“Instant” from the inside

This article will tell you about one of the most wide-spread ways of payment – “instant”. It is loved by many people, it is familiar to our eyes and ears, but despite some visual advantages, it is still somehow dangerous. Later we’ll see why instant payments are dangerous for an investor.

In general, payments in HYIP projects are performed in three different ways: manually, automatically or instantly. Automatic payments are provided by special systems, configured to certain time of performing payments (daily, weekly or in the end of the period). HYIPs with such way of payment are very rare. Manual payments involve transferring interest to investor’s account within 24, maximum 48 hours. It means that administrator personally processes requests for withdrawal of funds and transfers money himself, by hand. Instant payments are extremely fast and mathematically precise. Money comes to the investor’s account literally within several seconds after he presses the button “Withdraw”, within 5-10 minutes at the worst.

Advantages are obvious: speed, clarity (pseudo-), confidence in absolute solvency of HYIP. But this only the head of a coin, the tail also exists, of course.

The thing is that such way of payment as instant with certain “technical” combinations turns not into an advantage, but into a real threat to HYIP itself and its investors. For example, a mix of instant with even licensed script from Gold Coders, endangers funds of organizers and investors in a certain way. And if you add to that a “weak” hosting provider, the project will be hacked for sure, with a little more active wish of hackers. For example, last week this happened to “Empirefunds”. It was a “fast” and according to the features of this type of programs, some “discounts” were made for them from our side. We “knocked off” at hosting holder – “Black Lotus”, and at licensed GC and, despite the reference about “instant payments” on the main page, we still predicted a little longer existence for it. Nevertheless, in less than two days, the project was under a DDoS-attack (fault of host provider), owners’ API was hacked and money partly (or totally) was withdrawn from the accounts of the organization. Here is GC and instant. But if such filling is allowable for fasts, it is too much for a medium-interest program, and you should think very well before investing in such a project. Despite the fact that many programs eventually are technically upgraded (moving to a new server, buying of SSL, etc.), in most cases it is just a reaction to something that has already happened or is hard to fix. After a hi-tech low blow, program often fails to recover, organizers lose clients and there is nothing left for them to do but close the project.

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The second thing. Instant payments restrict administrator’s activity. If in case of manual payments HYIP administrator personally controls circulating here and there flows of funds, he can, depending on a current situation regulate time of “departure” and “arrival” of money to the requested point all by himself; then instant payments can ensure none of these perks. For example, mass withdrawal of investments or request for large amounts can lead to misbalance in the system (in case administrator doesn’t have enough e-currency). In such situations as a rule, pending takes place (delay in payment) which inexorably provokes low “rumor” in the beginning, and then mass disturbance with loud public statements of very “experienced” investors. That’s how projects are ruined – either instant is guilty, or human factor – it’s hard to understand. But there is nothing criminal in temporary switch to manual payments, if administrator really cares about his project. Here the leading role is played by strength of human nerves; despite the fact that instant is at the wellsprings of the problem, the last word is (almost) always ours.

Everything that was written above mustn’t change your attitude to projects with instant payments to worse. Forewarned is forearmed. All situations are individual so I advise you to save this lines on your intracranial hard disk and use them when you need to. Theory supported by personal experience is a great power.

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