Interview with LEANCY representative

1. Hi! Most likely most investors somehow know you (more precisely, your creation). But still, could you please remind us who you are and what project are you running in the hyip medium?

Hello! I will not beat around the bush: the project is leancy. com. My name is Ryan and I’m PR and Community Manager at LEANCY Ltd.

2. Was LEANCY’s launching a success? What dynamics of fresh deposits were traced on the New Year’s Eve? Did you count on a better course of events?

I’m not sure I know what do you mean by a “success start”. The right words here are “LEANCY was started exactly the same way we’re planned out”. No one needs a jerky start, except for a scammers who are planning to run away with the investors money as soon as they’ll get it. LEANCY on the contrary it’s a project that almost persuade investors to withdraw their earnings as soon as they can. We think the money should work instead of lying dormant.

We knew that the growth most likely will be rough and obviously slower than at the weekdays. The most interesting observation we made that there is no prominent recession during the New Year holidays. There are the days when investors are waking up and there are a days when they are celebrating – the most astonishing thing about these days that they are not directly connected to any holidays.

3. In your blog, you mentioned that you were preparing a number of changes in the program. What kind of new features are they? When can we see and try them in reality?

We’re not planning to change LEANCY’s marketing at all. In the blog we’re talked about some nice improvements in user’s dashboard that will increase LEANCY’s website performance and extra features. Stay tuned by reading LEANCY’s blog and you will see them first. By the way, we don’t even announcing some fixes and small new features, but I’m sure that the attentive investors already noticed them. 🙂

4. Which LEANCY’s features single it out against competitors in a beneficial way right now (design, texts, marketing, etc.)? Is everything going the way you’ve initially planned?

There are a lot of an advantages:

– Real-time accruals (live counter, the ability to withdraw the accrued interest at any moment)

– 6 languages (NOT just a machine translation. And we’re working on adding 2 extra languages)

– 5 payment systems, fully automatic deposit confirmation and payout

– Asynchronous nature – most information on the LEANCY’s website updating in the real-time, you don’t need to reload the page (take a look at the LEANCY’s stats)

– Accepting Bitcoin without conversion (we’re not converting your BTC into USD, we’re growing your Bitcoins. If you would deposit 1 BTC you will get 1.5 BTC regardless of the current exchange rate)

– The partners network who are willing to actively help newcomers, some of them are even providing a phone support. The ability to become the LEANCY’s partner.

– Comprehensive referral link stats: hits, signups and deposits amount. All data are updating asynchronously.

– Built by the pro from the scratch: dedicated server, DDoS protection, secured script etc. We never forget about the threats and tried to get the things done at the highest possible security level.

– Round-the-clock customer support service: Skype, Facebook or e-mail on your choice

Last but not least. I’m not going to lie if I’ll tell you that LEANCY is far more convenient than the competitors because of LEANCY was built by investors and for investors. We took into account the way people working with an investment projects. We have cross-linked deposits and payouts stats, handy withdrawal page, everything is simple and at the right place. If you’re just signed up you will be welcomed with a special “Getting Started” page which will help you to familiarise yourself with LEANCY.

Oh, and of course everything goes exactly as we planned out. Who do you think we are? Amateurs? 🙂

5. I can’t wait to learn your stats on financial inputs. Do large investors use bonuses which you are so kind to offer them? Recently, it’s been one month since your project started. It means that the first investors completed their starting investment round, didn’t they? Did anyone decide to keep investing, having deposited money for the second circle at once?

Sure, the big investors are taking an advantage of the factors system. You can’t ignore it even if you want – you’re getting the factors automatically and they’re immediately accelerating the interest counter growth. The early investors already completed the first round (got 150%). We’re working in a normal mode, most of them have made the fresh deposits until the end of the round.

6. Based on the territorial criterion, citizens of what countries support LEANCY more than others? What is your vision of the situation by the program for regional representatives?

At this moment about 50% of LEANCY’s investors are coming from CIA countries. The other 50% are distributed worldwide. This is the predicted situation since we’re declined to work with SolidTrust Pay which is still quite popular (mostly in the US and Canada). Most people are not yet familiar with Bitcoin enough, but right now they’re starting to actively use it, I like to think that some of them doing it because of LEANCY.

LEANCY’s representatives program is not an exception, you can see the same picture here. We have a lot of the representatives already, but not as much as we want. In any case their amount increasing on a daily basis.

7. Could you share your preferences for the near future with our readers? On which reference points will you be focused (I mean PR, expansion of financial options, and so on)?

LEANCY’s priorities are providing the convenient tools to the active promoters and leaders so they can actively promote the project. We’re also working on the direct bank transfers processing, SSL Extended Validation certificate (so called “green bar”) and thinking about the independent credit cards processing integration. As usually we’re keeping in secret the LEANCY’s advertising strategy.

8. Do you find the current hyip atmosphere favorable enough? How much longer are you going to keep working here in the same good condition?

Yes, I’m thinking the climate is good enough. Some excitements are coming from the MMGP’s investors, the big fans of the hit’n’run strategy, but I see no problem here since MMGP have never brought us the prominent investors amount. We’re not going to stop working at all and it’s not an allegations. LEANCY have the floating daily interest rate which helps us to control the growth in any way we want. The time will put everything on its place. 🙂

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