and figure out whether the game is actually worth the candle. If you have any questions, do not contact mediators. Project customer support service functions for this aim.

5. Do not get involved into things you don’t understand.

Before doing something in real earnest, you need to make sure that your knowledge and skills in it are sufficient at least at the amateur level. For example, any advanced hyip player knows that it makes no sense investing in a fast hyip for a period of more than 5-7 days: most extra-profitable programs do not last longer. If you still want to try your luck, do not draw in big amounts (it’s not that scary to lose small investments).

6. Establish contacts with experienced people.

At the moment, HYIP industry offers enough resources and tools for self-development and successful work in the highly profitable environment. You have a chance to use a lot of materials, communicate with colleagues and like-minded people. Their skills and makings will not be superfluous anyway.

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Of course, any transactions with money involve risks (however, keeping it in your wallet is not a guarantee of safety as well), but you can minimize them. And do not be upset if something goes wrong. As we have already made sure, failures can be useful!

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