HYIP as an optimal source of extra income

If you have got here, it definitely is a reflection of the fact that you are in search. In search of the main source of income, extra funds or fresh and not labor-consuming ideas how to improve your own living conditions – it doesn’t matter; what matters is the fact that you still have found this. The wish to establish a constant flow of extra funds to one’s pocket with minimum time and energy spending, is realizable due to using certain tools particularly designed for that. The world-wide network is literally bulging at the seams from innumerable suggestions concerning fast and easy earning in Web space. Only when you start testing all those numerous ways at first-hand, it turns out that everything is not as easy and cheerful as it seemed initially.

So, what options do we have?

Click sponsors (specialized Web sites) pay their users (members) n-valued amount of electronic currency for following certain links provided by sponsor itself.

E-mail sponsors. Working with e-mail sponsors involves following the links that are sent to you via e-mail. For every such following you will receive fixed fee, not very big, sadly. The amount is around $0.25 for a letter.

It is out of the question to speak about “hundreds” and “thousands” dollars provoking banners are screaming about at every step. One can also get the same paltry sums of money for posting at forums, auto surfing and other small things, but the result is the same: meager payment, not labor-consuming but extremely monotonous and very time-consuming process. Staff turnover is the main feature of such ways of earning.

If you can do something with your hands/brains – freelance can be good for you. In principle, if you really use these “tools”, you should at least know what freelance is. It can be the main source of income – copyrighting, translation, programming are some of numerous ways of earning money in this scope.

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And the last option we can’t ignore is Forex. There they promise to teach you promptly this “extremely profitable” technique of earning money and to give you a ticket to “another world”, the world of success and innumerable green banknotes. Everything is possible, but within the bound of reason of course This way of earning has enough advantages, but sadly, they are overlapped by a big amount of disadvantages:

– huge risk of losing funds, not only your own, but also borrowed ones;

– 24-hour working schedule;

– dependence on not an always honest broker;

– quite difficult learning process, etc.

You can read about advantages and disadvantages of working with Forex and HYIPs in detail in our articles.

Generally, when you feel insolvency of numerous ways of extra income first-hand, you will be able to fully estimate advantages and possibilities of such direction as HYIP-investing.

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. It sounds much more complicated than it really is. The point is: HYIP is like a bank in some way. All you do is deposit money to this bank’s fund at certain interest. Only in case with banks, you will have to operate quite serious amounts to get a somehow noticeable result. Suppose, we are talking about 20 percent per annum, you can imagine what an insignificant amount you will withdraw in 365 days if your deposit is, for example $200. With HYIPs you will have the same amount in 2 or 3 weeks, or even 2-3 days (if we are dealing with fast HYIPs). Certainly, if HYIPs were panacea for all financial problems, every inhabitant of the Earth would use this source of income. Behind such an efficient way of earning there is a pay for using it. It is risk. Let’s call a spade a spade, yes, HYIPs in 99 percent of cases are nothing else but financial pyramids, and everyone who works with them is absolutely aware of that fact. The principle on which this system works should be familiar to every responsible citizen. Top and first lines earn money. With every extra wave of investors, with every clock tick your chances to earn decrease in geometric progression. Typical final outcome for a pyramid is scam. This is the case when program suddenly closes its doors together with your investment. This moment should certainly be considered. However, risk is everywhere, it’s impossible to avoid it in financial affairs. But happily, there are some methods that can decrease it to minimum. We will tell you about them a bit later.

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An example of earning with HYIP

The principle of working with HYIPs is pretty simple. You register in the system, open an account in one of the payment systems and invest some amount of money in the project. Starting with the second day, your just invested money will start to produce a profit, the agreed fee will start arriving in your account.

Counting approximate income is extremely simple.

Suppose, HYIP offers 3 percent daily within 50 days, without returning your deposit. What does it mean? Suppose, you invest $50 in this HYIP. 3% x 50 days=150%. That is, after agreed period you will receive 50% ($25) of net profit + 100% ($50) of your invested deposit. In fact, the deposit will return earlier – in 35 days, so from that moment your risk to lose invested money doesn’t exist.

Earned interest as a rule can be withdrawn to your account daily. This is the only manipulation after choosing a HYIP and investing in it that will daily (or once in several days) take 2-3 minutes of your time.

Advantages of HYIP:

1. Flexible level of income (it depends on invested amounts and the investment program you choose).

2. Meager requirements concerning initial investment (from $1 to $10).

3. Quick payback (compared with the offers of bank system).

4. Low labor intensity.

5. Autonomy. You can earn money even when you are not at your workplace. The Internet works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. HYIPs are an autonomous system that lets you receive interest even in case of you are not temporarily connected to the Internet.

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6. Quick learning process.

7. Minimum knowledge and skills.

8. No age restrictions.

9. Combining it with your main job.

An example of earning on HYIP: 22% in 3 days

If the process of investing in HYIPs is still a mystery to you or something complicated and vague, we suggest you to have a look at our video example of earning on a certain HYIP “Veris Finance” (you can read the review here). Sadly, today this program is already considered scam, but we managed to earn on it. 22% in 3 days is real. Let’s watch!

Why now?

Time is money. This is the exact short chain that makes us daily move our own bodies ahead and move faster and more effectively. The same chain should force you to get off the dime and having opened the engine to master this new profitable direction. I don’t see any point in losing quickly disappearing hours and everywhere required banknotes.

Let’s start!

    Where to search. Monitors, forums, popular HYIP blogs. How to estimate. Use the service “HYIP analysis” and don’t forget to read the article about risks, common for this direction. Choice of HYIP. It should be made only on the basis of previous item. Registration of an account. You can use the services of the most wide-spread systems: LR (video) or PM (video). Making a deposit. You pass the registration in the HYIP itself, transfer the amount you wish to deposit from your account – that’s all, the process has started. Now the interest will arrive in your account, and you will need to withdraw it from there to your payment system from time to time.
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