Interview with Graphene admin

1. Greetings from GIO! First of all, I’d like to thank you for a promised comeback. Honestly, we even lost belief when we decided we would never see you again. How is Graphene doing today?

As promised, from 08.06.2014 Graphene has been operating again after a short-term break for holidays. As of now, the project is 100% active, the next automatic payments were made to our investors according to the payments schedule. We launched a new ad campaign for a continuous project growth.

2. Before we move on to the discussion of certain figures, let me ask you: what was the reason of your prompt decision to make the project have a rest? You knew members could get you wrong, didn’t you?

Any body needs relaxation. It’s impossible to work on the verge of one’s own moral and physical capacities. Our company used this time to recover energy for a further perfect work. Of course, we realized that not all investors would approve our decision. We deal with money and, as they say, it likes to be counted. But I hurry up to assure investors that all active deposits keep bringing stable income and making owners happy thanks to stable automatic payments.

3. What should we expect you to do now? Will plans and design remain as they are or undergo changes?

At this point, we don’t plan cardinal changes in the way our project works. As for design of our site, if you’ve happened to notice it, it’s continuously corrected, in the future it’ll be improved for our clients’ convenience.

In the first place, we are involved in providing clients with user-friendly experience on our resource, we don’t attach an investor to an everyday use of website functions. Everything was considered to each little detail and made automated. All our investors are left to do is count profit in their wallets.

4. So what about benefits for an investor? How many rounds were members able to complete before the pause? How much money did they withdraw from the program?

It’s up to the very investor to pick a benefit from his/her investments. We offer active users an extra 4% bonus from investments of invitees. As of today, over seven hundred investors have earned profit, and their number continues to grow as each payment is made. The company has been online for over three months, so it means four completed circles by the first investment plan, two circles by the second one and one circle by the third one. How much money did they withdraw from the program? The financial report of any serious organization is confidential, and I won’t answer this question.

5. You probably understand that now, when payments are distributed again, users can lose control and overload project balances with lavish deposits. What will you do to keep an unwanted end off the door?

The company always has the stabilization fund formed from money of our business partners for such cases. Any non-standard situation is controlled by this fund.

6. It’s a rare opportunity for us to here news from you. What do you do at Graphene while clients earn profit?

We post all important events concerning our program’s activity in advance. While our clients make money, we arrange finances to develop technologies for the production of Graphene, a unique material of the XXI century. In the near future, we’ll rejoice investors with new opportunities in our program.

7. Do you expect a quick growth of project’s popularity as autumn is around the corner? Most likely, other admins will “wake up” a little later as well and will offer something worthy. How will you stand up for your rights to manage deposits?

Of course, seasonality is a sure thing in this field, and you won’t argue with that. It’s easy to become popular among investors, especially in high season. That’s why right now we prove with actions that investors have made a correct choice, allowing us to manage their money.

More members join our company as each day passes. Most users, who have already profited from our program, open new deposits and continue to earn money by multiplying their capital. Time will put everything on its places, and it favors us.

8. Lastly, try to make us believe returned Graphene is the same stable and paying hyip as before. Would you like to wish readers anything?

Our team, first of all, sticks to three main rules: honestly, preciseness, stability. We are confident that investors have already estimated our perfect work at its true worth and made necessary conclusions.

Thank you all for having chosen us.

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