Interview with United HYIP League admin

1. Hello, Sir! We are glad to see your creation online in such a good condition. How long had you been planning to revive the project before you launched it? Did it happen in the right time?

Hello. Let me start with your last question. The thing is that the investment field knows no such notion as the right time. In all cases investor’s success depends on how well informed he/she is about the condition of interested markets and values. Sometimes one needs to wait, try various investment directions and thoroughly assess them…

It took us a few years to develop portfolios for investing in diamond trade, liabilities, and different deals on the oil market. But, as you correctly noted, it was worth the effort, and UnitedHYIPLeague is welcoming 2014 with absolutely all required details and capital load needed for serious prospects.

2. Given the stats, which group of plans is the most popular among investors? Can you say that users are willing to entrust their deposits to you?

The most popular group of investment plans is the one, a peculiar feature of which is the return of money and profit after 75 days. Within such a period of time we can balance current losses and generate maximum profits for our clients. Besides that, investors don’t have to devote time to their deposits, and it’s very comfy for people who invest money to gain extra income and not the main one.

[As for the second question], no, I can’t. I can’t say users are willing to entrust deposits to us or someone else. Nowadays none trusts even bank institutions. What can I say about the company that is factually virtual? It’s only stable payments, guaranteed returns, and high-quality service that allow UnitedHYIPLeague to play a significant role on the market of high-yield investments for over a year. Thanks to experience, reputation, and clients gathered around UHL as of today, I can say that our clients are willing to trust us!

3. What informative sources can be of interest on the website? To what moments do you recommend to pay attention of those investors who like to perform everything fast?

Focus attention on the registration button. If you have any questions, pay attention to the technical support button. It’s the simplest way of how to take part in the project or learn any pieces of information, including details about investment plans. Just write what you expect to have or describe your investment strategy, and our consultants will pick the best investment plan for you, and let you know all offered UHL opportunities.

4. Are there any features in UHL, of which you are especially proud? What can help you cope with any potential dangers in the projects (excessive loads of deposits, technical troubles, hackers’ attacks)?

It’s the best high-yield investment project you can find now. This very thing will allow us to work and bring profit to investors despite anything. Our loyal clients know about that, and we are glad that thanks to their support we are able to develop active social communication channels and have wide representation in social networks (youtube. com/unitedhyipleague, facebook. com/unitedhyipleague, twitter. com/uhleague). Our hosting, servicing of our website, and technical support let us give guarantees that our clients will get either a functioning and safe website or information and support service at any moment. It’s a background for all other things – for a balanced investment strategy and high-end financial and executive management. On the Internet, a website is still a face, so its operation and servicing are a base for us.

5. Let’s say a user joins your program with a minimum amount in his/her pocket. What maximum income can he/she get in this situation (include opportunities by referral and regional representatives programs)?

Thanks a lot for an interesting question. In our project, an investor can get 2.5% net profit every day (including weekends), starting from $25. He/she will receive $71.88 back from this sum in 75 days. This amount includes investor’s starting capital, i. e. net income will be over 100%.

If someone of friends or acquaintances is interested in UHL and makes one’s deposit by his/her link (let’s take $100, for instance), such investor will be accrued net profit of $10 at that very moment. And if he/she is company’s official representative, he/she will get even $12.

6. Do you have any secret of how to successfully run hyips? Or is it enough to regularly perform your duties given to clients?

It’s high-end, consecutive and fast payments to all investors. Disregarding sums of a deposit and promised income. By honestly following terms and conditions you declare on your website, you will always win trust and achieve success. In the investment business, like in any other, service, development and observance of a topical situation are important. That’s why one needs to introduce changes, change one’s strategy, get accustomed to clients’ requests. Otherwise it’s just impossible to provide such huge returns for long.

7. What marketing tools, in your opinion, normally help projects develop without making admins fall into extremes? Which of them do you use?

Marketing tools don’t help projects to be developed. It’s pursuance of duties and high-quality services that help projects to be developed. Marketing is selling a product. But it’s very important that you have this product. We are led by the principle of creating an ideal product, checking the investment strategy, searching for the most profitable and promising options. Once this part of our task is solved, we just have to skillfully and qualitatively represent it to its potential clients.

8. After December shake-up investors started to be more alerted about HYIPs. Try to assure them that United HYIP League is all serious.

Everything was and is serious about UnitedHYIPLeague. Reputation is very important in the world of investments. You won’t find such reputation and skills anywhere else. Everyone who wants to take any component of a successful company and find these components in UHL can do it. It’s our working principle, and we are confident that it’s enough. As our almost one and a half years of work experience show, it’s so.

Thank you for an opportunity to address to your readers and answer such creative and interesting questions. We wish your readers financial success, and may your project be successfully developed.

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