Interview with Poker Automatics representative

1. Cheers! Poker Automatics is rather widely known and the first reason why is its good and stable work. So it will be even more interesting to hear what position it is currently taking in the competing medium. What client base does it have?

Hello. Yes, you are right. Poker Automatics is getting more popular as days pass. I think it’s a correct step to publish it on forums. As for the competing medium, we don’t have rivals as such. Other botnet companies possessing similar nets of poker bots don’t expose their activities that much and work for themselves, getting stable income. For us, they are competitors at poker tables, but it’s a different story 🙂

At this point, Poker Automatics is the only one project offering such a way of earning a living to the wide public. We have various clients:

    poker gamblers who receive passive income in Poker Automatics and use this money to play poker to their pleasure experienced hyip players who are used to making money in any projects buffs of trying new ways and schemes of earning money a rising team of ordinary people who know nothing in poker but want to get passive profits and run no risks.

Poker Automatics is of little interest to those users who want to get tens of percents daily. We know perfectly well how such projects look like and what chances of receiving profits there are. It’s better to play in the casino for those people, not investing. Investments in Poker Automatics can be compared to the trust management, but you won’t find anything of the kind at other companies.

In a regular trust management, everything depends on the person, whom you entrust your money. People are prone to make mistakes. Not a single professional is secured from being greedy, excited or feeling bad and being in a bad mood. Robots don’t have such drawbacks. That’s the main advantage of Automatics. There is no such thing as the human factor here. You can learn more on the page “About Poker Automatics” (https://pokeram. com/about).

2. How much money do participants get per month in your program? What should they have and know to become one of account holders in the system? What kind of bonus does each newly arrived member get?

Deposits in Poker Automatics bring profits depending on the amount of investments (see: https://pokeram. com/plans). At that page, you can also learn about expenses and other charges from profits. Our interest rate is floating and is published daily in the Earnings History section since 2011 (see: https://pokeram. com/graph).

Average daily receipts of Poker Automatics is about 1% without expenses. To make it convenient and easy, we will show you average earnings of clients at Poker Automatics:

$30-299 – around 12% per month
$300-999 – around 15% per month
$1000-2999 – around 18% per month
$3000-9999 – around 19.5% per month
$10000-29999 – around 21% per month
$30000-49999 – around 22.5% per month
from $50000 – around 24% per month

In order to become a participant at Poker Automatics, one doesn’t need to have any extra skills. The only one requirement is perhaps being aware of how to use one of payment systems accepted by us to be able to add funds and withdraw income. As of today, we deal with the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, QIWI, Liqpay, W1), EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, YandexMoney, bank wires.

It’s enough to create a free account in Poker Automatics, top up its balance, choose a deposit and earn money. In the regard to poker game knowledge, it’s not necessary. Robots and specialists managing them do all the job. Everyone who opens a free account in Poker Automatics is given the bonus – virtual $1000 for showing and testing how Poker Automatics operates.

You can utilize this sum to open deposits, watch how they grow as if you would add $1000 to your account in reality. This sum and all profits are stored in a separate internal account and are unavailable for withdrawals. Here are the values of $1000:

    It’s enough to create a free of charge account to get them. Newbies have no need to add money to their accounts to understand how everything works. It’s allowed to create deposits and see daily results of activities of Poker Automatics. There is no need to put one’s own money at risk and allocate testing deposits as it is done in other companies.

3. The website contains many articles for viewers to spend a certain amount of time on reading them. That’s great, but not all users have it. Could you suggest sections that build the minimum needed to pick up the hyip base?

If we avoid details, we can start with “How does it work?” (https://pokeram. com/work). And then choose an appropriate deposit level at https://pokeram. com/plans. And certainly, get into FAQ (https://pokeram. com/faq). In case investors are interested in more info, they can look through other website pages as well.

4. I know you have such familiar to hyips’ “old birds” caste as representatives. What kind of duties do they do? In what questions are they competent? How users can contact them?

The list of representatives from various countries can be looked up on a special page. Follow https://pokeram. com/representatives. Communication channels and all their contacts are presented in the table. The primary use of this page for participants is that they can find a representative from their country and the one speaking their native language.

Poker Automatics has people from different countries, that’s why it’s always pleasant to get answers in one’s own language. Representatives are the same participants who’ve examined the system and are ready to consult others.

5. As we’ve touched the topic of representing the project, are there any other ways for making profits? Are active deposits a must for people engaged in attracting clients? How much do you pay them?

Besides representatives, there exists one more VIP status. This status is achieved via a weekly lottery held each Sunday. It costs nothing to participate. Users can apply for it each week. It’s enough to register a free account and get a login to later indicate it in your lottery application.

If you want to make extra money by referring other members, just share your referral link with them. It’s not required to surely have a deposit. It’s a sort of business without investments.

Let us remind you that regular investors get daily income by a 3-level partnership program: 3% from deposits + 5%-2%-1% from your referrals’ earnings. Our representatives receive much more: 5% from deposits + 10%-3%-2% from referrals’ earnings. One obligatory condition for becoming a representative is the availability of one’s own deposit of $1000 and more.

