Interview with ForexGHQ admin

1. Hello, Sir! What can you tell about business days of ForexGHQ based on your rich experience? How does your project feel today?

Hello Alex and our Readers. My name is Evans Daniel Stephen. I am really pleased to answer your questions. So, ForexGHQ it’s a progressive trust management Company with modern investing platform. Today we have a strong Company with many investors from all world, as you have seen a we haven’t a lot of advertising so we plan to begin advertising Campaign within twenty days…

2. I can’t help putting you the question that bothers many users. Why did you decide to skip a common fast hyip format by designing the project in medium-term traditions? Were depositors confused because of that?

We have a positive experience in Hyip market with Medium term programs so it’s a good opportunity for investors to choose genuine Company with professional management. ForexGHQ is a one of the best investment opportunity in the web.

3. As I see, you are not really willing to chase new stuff. At least, I can’t find anything special on the corresponding page of your site. What do you do to attract the audience?

The company’s reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Please a customer to good services, and your client base will swell with relatives and neighbors who catch wind of your top-notch representatives. The experience that individuals have with a company and then what they hear from friends and family influence their perception of and likelihood to do business with a company. So, we continue to operate in the direction in which we can provide excellent services with lowest risk. Forex and Bitcoin market are our main direction for now.

4. Let’s move on to discussing financial moments. Outline minimum/maximum earnings available to all investors. What do they need to make as much profit as possible?

We have many compensative packages for our investors so you can choose best package for you. First investment plan with dynamic range percentage can provide profit from 2.6% up to 3.0% daily. Your initial capital will back at the end of investment term. If you want to get more percentage you can choose package called “ForexGHQ Plan” and get up to 500% After 50 days. In this case your initial capital is include to your profit. Also we have profitable package for our VIP investors where you can get 300% only “After 15 calendar days”. ForexGHQ VIP – 600% After 25 Days can provide better Percentage but the minimal amount for investing is 3000. So if you want to get more percentage you should to invest more. You can use our profit calculator for calculate your profit.

5. What allows you to make future and, actually, current payments on a regular basis? ForexGHQ is a quite imposing project. Have you happened to fight back hackers’ attacks and improve security?

As you know we have a great experience in the Hyip market area, so we have a few strategies for long term operating. For protect our investors from unauthorized access and hackers we are using Koddos server for many years, also we known that Instant payouts is more risky, so we don’t use instant withdrawals for a security reasons. Every withdrawal request will be analyzed by our operator so we will check any changes in Email or User’s e-wallet information. We will try to provide a really safety system for our investors.

6. What do investors think about you? What kind of questions do they ask more often than others when contacting the support service?

Every day we still getting a lot of feedbacks from our Investors, many of them a really happy to have a deal with our System. We offer a stable income in the long term so it’s a better opportunity for our investors that we can provide. Some of our investors ask about Multi Level referral system like 5% for first level 1.5% for second and 0.5% for third. I think we will introduce such referral system within a few weeks. It’s a really good opportunity to make an additional profit with our Company. You don’t need to have an active deposit to get referral commission.

7. Is there anything on your mind to be clarified? For what things should users be prepared in near weeks?

As I said before we will introduce new Referral system within a few weeks. Also we will add International Phone support system and multi language Live Chat. We have plans for long term cooperation with our investors and partners so we will work as long as possible.

8. How do you estimate your capacities at this moment? Will you be able to compete with other projects and multiply investors’ deposits the same optimistically?

ForexGHQ has a huge name in the market nowadays supported by popular forums as well as monitors, we have never missed a single withdrawal request or any inquiry. Our future plans consist in developing the platform, we may add a new support options, new referral system and many others updates will be. All that’s going to change tomorrow because we have quite a bit to catch up on now. Also don’t hesitate to contact us via your proposal for developing our Company. Let’s make ForexGHQ better together.

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