Ideal HYIP by version of James Orvey (the 2nd place)

Ideal HYIP has never been, never exists and, probably, will never be. But while cherishing my dream, I assumed something that could be liked by people and could be called ideal…

Ideally, if there is a minimum of 4 persons in the team at the initial stage. They are:

Project administrator; The person providing technical support of the project, let it be a webmaster; PR-manager in charge of project promotion; Backup player.

The administrator is also the coordinator and the leader. He/she is experienced in creating HYIPs. His/her activity is closely related to activity of the webmaster. Duties of the administrator should include leading the site, providing interest, answers to questions, communication with investors.

The webmaster has to provide website functionality. The experience of communicating with hackers is appreciated (ideally, if he/she is an ex-hacker). He/she has to implement leading website security technologies (as far as financial opportunities allow). The lion’s share of team income will be given for these aims.

The PR-manager needs to make himself/herself known on popular monitors, thematic forums; create pages in popular networks. He/she is obliged to reveal initiative, to be a creative person, to generate contest ideas, questionnaires, events for making the project interesting.

The backup player. In spite of the ‘position’ title, he/she will come to help the whole team. He/she is a kind of wise person who knows everything. This person is needed to replace one of participants in case of illness or absence. Correspondingly, he/she needs to have an idea of all project aspects. He/she should not be a layman and should be capable of holding the project afloat within a necessary period.

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When gathered together, the team creates the site with joint efforts. The first thing is design. Design has to be unique. Information value, simplicity, intuitive interface are key features of website appearance. The advice of a psychologist is needed in regard of color solution and website title, since the title and the design will help a potential investor to create the impression ‘by appearances’. Design is the very thing to often frighten off the clients.

Home page has to contain contacts. Nowadays no skype support, phone or e-mail are considered a vulgar fashion. Moreover, the video appeal of the team to potential clients has to catch the eye. It has to be a 1-minute video with introduction of the whole team and a couple of administrator’s words about the project. It has to end with a few parting phrases.

Working schedule of the team is 24/5. The schedule of night duties is arranged for that. Saturday and Sunday are days off. However, requests are processed in a normal mode.

A legend has to be precise and credible. As for me, the ideal legend is about Forex trade, sport betting and other real activities. It does not matter if the team or other people are involved into it. HYIP project should not be the main source of earnings; it is only needed for attracting loan funds.

At first there should be Russian and English versions (a minimum set). As project popularity grows slowly, the site will be translated into other languages. Translators will be hired for this purpose. They will help the team to communicate with non-English-speaking and non-Russian speaking clients.

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Down with copy-pasted FAQ. It should contain several precisely set questions and detailed answers to them. FAQ will be refreshed when needed.

The statistics and the certificate of incorporation are obligatory, of course.

Project team needs to have initial capital (besides capital for running the main activity) for the creation of a reserve fund. Maximum deposited amount will be limited (it depends on team cashflow). In case the project closes, the insurance will be paid from this fund in the amount of:

– 30-70% from deposits of 101$ tо 1000$;

– 90-100% from deposits of 1001$ and more.

Upon less than 100$ deposit, insurance is not available. The interest of insurance sum also depends on deposit duration (the period from the last account charge is counted).

The upgrade in ‘investment activity’ is possible. For instance, if a deposit was 50$ and an investor added 100$ more, this deposit will be automatically moved to the ‘101$-$1000$’ category with its advantages. However, if the insurance case comes, the investor may count on return of not more than 50% of the sum. In much the same way everything happens upon upgrade to ‘from 1000$ and more’ category.

The insurance fund will be replenished with deposit interest. Only average and large deposits will be levied in the following proportions:

– ‘from 101$ tо 1000$’ – 3-5%;

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– ‘from 1000$ and more’ – 1-3%.

The bigger the deposit is, the less the interest is. The table of interest dependence from deposit amount will be available for investors. The interest to the insurance fund will be charged from all coming account charges. For average and large deposits the interest remains the same; for up to 100$ inclusive 5% from the added sum will go to the fund.

Income will be charged on working days. Balance will be available for withdrawal or charnging at any time. Payments on requests will be provided daily, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 10 pm till 12 am (by Moscow time). Daily income for investors is 7-10%. Deposits have no limits in terms.

Referral system is a complicated one. For 25 referrals one gets 1% from deposit. For the next 25 referrals one gets 3%. For 51 affiliates the upline gets 5% from initial deposits of next investors. The upline gets 1% from account charges.

I’d like to finish my assay with one copy-book maxim. Whatever unique the site or the idea are, project ‘longevity’ will depend a lot on the administrator, his/her wishes, consciousness and moral principles.

P. S. Thanks for attention. Don’t judge me harshly. I’ve been dealing with hyips for 3 months.

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