The VIP status gives a chance to get income from the partnership program as representatives do – 5% from deposits + 10%-3%-2% from referrals’ profits. Also no active investment is required to acquire this special status.

6. In October you were much more active in terms of promotion. What promotion actions are still accessible? How do investors treat your focus on activities?

I wouldn’t say we were too much active. We pursue a smooth and even promotion campaign by various directions. Every day more and more people learn about us, trust us and get income with us. With the implementation of the partnership program, all investors got a chance to earn extra daily interest. It favors a bigger popularity growth of Poker Automatics. The hyip medium is just one of directions for the promotion of Poker Automatics.

As we grow, we will hook new sources and directions in advertising and PR. To conduct advertising campaigns and promote Poker Automatics, we follow earlier developed marketing plans. Each our step is thought out in advance. Only the most effective methods are funded. The efficiency of each advertising campaign is fixed, counted and corrected.

Expenses are under control. If any of methods doesn’t provide the expected effect, the strategy of using it is corrected on the move. All initial promotion actions are still in-thing and not limited. It’s both the lottery and free bonuses for visitors, not just members. The more recognizable the project becomes, the most interested in it both participants and we are.

7. It’s no secret that business rivals can’t stand more successful projects. Have you had any cases when you had to assess the reliability of your technical base?

It’s a common thing for us to meet those who consider us a competitor. They are varied frauds, beggars, extortioners, blackmailers and so on. We came across even people who told us in person that they had been recruited to kill our project. We don’t take such people seriously. Any ways to forge and cheat can always be checked and denied. As for the technical side, reliable servers, the AntiDDOS protection and an SSL certificate operate normally.

It should be realized that the website of Poker Automatics (pokeram. com) is primarily the shell. We have automatic reserve copies of all website information and all data on separate servers. The website of Poker Automatics functions independently from the botnet. Its functioning in no way influences the work of robots and poker accounts.

Investors’ funds are stored and involved in poker accounts. Server addresses are not published anywhere. Hackers simply won’t know which servers are to be attacked. In the case of an attack or a downtime of a server collecting the statistics, robots will keep performing in poker accounts and bringing income in a regular mode whereas the stats will be sent once the corresponding server gets back to a normal condition. We respond for all possible technical risks. They don’t threat the project, nor do they affect clients of Poker Automatics.

8. How do users review you? You must have already built an international team as that was the purpose of adding so many languages to the site? Speakers of which language prevail by the number of made deposits?

None gives bad reviews about us. There is simply no reason for them to do that because all clients are satisfied and are getting income. We know people who find our interest rates too small, who say that our referral system is not profitable enough, etc., but they have many other methods of investing money besides Poker Automatics.

We add languages depending on how popular we are in certain countries and on requests of participants from this country. Our main audience has always been English-speaking. After we were published on forums, Russian members began to jump up. We offered them technical support services and lots of video reviews on our YouTube channel https://www. youtube. com/user/pokerautomatics. According to the size of deposits, representatives from the USA and Russia are leaders while Russia is number one by the number of sign-ups.

9. Have you thought about the future of Poker Automatics? The plans you offer give an opportunity to build your business line skillfully for many months to come. How many months exactly do you consider?

I don’t understand people who create their project for one week or 1-2-3-6 months. They run the same risks as casinos, but income and the working speed are sufficiently lower. Our task is to introduce our members a long-term, profitable and risk-free tool for gaining passive income.

At the moment, the marketing plan aimed at promoting Poker Automatics is due to July 2015. After that we will see if we need to increase our client base later or work with only existing clients. It depends on the development level.

We still have loyal clients who have been with us for more than one year and trust us. In May, we asked all our members to withdraw their funds for us to update the base and website scripts. In June 2014, about 80% of them invested money once again and moved to a new automatized system.

10. And finally I’d like to address you a personal question if you don’t mind. While watching your success, I start to believe you are an experienced manager, aren’t you? Is the HYIP industry favoring your growth now? Do you rely on the same situation in the future?

The manager and the team both have impressive experience in management. In the past, we were engaged in a gambling business. In that field, the reputation is appreciated much more and earned longer. We are not limited to the hyip medium. As it has been said several times, it’s only one of our marketing directions. Most of our clients come not from hyips.

While summing up, here is what I want to say. Some people love to take risks, stake their all, like to gamble, get adrenalin and exciting experience. Others believe poker is gambling. For us, poker is our involvement and our business.

The task of Poker Automatics is to provide guaranteed stable passive income to their participants. We avoid risks. When the question is raised as to either gain more but have bigger risks or get a smaller albeit guaranteed profit without risks, we stick to the second variant. Our loyal clients have already made sure in it. Every day thousands of people get income with us.

The team of Poker Automatics wishes you stable and risk-free income.

We are waiting for you on our website ttps://pokeram. com.

We are always looking forward to cooperation.

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