HYIP-industry development dynamics. Years 2004-2013

Searching for interesting tendencies of hyip development both in Russian and English-speaking mediums, I decided to use the service of Google search engine, called Google Insights. This publicly accessible application allows finding out in a few minutes the frequency of a searched term in correspondence with total number of worldwide and regional requests. The use of Insights for web user in general and investor in particular is that it ensures tracing the dynamics of popularity for this or that search request, allows making prognoses on future changes in the graph of users’ interest in an asked-for object, based on a rather objective analytic instrument…

A given below frequency change graph of word search, dealing directly with high-yield platform, reflects the situation in hyip diachronically, over years 2004-2013. In order to get this picture we enter general Russian word “хайп” (standing for “hyip”) in “Search terms” field and pick the most general settings in “Filters” line. Then press “Search”.

According to indicators of this graph, in a Russian-speaking environment “hyip” concept is gaining popularity really fast. Search dynamics growth of the corresponding request is not even. It is possible to single out several picks of user interest over a chosen period: January 2010, February 2011, January 2013 – up to now. No wonder that the most active time intervals fall at January-February, when the industry wakes up from anabiosis and project administration joins in a more intensive work.

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Judging by a radical deviation of curve towards growth, in the near future hyip will be developing in a stable way. In theory, it will make a favorable contribution to financial well-being of Russian users. As for temporal curve down flexure in respect of popularity decrease, this fact is also rather explainable. Just like any other field of activity, HYIP undergoes periods of calm, during which participants move up to alternative sources of earnings, allowing the main money “mane” to recover and switch on its active mode.

The situation on adjoining to English-speaking environment market is different. This screenshot shows what distinctions I am talking about.

The most noticeable shift in hyip-popularity was recorded in January 2006. After this date the popularity level would never reach a fixed point, only occasionally leaning slightly upward. Here you can clearly trace cycle theory in practice: after a single climax curve ceased to have a bent for higher points. Such a pattern may occur owing to several reasons: the decline of investors’ activity due to an unfavorable situation in the industry (a massive scam, a temporal lack of decent projects, willingness of investors to insure themselves from large losses), because of an uneven launch of long-running and short-term hyips (sinusoid shifts greatly), or a partial shift of investors on alternative diversification elements due to loss of balance in hyip-field.

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Assessing the situation of the last few months of year 2013, we can assume a subsequent steady and moderate growth of hyip-popularity dynamics in English-speaking community.

As for hyip prospects on the Russian platform, there appears to be a raised interest to the main kind of earning, regardless of season disorder in it. Investors are optimistic about hyip future, and not without reason. I wish you to be the same optimistic, dear readers!

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