The interview with After90Days representative

1. Hello Sir! At first, introduce yourself please. How long ago were you lucky to join the hyip industry in the position of the administrator? If it’s not a secret, give us the number of successfully fulfilled hyip projects.

Hello. My name is Jessica Field and I am not the After90Days administrator. I am a member of the team that deals with PR of the After90Days company registered in Belize. This company has been operating for over 400 days and offers capital placement for a period of up to 90 days with up to 900% of net profit. Website operation as well as its development are provided by professionals in their field attracted by the After90Days company for ensuring a guaranteed success of this project…

2. Did you plan the previous After90Days variant as a “partizan” project from the start or did you simply use the opportunity to turn in into an asked-for medium-term hyip?

After90Days has been initially planned as a bright long-term investment project that offers a maximally possible complex of investment plans. For providing this idea we needed not only to perform some preparatory events but also to test business processes based on our work. Undoubtedly, our marketing approach had been under evolution for over one year that contributed to the presentation update and expansion of virtual representatives.

3. On what principle did you rely while elaborating your marketing program plan (i. e. the structure of investment plans)? What is your target category of investors on most plans?

Most plans are focused on investors that prefer gaining profit and income at a time. The basic term of the investment plan is 90 days. In that way, we are a long-term investment platform that is working on the pay on expiry payment program.

However, devotees of traditional investment strategies with daily payments will find three investment plans in our list which provide these very conditions. Investors can get from 2.8% profit per day with $25+ deposits. This investment package is called Basic. Plans with payments in the end of the term belong to the After and VIP groups.

Our investment plans have been developed in order to attract aggressive online investors and to provide accomplishment of given conditions.

4. Provide all possible ways of earning money in After90Days to newly registered clients. By what criteria do you choose regional representatives?

After90Days offers its investors several options for gaining profits. First of all, it’s surely making a deposit and gaining passive income. We offer 9 investment plans that have both daily payments and payments upon deposit maturity.

Besides that, everyone can sign up on our site and get a unique referral link. Upon creating a deposit after registration by this link everyone will be instantly getting 10% of sum.

Moreover, it is noted correctly in the question that we have the program of referral representatives. This program is aimed at regulating personal work with our clients that’s why representatives should just be ready to work. This work can be performed both offline and online. The commission for regional representatives is 12%.

5. Describe the range of accessible payment options for making deposits? How many active deposits have already been added to the total system balance?

Investors can make deposits via all most popular electronic payment systems. They are PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Besides that, we suggest a wide range of exchange services that will accept your money via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union Transfer.

Statistics on our site are updated automatically and are publicly accessible.

6. What is your tactics of the resource promotion? Name strategic sites that host some textual or graphical information about the project.

By providing such high profits and performing our operation (at the moment, it’s been over 410 days), we stick to this approach as the main thing in promotion. We are not focused on an aggressive promotion campaign, but in the frames of extending our marketing activity we’ve added a number of investment platforms that display our company.

Today you can find information and feedback about After90Days on almost all most popular forums and other off-site services of online investors society.

7. Have you succeeded in discovering/developing the right approach to potential clients for over one year of a passive existence?

Within this year we have managed to develop all details of business processes provided by us and check various investment plans in practice. Success of our project depends on capacities of money turnover that we are able to attract by means of our site.

As for our approach, at the present moment we can confidently say that stability, reliability and profitability are our main principles. It has always been the basic criterion and After90Days starts with them despite all makings.

8. What would you like to wish future and current clients? Can they rely on stable and long-term business links with your program?

We wish future and current clients to apply the unique investment After90Days offer with use. In spite of the fact that the end investor does not share the risks that our company bears by providing capital placement, he/she can acknowledge their responsibility. We are sure that our project will be among remarkable ones this year, but investors should always rely primarily on their strategy and personal experience.

We are glad to openly tell our clients that they can count on our long-term perspective. And a continuous and successful operation is our main priority.

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