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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Welcome to GIO blog! Let’s start our dialog with your cue: tell us in a couple of words about your experience in HYIPs.

Our team has many years of experience in advertising. Our main audience is people in one way or another related to online business. AD Solid is an advertising investment project and not a classical HYIP (as many understand the word HYIP – classic pyramid or Ponzi). It employs a different scheme to generate an income. Investors receive theirs income from our sale of advertising space on the site and are also being consumers of advertising…

…Of course, during the development and establishment of the project the basic income is not coming from this project. We have a number of contracts that cover expenses and earn us money required for payments to investors.
Invested funds in the project are used to further develop our network and promotion of our advertising products for more profits for us and for our investors as well.

2. The level of Ad-Solid preparation is visible with naked eye. How much difficult was the process of project assembly?

Our team has excellent technical experts and programmers. We prefer to polish the project over as long as it will not be perfect, or at least a very good one 🙂

3. I think everyone would like to find out available earning opportunities in simple words.

The program has three direct ways to earn money and one indirect.
1. Earnings from investment positions (from 1.2% to 2.1% per day on weekdays + daily bonus of 0 to + 0.2% daily growth in interest rates by 0.002%)
2. Earnings from the referral program (5% -3% -1%). You can earn inviting people to our project using your referral links. Your profit in this
case will be 5% from the investment of a direct referral. If your direct referrals invite in the future theirs, then you will receive 3% of their deposits (they are called Referrals of the level 2). You can also earn additional 1% on deposits from referrals of the Level 3.
3. Earnings from the referral program on inviting advertisers. Your income – 10% of the funds raised.
4. By placing banners with your referral link to other projects, you can make money doing it as well 🙂

4. We often meet the word “credits” on your website. What does it mean and how do we manage it?

Advertising credits, or just credits, that is the amount of funds spent at showing your banners, with the use of future tools that are currently in development. For example, if you invest $ 10, then you get 50 * 10 = 500 credits, and you may, at current price, have 1500 displays of your banners.

5. Is option for advertisers popular? How well elaborated is the system of ad banner display?

At the moment, there are already several advertisers who are interested in investors audience of the project. We are planning to make advertising system so attractive and profitable to advertisers that they could feel it comfortable to work with us. And this is another source of income stabilization in the project. Moderation and loading of banners is fully worked out. You can set the necessary targeting by language or country, as well as specify the overall and daily rate for spending of credits for a specific banner.

6. Which bonus offers are already active in the project? Do you think investors are interested in such kind of encouragements?

If the investor will be visiting his office daily, he is entitled to receive a bonus up to 0.2% to the percentage of the current charge. This rate is floating and changing for every 6 hours, depending on the financial situation in the project. Also the interest on deposits is growing at 0.002% per calendar day, and at the end of investment term it will give 0.3% growth.

7. List innovations in Ad-Solid that are soon to come?

First, we have several language localizations in the work, and we want to work successfully with the Asian audience that is already doing well.
Next, we keep developing promotional tools, such as the placement of text blocks on the site, advertising of sites in separate windows, and video advertising. Also in the coming days we will add new PP – SolidTrustPay.

In addition, we plan extending the promotional tools to external sites and forums and a special platform for this is now prepared. In terms of programming and technical implementation of something new there are no obstacles for our team!

8. You have a direct opportunity to address investors and blog readers: share your wishes and plans for project’s future. How much longer are you going to be online? Are you capable of crossing time limits, set in investment plans?

As you may know, at the moment we are running two parallel projects, one – Ad-solid. com, and another MLM project, matrix, UnlockedRewards. com.
Both sites have the same model, but different audiences. In mlm project we get a direct profit, as it is a project without the “debt accumulation”, and its income will be used in case of temporary drawdowns in Ad-solid. com. Our mlm project is now being actively developed, so the cushion is and it’s always growing. Therefore, we look forward to long-term operation of both projects.
Just want to say thanks to everyone who is supporting us! Special thanks to our advertisers, to our friends, both old and new! Together we can do a lot!

Sincerely, project leader Timoleon Corrales.

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