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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hi, glad to see you on GIO! Please, tell me who you are and which goals you chase with your new project. What tasks do you perform in an everyday project running?

We are a team of people from the whole Russia with many years of experience online in the field of currency transactions, in studying marketing and demand on the market of investments, who have firmly established ourselves in Moscow region and on the currency exchange market. An average age of project’s leading specialists is 30-40 years. They are people who fully devote themselves to the project idea and still remain financially independent…

They are people who follow ideology and selfless labor based on their experience, knowledge, and personal powers, and disregard greed for profit.

There are many first-priority tasks that favor the transformation of the business plan into a managing mechanism of an investment cycle in project’s routine.

A) Technical provision, a perfect security system, and safety of informative resources. Lowering and minimizing risks and technological processes thanks to applying new system technologies.

B) Management of project’s investment package for providing a daily capital growth with perspective reserving of the package and providing stable income to clients.

C) Introduction and control of promotion sources for an effective development of project’s ad platform and stats growth of the development dynamics.

On the whole, an everyday team work 24/7/365 gives excellent results aimed at providing trustful partnership relations with each company’s investor. Since the company still has no right to claim about its existence on the Russian investment market due to certain legislative factors of the country banning this kind of activity, we created Currency-fund and officially registered it in one of Panama’s offshore zones. It will help us ensure and implement all tendencies in investments and gaining profit on the electronic currency market.

2. Do you agree to deny the fact that December is not that risky for investments? What helped you cope with this uneasy period and reward investors to the full?

Unfortunately, this factor exists and lets me agree that there are temporal unstable periods for speculative operations both with personal and attracted funds on the market of investments and financial transactions. Time periods – more precisely, the end of the year – contributes to the decrease in investors’ activity on the whole investment market. Pre-holiday days and the end of the year also affect the situation on the currency market in general; quotes clearly grow, and so do trading sessions. It happens because in the end of the year and in the beginning of the next one 90% of enterprises and firms having currency accounts and savings start to actively sell currency as they are lacking ruble reserves for covering debts by salaries, credits and debts. In this establishment period, Currency Fund was confidently functioning in the investment field by means of its own reserves.

Hence comes the answer to your next question. We came here with our own savings.

3. How effective is the marketing strategy which you’ve chosen? Are you satisfied with investors’ reaction and interaction? What else would you like to add in order to attract more “fresh blood”?

It’s a rather daring saying in respect of partners. We appreciate each client and partner. Their opinion concerning the way project operates is especially important. We are ready to improve quality of our work so that all company’s clients feel as comfortable as possible while dealing with the project. Figures of project’s efficiency influence each investor – it’s stable and perfect project’s functioning on a daily basis! The chosen marketing plan influences both the project and its work in a quite productive way. Currency Fund is just an investment mechanism, in which investors interact with Perfect Money by performing currency transactions via certified exchange offices and thus supporting a non-stop movement cycle of the electronic currency market.

4. Describe the range of financial opportunities affordable by an investor with a minimum deposit. What can you offer a large investor?

Given a multi-level user audience of the project, it’s impossible to divide participants into groups since investment stats float from 10 to 70% investments per one investor. That is, by investing 10-50 dollars, 80% of investors realize how small their income will be, and within some time they decide to increase their investment package to gain bigger income. Larger investors have a chance to not only increase their investment capital by 50% but also raise their partnership portfolio to 15%. We’ve considered all various opportunities and details for each investor so that all company’s clients remain satisfied.

5. After long New Year vacations the industry got new rivals. Are you confident in your powers just as you’ve been earlier? Are you ready to provide loyal clients with pleasant surprises?

The estimate of company’s appeal and competing capacities based on the study allows us to define a precise and stable position and determine its real competing advantage expressed in exceeding the profitability level by currency accounts holders.

The influence of outside changes on a competing advantage also depends on company’s abilities to react on fluctuations of quotes on the currency exchange market. Any outside change creates opportunities for extracting profits. An ability to react also includes an ability to forecast changes lying in the background of a competing advantage.

Since an investment portfolio goes through a certain live cycle as long as customers’ preferences change, companies are forced to adapt their strategies and capacities with due consideration of changes in key factors of client’s success. As investment markets become more and more stable, an ability to react on outside changes and confidently go ahead is getting a more important source of Currency Fund’s competing advantage. Trust of our clients is the main indicator of stability, and we appreciate each company’s client individually.

6. You must be recording your own deposits stats. Could you please tell us which of provided options by the investment plan are the most popular?

A more detailed answer to this question is given in the answer #4, but deposits of 100 to 500 dollars with 3-5 investments per one back office remain the most popular because investors create new deposits at times. Also, I’d like to note a clear growth of deposits starting with 1000 dollars. It shows the start of activity by separate partnership structures.

7. Given the number of monitors added to the base by you, the picture is rather reserved. What other promotion tools do you use to attract investors?

We are mainly focused on context ads, investment reviews and blogs in attracting new investors. Also, we actively hook ad in social networks. On the whole, we can note that the very monitors and admins of ad platforms, who have personally tested company’s efficiency with their investments and started to actively promote the project, highly trust us. The outlook of project’s development is positive and it is aimed at the increase of the growth dynamics from 20 to 40% per month. It’s a great indicator of stability.

8. As they say, tastes differ… Can you call Currency Fund a universal project that satisfies demands of absolutely different clients? What should we expect from you in the near time? Can we count on a beneficial cooperation?

Certainly! Currency Fund is a unique investment mechanism that combines functioning of multiple processes. It disposes of blameless system and informative security, still providing maximally simple company’s services by means of Currency Fund. com. The closest prospects of the company in the beginning of 2014 are an official entrance into the investment management market and a readiness to sign bilateral agreements with our clients for managing large investment packages.

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