Interview with UPS-Bank admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it! 1. Hello, Sir! You’ve been online with UPS-Bank for long. What are your impressions? Do you feel satisfied with your business?

Good day! Indeed, the project has been operating for long and showing very good results. I’m just impressed with growth and prospects of the program, which are always up-to the mark. Of course, I am satisfied as a sufficient number of investors have multiplied their profit and keep doing it!

2. I’m sure you’ve got many pieces of statistical data within 6 months online. Could you please tell us how much money is under your management now? What is an average deposited sum per day? Does your project remain the same popular as days pass?

I’ve received enough pieces of information concerning the project for its productive development, but, unfortunately, I can’t share it with you since these are personal data of our clients to be never disclosed. As for popularity, let me say there are rises and falls all the time, but the program with such an operating period and reputation has collected enough loyal investors, who always support it. Also we have a quite large reserve of funds to keep paying for a long time.

3. You like to bring surprises, don’t you? What investment positions have been recently opened? What about bonuses?

It’s true. We always try to intrigue investors. Yesterday we opened a portfolio called “Stock” with a 2% return. I know many investors have addressed questions about it, and now it’s time to show it! That’s why we invite all members to consider this portfolio in detail.

4. Then here is the question from and for newbies: how/with what sum can one start investing at UPS-Bank? What kind of ROI should one expect to receive?

To get an essential return on investments in our project, one needs to at least join the “Bitcoin” portfolio, providing up to 30% income per month. As our marketing allows using the capitalization option, the more currency you buy here, the faster your profit grows!

5. What can you tell us about the technical provision? Do “guards” cope with an input of deposits? Have you faced any security incidents over 6+ months of functioning?

Project’s technical site is constantly updated because security doesn’t remain the same. Our project is excellent in accepting and processing money. In terms of security, our members are provided in the best way possible as it’s one of isolated points in program’s working capacities. Certainly, we’d come across some incidents, but eventually all investors were contented.

6. Social activity is one of important promo vectors for you as I see. What places has your team visited lately? Do such campaigns favor the amount of fresh investments?

The latest promo action was held in Ekaterinburg (Russia). People were handed ad booklets and balloons alongside with a supply of a positive mood! Surely, such actions always help to get more investors.

7. What reviews do active clients leave about your program? What sources besides an official site provide more information about us?

Our project has its own VK group by the URL http://vk. com/upsbank and its Youtube channel https://www. youtube. com/channel/UCn91M5HH8X96u3FqN35V9Zg. Use these links to view reviews of our clients and comments to video files. You can also discover pieces of interesting info in our VK group.

8. Could you tell us what comes next? Bonuses? Cardinal changes? And what should we get prepared for?

I won’t say anything in advance because everything has to be kept in a secret and be a little intriguing. We all know that investors are excited players. Still I can tell you for sure that there will be many interesting and new updates besides normal getting income in our project!


ups-bank. com administration

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