Interview with the H-SCRIPT owner

1. Hello. Considering the fact that HYIP managers prefer your products every now and then, we would like to learn more about your identity and script capacities. First of all, introduce yourself in respect of your developer’s career.

We started to work in the HYIP sphere by chance. About 3 years ago the ArtWeb web studio won a tender for developing cms for an investment project on Free-lance. Since I had already had experience in investment, I quickly found the common language with the customer and he finally chose AW as an executor of the order…

Sponge Bob and I began to perform the order because both of us oriented ourselves in the investment sphere. The order was done promptly and the customer remained satisfied. In fact, it was H-SCRIPT 1. Sponge Bob continued developing the project without me. It took me 3 years to create HS3 in the way you see it now.

2. As far as I know, quite recently CMS HS has been taken up by one famous company. How will this fact influence the quantity and the quality of offered licensed units?

You are right, ArtWeb has bought out all rights to HS. We hope that the number of sold licenses will grow:). Now we are carrying out colossal works towards turning the project into a formed commercial product with high-end support, all instructions and manuals. We would like our customer to use our product with comfort. And we are already considering the English-speaking audience.

3. The script has become very popular in a short period of time. How have you managed to achieve it? On which business sphere is H-Script focused? What software packs do you offer today?

First of all, the niche was relatively free. In fact, there was only one strong player, the English-speaking one though. Secondly, we treated projects and provided support at the highest level. Not a single client was left along with his/her problem.

As for the very CMS, the main task was to create a maximally “flexible” CMS with abundant settings from the “pack”. Moreover, the CMS code is open, and it is possible to make changes in accordance with certain demands of a customer. Both our specialists and outside developers can do it.

4. Outline your viewpoint concerning the HYIP industry on the whole. Why did you take this very direction as a basis? What future outlooks in its development or current tendencies do you see?

I believe that on the whole the HYIP industry is very promising. I always draw analogues with the gambling business (casinos, bookmaker offices). There were so many bans on the side of authorities, but it did not stop people. And HYIP can be easily referred to the gambling business. As for the current tendency, after closure of industry’s “titans”, there is a spare niche for new, fresh projects. The proverb “Someone leaves, someone else arrives” is very opportunely.

5. Disregarding the fact that H-Script is rather well-known on the Internet, some investors/hyip administrators (especially, novices) may not know everything about system capacities. Could you lay down all moments in brief theses?

Main features:

– Support of 30 payment systems; it works automatically with many of them

– Flexible investment plans setting, including “moneybox” and “floating rates” plans

– Flexible referral system setting, including a multi-level one; it’s used in MLM projects

– A total control over an investor’s balance (an opportunity to create deposits, penalties, accruals, bonuses, referral fee)

– A choice of depositing methods (manual, merchant)

– Manual and instant payouts (limits for instant payments are available)

– Security setting of an investor’s account

– Notifications, internal emails, SMS informing settings

– Total project statistics.

6. It’s obvious that your main target audience is of genuine interest for us. Can you describe the image of an average admin (your client) with business qualities and the level of professional competence peculiar to him? With whom do you deal most of all?

In fact, it’s a wide audience. Both professionals and novices contact us. But all of them are linked with one trait. They are businessmen; they can make money and do all possible in order to broaden their horizons.

7. It’s not a secret that in doing business finance security is one of the most critical issues. How do you provide support of payment processors in the system? What settings do you suggest users to adjust in order to avoid information leakage?

First of all, we explain to every client that the term security is a dynamic process; it needs to be constantly watched. For this purpose, there are people with special skills.

As for our product, projects have never been hacked because of us, but, one way or another, we check potentially vulnerable places on a daily basis. And people who follow project news could often see our suggestions on updating some CMS modules. I ask you not to ignore these requests and update them by sticking to the manual.

8. I know that your team improves system capacities/fixes “holes”, and so forth on a regular basis. What sources do you use to inform customers about completed maintenance works (on the forum/by email, etc.)? How can an investor check if an administrator is honest and if his product is licensed?

You can learn all pieces of news and important messages on our site h-script. com and our official forum. As for the license, you can check whether a project uses a licensed script by following this link. If you’ve noticed a project without a license, contact us. It’s very important.

In the near future I will address an open letter to the mmgp administration, in which I will ask it to put a note in the first post of a topic in case a project uses NO licensed software (both ours and somebody else’s). I believe investors have to know as much information about a project as possible. Express your opinion concerning this point in comments.

9. What are your plans for the future already in the ArtWeb studio team? Do you concede any extension of the options range within existing products/addition of new packs? And, finally, is anything being developed based on your CMS at this moment?

Now we are working on the manual on how to use CMS, a full translation into English, and the addition of useful information on the official forum. Also, we are working on a new site of the script, and in the near time we plan to develop a colorful and convenience design of the administrator’s area. As for additional functions, we create something new or improve existing functional every week. What is the purpose of the H-SCRIPT takeover by ArtWeb? Now a few people work on the product. It will speed up the development, increase CMS popularity, and improve customer support quality. Is anything being developed based on our CMS at this moment? Of course, there are few really innovative ideas, but I will not show all cards in this interview. Follow the news on our website.

Ivan Cherko, the director of ArtWeb.

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