Interview with MultiPowerVentures manager

[There is] a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones. Now after two weeks of faultless service, the manager is getting the things he’s aspired to. I believe the result of his endeavors – acknowledgment and love of a non-agitated audience – is what he’s counted on. MPV admin can restrain his investment impulses whenever needed, and he can give a head start wherever possible. So it’s a right time to “view” his identity from the close-up perspective…

1. Hello. I’m glad to see you on GIO. As you might have guessed, our today’s talk with be wound around your current project. But let’s sort everything out: firstly, tell something about yourself and then introduce MPV the way you see it.

Hello, I am very glad to be included in your blog. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be interviewed. My name is Leo Konstantin Immanuel Zirner, my name is quite long but call me Leo or Mr. Zirner, whichever you feel more comfortable to addres me with. I am the administrator of MPV. Our program started online on November 14, 2013 but the real business dealings were initiated offline by me and my colleagues in this field of investment many years ago. If memory serves me right, we started investing in this field in 2005. At a time where the environment became a big matter all over the world and the alternative and safer power sources were starting to be developed even deeper and more advanced. We just decided to open this opportunity online as the name MPV – Multi Power Ventures.

2. In general, there are few things, which can surprise an experienced investor. Have you managed to do it? Are there enough pieces of information on the website to notify a newbie about program capacities?

We have in place, all custom written text from the Knowledge base to the terms and conditions and should any investor need more information, we believe that a direct communication between us and the investor is the most convenient way to answer questions and explain things. You see, no matter how detailed and information-filled our website will be, we will still be contacted by people with questions, disregarding the information written on our website. Such is so true, for example, people still ask how long the withdrawals are processed and wondering what payment processors are accepted, when in fact these issues are addressed in our website. So when you have concerns just contact us through our live chat or e-mail contact.

3. How did investors perceive your project at first? What did you accomplish in order to make friends with skeptics and attract potential investors?

We believe that in order to become popular online you need to increase your presence. So, since the day we started our business online, we have always known that we need to advertise regularly and to maintain the most effective ads to increase interest and traffic to our website. If you notice, we are continuously expanding and we add new things on the website, including but not limited to new monitors, advertisements on monitors, advertisements on forums and more things that should help increase popularity of our website.

In this field, we also believe that people gauge the capacity of a program based on their advertising budget and so to fill you in, we have a good advertising budget, that is why we are listed on most popular monitors and sites with the highest form of listing only.

We also have a facebook page where members and investors contact us through https://www. facebook. com/pages/Multi-Power-Ventures/173369072859657 . We also have a live chat feature where you can talk to me directly when I am online. When I am not available, you can send me an e-mail or submit a ticket on the helpdesk and I will respond quickly as I can.

4. On what promotion means do you rely? According to your personal experience, how efficient is the use of social networks in developing the project?

We are not actually very active as of the moment on the social networking side of promotions. I have received so many offers to advertise in social networks but I do not condone spamming so I am not accepting any offers in this form.

However, we receive requests to start a Facebook Group, we believe that it may be for the benefit of the program too, so yes, we will start one very soon. It will be a great exposure too according to people who have tried it in the past.

5. Could you please advise why an investor should certainly pay attention to MPV? What rates do you offer and what are your conditions of cooperation?

Our plans are not actually of the short term side, because our plans are composed of plans which do not have any 1 day plan. The returns are comparable to the short term plans but the duration is longer. We suppose, that these plans are original to us and we are proud of that.

All of our plans are paid on expiration, so no daily payments are added. The shortest plan is 2 days, which pays up to 150% after 2 days and the longest being 2000% after 32 days.

6. And what do you think about comfort, with which a project member can work in his/her back office? What introductions can you see on the site? Do you devote a lot of time to the improvement of available features?

We are proud to have a custom sorted members account area, all things are organized neatly with all information you will need easy to access.

And yes indeed, we are improving on a daily basis. We are going to add more features regularly. Just like yesterday, we got our PerfectMoney account verified fully. Isn’t that good news?

7. How many percents do you give that funds of investors are completely safe as long as they are stored in your system? Provide proofs.

We are hosted and protected by Black Lotus and we have a Comodo SSL certificate for your safe browsing on our website. All of your information is safe because we do not use the conventional way of hosting and protection. We have an in-house programmer who checks regularly all the site angles to make sure it is safe and no breach of security happens.

We also payout manually because this is the most secure way to do it. But we do that fast.

8. In life, everything is possible, and do you think your investment ship will weather the unexpected storm?

I am 100% sure that we will weather any storm that comes our way because we have a clean slate and we are working on a daily basis without any worries. We are strongly confident that there is no factor online that can break our legs. There is always a solution to any problem, you just always have to face it and it gets sorted out eventually. Thank you GIO for this interview.

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