Interview with Champions League admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Sir! In the height of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Champions League is really to the point. Do the activity stats prove my words?

Hi. The World Cup is in the height, and so is our project. The stats of investors’ activity prove these words…

2. Before we move on to the most burning questions, let’s talk about you. What was your inspiration during the creation of an objectively prosperous project? How many people are involved in your team? What are your personal duties?

The idea has been hatched out for long, for almost half a year. I’m a gambler myself, with 8 years of experience behind, and I know well how to make money in sports. We have a small team of about 25 people. My personal duties embrace the financial department, the advertisement and the work of cappers.

3. Each program needs to have some distinctive feature for users to easily recognize it. Do you have one? What other things bring about your feeling of pride in”League”?

In Champions League, I’m proud of a united team, its honest and kind people, and investors with the same traits.

4. Finances are one more mandatory point, as you know. What kind of scheme do you pursue? Whom would you like to see in your community? And what minimum income is available for a potential client?

We work in accordance with a transparent scheme. We are completely open. We are completely trusted.

We are glad to see adequate, smart and intelligent leaders and investors. It’s a choice of each client how much he/she should invest. A minimum entry is not stiff)

5. You do have rivals in a fast hyip stream, it’s clear. But do you have the most zealous competitors? Why do you exceed them?

Yeah, we had enough of rivals at the start, but all of them are scams now after loud claims that we’ll die first. I like to prove my work over time and punish upstarts!

Why are we better than other sports projects? Let me answer that we have a real analytic center of 4 teams (20 persons) rather than a nice legend. Each user can make sure it’s really so.

6. I heard you’d had unpleasant talks to guys who violated referral rules. Does everyone understand now what they are not allowed to do? Maybe you can recall any other curious cases?

It’s strictly forbidden to violate the rules. Any multiple accounts, family chains from the same IP are blocked. If clients come to us with good intents, we pay back with the same; but if they try to deceive, the security system produces an immediate reaction.

There have been more than ten cases over one month online when fraudsters thought they were smarter than us))) I probably don’t need to tell you who won)

7. You’ll celebrate one month of the successful functioning pretty soon. What are you preparing to this day? How many such dates do you plan to mark?

On July 1, we celebrate a 1-month anniversary. As an administrator, I am also shocked how fast time flies. But we’ve completed so many things during this month, for which even half a year will be not enough. And we’ve done it in a worthwhile manner.

At the moment, we have a couple of actions, among which the main ones are a 50-dollar minimum deposit limit till July 13 (the World Cup 2014 finals) and project video reviews, for which winners are rewarded)

As for the number of dates to be celebrated, we stand for a long-term work and stability. We target very many dates)))

8. Business is such a thing that welcomes standards and – to a bigger extent – a creative approach. What, in your opinion, will help the project step forward with no strains and jerks? And how are you going to entertain clients?

As of now, we have the functionality many people dream of. Our approach to the cappers’ job is unique. Our conditions for uplines and top leaders are exceptional and unlike all others on the market. We are currently promoting deposit insurance, which really excites users))) But let me repeat myself: two most important things are a long-term work and stability. We’ll change stereotypes and prove that Champions League justifies its name.

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