Ideal HYIP. Main features

HYIP-industry, just like fertile soil, from time to time grows decent (and not really), viable (and not so viable) offspring. It’s time to figure out how to find the project claiming to be ideal or conditionally ideal among “weed”. In the body of this article we will cover it…

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) – is an investment fund with high profitability that works – as a rule – with electronic currencies.

The evaluation of any high yield project should be made according to offered criteria (features) sorted into four group (availability of all points or prevailing part of them cannot 100% predetermine project destiny but works for activity growth and greater traffic to the project):

1. Covering&Artifacts

    unique, presentable design: appearance is not the most importnat thing. But…it matters. Ideally, it is brand-new design or at least well modified one. user-friendly interface: comfort in work matters..a lot! Comprehensive, intuitive interface is the very thing every investor wishes to see while following the link of new HYIP. Exception is the art appreciator who doesn’t search easy ways. informative part of the main website sections: in other words, availability of informative, genuine and unique content suggesting profound project preparation before coming up online. plausibility and/or uniqueness of the legend: keeping in mind the fact that legend is the point of admin’s imagination, we demand, as minimum not trite version of company (project) activity. The legend is important for long-term projects intended for more or less impressive term online. additional video-content (presentations, manuals, etc.): the more caring admin is in regard of his creation, the greater the respect on the side of investors. public detailed statistics: the more transparent dynamics of funding-withdrawals and other parameters is, the more chances for evaluation of real project potential at current moment (it concerns, mainly, fasts). real regional representatives system: HYIPs living from this indeed, active point worked for long and successful period. Imitations of massive international stir do not count. language localizations: the more investors’ medium and score is, the better. full range of means for clients: live-chat (skype) and working phone line are obligatory. Multilingual customer support is also a favor. availability of certificate or other document proving company registration: Registration of offshore business with further bank account opening requires considerable expenses that should be gained afterwards. Consequently, such project has to work as minimum till the money is back.
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2. Technical part&Mathematic aspect

    adequacy of investment plans: the norm on interest rate will be different depending on HYIP type (fast, medium-term project). For instance, the norm for fast is 102%-105% per day (seldom, 106%) with min deposit of$1-$10. As for hourly plan, it is 4.3%-4.6% per average in 24-hour respect. fast customer support: all questions, esp, in technical aspect (deposit didn’t reach the account, order was stuck to pending) should be solved asap when customer support is available 24/7. experience and reputation of the admin: the owner of potentially successful project cannot be a newcomer. It’s fine when the history (positive) of his previous creations is known. seize of referral commission: should be not more than 10%. The bigger referral commission is the greater traffic (and investments) in the project is, on the one hand. On the other hand, payments have to be provided instantly, that finally will lead to shortening of project existence. dedicated server, Ddos-protection, SSL-certificate: all these technical features (their availability) allow to unify the project and protect website from hackers attacks, culprits that lead to investors’ funds theft and scam. unique script: one more indicator of good project preparation considering all nuances and admin’s suggestions. Such script costs more but makes the project special compared to others.
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Again, total amount of expenses greatly reflects admin’s attitude and his further intentions (to some extent). The time needed for gaining all that full “stuff” may be figure according to this material. 3. Human factor&Mechanism efficiency

    speed of payouts processing: the list of ideal features will not be full without timely payouts (the fastest provision is desirable). Instant payments are fast, manual are more reliable. wise project promotion: moderate increase of monitoring base, creation of project pages in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If necessary, arranging of contests and other unobtrusive events for attracting attention and traffic to project (unbelievable bonuses, loud phrases and lots of exclamatory marks are not taken into account), openness of admin to constructive dialogue. refunding option: return (at least, partial) of deposit in case of scam is more and more seldom to meet, but still happens. Such generosity is peculiar to the most conscious admins who are extremely valuable nowadays.

4. Objective view (forums, blogs)

    positive reviews from colleagues: favorable attitude to the project on theme forums (MMGP, MMG, TG, DTM) together with payments posts as well as admin’s openness to discussions. project status on monitors: the evaluation of project solvency – Paying. You may check it in Monitors line of toolbar analysis.
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Of course, everyone has their own opinion on what ideal is, that’s why selection criteria may differ. But there are three universal features that always work due to our human nature – HYIP should be pleasant to eye, easy to work with and stable in providing payments. Well, that’s how contemporary investor picks his ideal project. If you have another opinion on what beauty is, welcome to share. This article will also be useful for admins willing to contribute their mite in quality aspect of the industry and – with a help of demanding investor – spare it from “slag”. Alex Sagalov, good-investors-online. com

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