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Today’s article will be of use to those investors who like to entertain themselves with non-trivial fast hyips. Just note one reserve – the project under consideration has been proved with time. The Elloda program has stepped on the investment path in the second half of July and has proved its working efficiency for attaining the right of being listed on my monitor up to the day before. Online terms are not a single resource’s achievement: many users are interested in it because of peculiarities in the composition of plans and financial opportunities that are unlikely to be offered by standard fast hyips…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project started on June 21, 2013

The project website with a non-traditional name Elloda opens an access to investment opportunities of the fast project that – as the practice has shown – are quite realistic. As you have already seen, the website covering is not a plain template. Even if a graphical solution is not the extreme of perfection, animated insertions on the site are not irritating. Quite the opposite, together with a thought-out (yet hardly probable) legend about the involvement of Elloda into development sphere, visual elements look quite fine. Nevertheless, the main accent is made on a practical part: the direction has created a minimum comfort and communication zone for project members. Consequently, each participant can use advantages of available options that include such points:

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1. A chance to multiply your money. Any holder of an active deposit by the first plan can automatically become the participant of the second plan (by depositing $20 into the Progress option) and can use money accumulated by it as he/she wishes. In that way, each investor can afford both a traditional scheme of gaining profit with a deposit return in the end, and the moneybox plan.

2. Beneficial terms of cooperation. Despite all simplicity of the site, it will be much more reliable than many others in case something happens to the. com domain, since the project has another satellite site in the. biz zone. The reliability is matched with 146.2% ROI and more than that in the end of the first plan, and 3% daily for holders of deposits by the second option + a 3% reward for new deposits of referrals.

3. A simple user panel. Investors with some investing experience will figure out the placement of sections without issues since the design fully corresponds with the back office view on the sites that are run by GC script. Novices can use navigation. You see, usability is maintained on a high level!

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4. Program openness for external connections. Some time earlier the administration has contributed to creation of project groups in Facebook/Vkontakte. It’s a kind of advancement as it tends to rely more on internal Elloda powers (with the help of the referral system and to a lesser extent, with the use of monitors – there are less 20 of them now)…

Investment Plans

There are 2 investment plans at disposal of each investor for reaching serious financial goals. Minimum/maximum entries are $10-$10 000 depending on plans. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment circle on the first plan and is available for withdrawing at any time on the second plan. Investors with active Foundation deposits are the only ones who can select the second Progress plan. The compounding option is enabled. Everyone can count the volume of potential profits in the personal cabinet (Make Deposit – Calculate Profit).

Foundation. Deposit limits are $10-$10 000, the amount of daily profit is 2.2%. Investment period takes 21 calendar days. ROI=146.2%.

Progress. In case an investor invests $20-$10 000, he/she gets 3% per day and defines the time for deposit withdrawals himself/herself. The volume of total revenues after 1 week is 121%.

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The technical part

    Dedicated Server (+ an additional. biz domain) DDoS-protection from Koddos SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: contact form (Russian, English and Chinese languages are supported), Skype (Ru/En)

The conclusions

Whatever doubts are voiced in respect of the project, Elloda appears to be above these doubts: during one and a half months online the administration has been both maintaining the elaborated reputation and optimizing the investment process to suit investors’ convenience. Perhaps, the program is not a masterpiece of designer’s art, but there are no claims to its working potential. This fast hyip seems to be a good platform for depositors who are ready to try their powers in one or both plans in order to gain some financial freedom.

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