Interview with Cryptorium representatives

To say that Cryptorium is of special importance for investors is to say nothing. Thoughts about endless powers of the BitCoin system seem to have been run in the heads of advanced users so heavily that a work with any project, which (hypothetically) deals with the cryptocurrency, is a pure pleasure. For someone BitCoin mining is still something weird while others are smart users, and the HYIP unites all and sundry. In today’s reserved interview, I tried to figure out what on minds of people close to the top is…

1. Hello, Sir. I guess none will be surprised with the fact that the onset of Cryptorium in the investment field was met enthusiastically by investors. How did it influence the speed of project accounts’ growth?

Our primary goal is to achieve a stable growth rate and develop a solid infrastructure. Growth rate accounts increases in an arithmetic progression.

2. Perhaps, there are some investors left, who have not happened to get acquainted with your team in absentia. Could you be so kind to introduce yourself in brief and tell about the creation you are bringing up in a purely business way?

In the near future, we will be releasing a number of articles describing creation, account management tips, and upcoming unique features.

3. There are enough pieces of different information on the project website. To what do you advise an investor to pay attention first of all? Which sections are basic in the course of making a deposit?

Really, we recommend that clients read every section of the site before making a deposit. Our team tried to make the site as informative and streamlined as possible.

4. Provide short facts to be familiar to each potential client about the investment process, which you offer to join. It is much easier to work with you than it may seem, isn’t it?

At first glance, the system may seem unclear or complex, but in fact it is straightforward. Our experts have done everything possible to make the system as simple as possible for investors.

5. In your opinion, what five peculiarities of Cryptorium allow the program looking quite comfortable and profitable from an investor’s point of view? What can you tell about ways of gaining income?

The CRYPTORY system was developed by a group of professionals over the span of a year. During that time a lot of great ideas were brought to the table and issues identified and addressed all related to the intricacies of the system. As a result, the following advantages of the service were identified:

1) The versatility. The client sets the terms of investment and has the ability to instantly withdraw funds from the system.
2) The exponential growth of investments. The longer your resources are in the system, the faster the mining. The result is your income grows every day.
3) Simplicity and transparency. Our website completely explains the principles of the system. If something is not clear, access our online experts who are available 24 hours a day to assist you.
4) A unique partnership program that gives you the ability to track the arrival of new partners in real time. This program also provides: Monthly cash rewards to the 10 most active partners, High-quality marketing materials, User friendly control panel with an intuitive interface.
5) Internationality.

6. Let’s touch the topic of overall statistics a little bit. How long has the program been online? What figures concerning the amount of deposits and withdrawals are available? And what are your makings regarding the very computing platform?

We began beta testing the system in May of this year. Our team put forth a tremendous effort to fix the bugs, shore up the vulnerabilities, and make modifications to the system so it was fully operational by November of this year. According to our system statistics which are available on the website, the capacity of our network is already 865000 Mhash / s with 3.5 Ghash / s still available.

7. What have you already done within the marketing campaign? On what external sources can we find topical news on the project? By the way, what new events have taken place during the whole period of its functioning?

Our marketing campaign is centered around the gradual growth of the infrastructure as was mentioned in response to the first question. The biggest news is the roll out of a second-generation of processors by our supplier Infineon Technologies. This processor will greatly increase the power of our network.

8. What is your ultimate goal, on which further fate of Cryptorium will depend? What do you think about coming holidays? Will they affect the program work?

Our main goal is to support the system and create favorable conditions for investors despite the increasing complexity of mining Bitcoins. The holidays will have absolutely no impact on the level of service provided. CRYPTORY will operate as normal.

Alan Mee, Promo department & Keith Mahon, COO

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