Interview with the administrator of “Money-Trend”

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

Today you have a chance to read an incredibly informative dialogue which I recently had with the administrator of gaining popularity program “Money-Trend”. Andrew really surprised me with his openness, as well as with the amount of time and efforts he spent for this publication; he didn’t avoid even the most “prickly” moments of the interview. I think that after this release many people will look at this project differently. At least, it has happened to me today. Read further to find interesting revelations from the admin.

1. Andrew, please tell us how you come to the industry and whether you have admin experience in similar projects?

Hello Alex, hello readers of good-investors-online. com! My personal experience in hyip industry started in 2006. At that time being the beginner I accidentally saw the offer of one investment project and sincerely believed in 150% of daily income and so on. Later as I gained more experience I found out what real investment project was. Within several years of investing in different areas, my friends, associates, colleagues and I came up with the idea of ​ ​ creating normal investment fund, not a pyramid. Now we are creating offers using our experience gathered over years.

2. Share with us, what efforts were made to run “Money-trend”?

Thoughts to create the project appeared in 2011. Right after New Year holidays we started to work on its creation. We found the team of programmers who carried out our plan. Technical work on the script and design lasted for about two months. At the same time, we were working at financial part of the project. We registered the accounts, passed through verification procedures, etc. Overall, we were doing real job.

3. List the main benefits of the project.

– Our investment plans! The main advantage of our fund is short-term investments: 22, 35 and 65 days. They allow to get high income up to 2.4% daily. Also under «Trust» plan you can withdraw the deposit at any time after first 25 days pass.

– Flexibility of transfers between investor and fund! We hooked up the most popular payment systems for money transfers. Also we plan to extend the bank transferring system and involve such banks as Sberbank and VTB 24.

– Protection of the site. We have implemented one of the most interesting ideas. This is the code card. Similar protection system works in the above mention banks.

– Fast payments and support of investors. Payments are made on working hours within one hour. We have a number of operators. We provide 24/7 support for Russian-speaking and English-speaking clients.

4. Do you personally try your hand at the exchange rates or other professionals are involved in this, and you are entrusted exclusively the administrative role? I saw that you post reports on the rates in excel format, but is it possible to do the same thing, using screenshots?

Posting the rates and trading on Betfair market are laid on our team. But I personally know a lot about this and can tell many interesting things about it. Still I hold the position of the admin and the supervisor of our expert team. As for reports, you’re right, excel files are not the evidence. But we have a better idea and I ​ ​ hope we will implement it. One of our specialists will conduct a duplicate invoice on the independent monitoring, which we naturally place on our website. These data can not be fabricated, and it will be the guarantee of our competence in what we do.

5. Why is the minimum investment in Betfair somehow overvalued and what can expect the investors with $ 10-50 at their disposal?

The main reason for the minimum $ 500 deposit is trustful management. All enrollments occur manually, only by our experts who have a set of duties in Betfair. Therefore, in this area we are interested in a smaller number of investors, but with larger amounts of deposits. For investors with smaller deposits there are Start and Middle plans.

6. This question was brought up before and will still be brought up: explain, please, one more time how the risk is justified that you accept WebMoney e-currency, because cases of blocking the accounts are often happening.

Firstly, we have a personal certificate that is available ONLY to active investors. That’s why only interested people know our Webmoney account. It excludes negative feedback from scammers and competitors. Secondly, the money transferred to Webmoney, immediately gets to work. Even if something happens to our account, the money of investors is always safe.

7. Currently, your project is available in 2 languages: English and Russian. Do you plan to organize additional language localizations of the website in the future?

Yeah, maybe we will add new languages ​ ​ to the site when we expand our advertising campaign on foreign resources.

8. By what means do you provide contact with the project?

Technical support of our investors is our pride. We have a number of operators available around the clock. You can ask the question. I will enumerate all contact means:

– Online chat. We employ two operators, and I personally often work in Russian support. Therefore, you are likely to get to me in Russian support. When I am absent or busy, our operator will answer you. English-language support works 12 hours a day.

– Phone support. Operates 24 hours a day. There is the phone number available for English-speaking users as well as the one for Russian-speaking investors. – E-mail. You can always write a letter to our support team in Contacts section.

– Contact the administrator from personal cabinet. You can ask questions directly from your account by creating a ticket.

– Forum. During the day, at least once a day I visit the forum. We hope that in a while it will be much more popular.

9. Can you provide a brief manual for beginners who want to earn money with your program?

1. We advise you to read FAQ before you register and make investment.

2. After registering, check whether you got the letter with the code card on e-mail. If not, contact the administration of the project by one of contact means. Save the code card on your computer.

3. Middle and Unicum are our most popular plans; we recommend to invest in these plans. Middle plan is featured with optimal balance between profit and the repayment period.

4. If you want to ask a question. The most preferable option is to write in Russian support via live chat.

5. Once you withdraw the interest share, do not be lazy and write about it on our forum. The registration takes a couple of minutes. And also there is a special Deposits section on it. All these reports will favor the development of our project.

6. Vote on the monitors. They are presented in Rating section. Every positive vote is important to our project.

7. Invite your friends and acquaintances. Take part in our affiliate program and earn up to 7% of additional revenue.

10. Thank you for your answers. Well, finally, I would like to hear from you a few parting words addressed to the readers of GIO…

Join our experienced Money Trend team. Profitable investment proposals, experienced 24/7 support, unique conditions for VIP investors, continuous development of the project. With us your profit will be stable; as an investor, profit is your purpose. You will achieve your goals with us!

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