Interview with Welor Trade admin

1. Hello, Sir! I believe your project is not in need of being introduced, so let’s get to the core right now. How long have you been dealing with hyips? Is WelorTrade the same ready to actively accept deposits?

The guarantee of fund’s development is, in the first place, a successful activity of its Clients. In our uneasy and unstable time, business needs a reliable support, high-end services, and responsiveness while taking decisions. Despite all achievements, the Company will keep developing in the future without stopping at what has been achieved…

2. How did you manage your time during “vacations” in respect of the program advancement? Did you add any new features over that period?

First of all, we let our huge team have a rest. Each member was working last year without leaving his/her “work place”. On vacations, we advanced project’s efficiency: we conducted maintenance works on website servers, raised security levels of our user cabinets.

3. Could you tell us about the exchange which has been recently launched by you? How does its working principle sound? Who can join it? And what are your conditions?

Welorstocks. com is an official exchange store owned by the Welor Trade LTD company. Everyone can participate in it, even people who are not members at Welor Trade. This exchange allows taking part in buying and selling company’s stocks.

4. Now let’s talk about standard plans promising ordinary yet stable income. So far only the first plan remains generally affordable by most investors, doesn’t it? Haven’t you considered an opportunity of customizing the project to needs of the middle class?

Of course, we’ve considered various options for changing tariff plans. One of them is a plan with floating interest rates. For user convenience, we think about lowering minimum entry limits for this plan. We won’t give you numbers. Once we approve it, we’ll post about it in our news section.

5. Name 5 things, which you can be really proud of. Which reputable sources rewarded you for patience and working capacity? (I mean mmgp and the Silver status for your topic)

Above all, we are proud of our loyal participants, who believed till the end that we would come back after holidays and resume work. We are grateful to all these persons and will do our best for them. As for our mmgp topic, it’s also a result of feedbacks written by our members and project’s stable functioning that has brought us such good luck. Certainly, we won’t stop at it; we will be constantly developing as each day passes.

6. In the recent past you were regularly making up some actions/contest/extra opportunities. Can you offer something of the kind now or in the near time?

At the moment you can still participate in the contest “Get 10$ for a video review”, by which everyone can record a video file and present our project from one’s own point of view. Many members received their reward for this work. But as our experience shows, investors are against any actions or contests. That’s why our administration will soon announce the competition on the topic “who can create the most original contest for our project”.

7. How do you estimate your capacities at the moment? Is the hyip industry favorable for work now? Do investors support you with large deposits just as they’ve done before?

Stability is the main attribute of project’s working capacity. We long for retaining this stability which will 100% help to cope with all hardships.

8. Could you please share your forecasts for the future with us? What, in your opinion, will let you maintain earned reputation and keep rejoicing investors with stable payments?

We are full of energy in all aspects, and thanks to our investors’ support we will be bringing joy to them with stable payouts for long. Nothing should be changed, and we need to maintain that unison which has been previously achieved.

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