The interview with AlmidaInvest representative

1. Hello. Before we move on to a direct discussion of your project, I would like you to introduce yourself in brief and tell us about your activity.

Hello, colleagues. I have been dealing with online investments since 2009, and it’s by main source of income since 2012. Surely, I had highs and lows, but with time I was able to build my strategies in such a way that I could stop being a subordinate and benefit from by hobby.

2. What is interesting about AlmidaInvest for you personally? What convincing argument made you join the project as a partner?

I had looked closely at Almida for several months, and at first I scrolled through it as if it was one more ponzi hyip with plain design. Later on one of my partners offered me to consider this project in detail. I decided to try once again: the deeper I was examining Almida, the more interesting and more attractive in a financial way it was. I got acquainted with few leaders who had their own structures and talked to them in a video conference format. Of course, the crucial point in my decision to join the project was its real activity in various sectors.

3. Could you tell us some brief facts about the program which you represent? In which direction is AlmidaInvest working? How much experience has it managed to gain during the period of its online existence?

The program works in such directions as:

– Professional trading

– Micro loans of people

– 20% of money are invested into energy sector – into latest developments and innovative projects.

At the moment there are 13 people – 5 from CIS countries and 8 from abroad – in the company.

Traders are limited by lots and MM. An allowed slump figure after which trade is over is 20%. By “Profi” tariff plans a slump limit is 30%, and it means that investor’s trade risks are limited and he/she can’t lose more in case unfavorable conditions on the market occur!

Almida Finance Ltd has $1 million in its charter capital. The company has 5 founders, a Russian shareholder has a controlling block of shares. The company has a structured and well-balanced investment portfolio. Some part of fund’s assets is invested into “blue chips” of Russian and American stock markets.

A few months ago the company started to provide micro loans to people and registered MFO (Interbranch Turnover). You can see a corresponding record in the FFMS register, point 19: http://www. fcsm. ru/ru/press/releases/index. php? id_3=9209&year_3=2013&month_3=7.

The company is registered in accordance with Russian laws. The membership of founders can be checked on the tax service website: http://egrul. nalog. ru.


OGRN (primary state registration number):1132312006200


Although the first two months have been unprofitable, company’s total profits from providing micro loans are 40% per month. Not more than 10-15% from a total investment portfolio are invested into this direction.

4. What are current dynamics of a) traders’ work in the project; b) input of new deposits from partners? If it’s not a secret, how much money did you invest yourself?

At the moment total capital run by the company is amounted to $10 million, and as mentioned earlier, the number of traders has risen from 7 to 13 ones.

– Small sums are allocated in trading accounts of CIS brokers: Alpari, Teletrade, MMCIS. All that has been done for ad purpose and brand recognizability, since it’s a part of company’s marketing strategy.

– The main capital is distributed among trading accounts of leading European and American bank brokers such as:

MAYZUS Investment Company

MIG Bank (Switzerland)

Euro Pacific Bank (USA)

Norvik Bank (Latvia)

There are no official data in respect of amount of new investors, but I can give my bare statistics: within one and a half months of functioning the company has attracted 125 investors; 60 of them have active deposits!

I invested 100 000 rubles of my own funds in the project.

5. Since you are close to the company management, describe a range of real investment opportunities in this hyip. What basic requirements are set for joining available plans? At which financial level have you progressed due to work with AlmidaInvest?

The end aim is to create a legal high-yield investment product in CIS for the middle class!

The main task of the company for now is to create networks of key partners in all regions.

More distant plans are to create its own Forex broker and its closed EPS.

It is planned to change website design and improve its functional after New Year celebrations (approximately, in February). Also, a mandatory user identification via a back office and a chance to get an official TM agreement with Almida Finance will be introduced. Once the verification option is enabled, one will be able to cooperate with the company through direct bank accounts. Now all deposits by using bank transfers are possible only through locks.

At the moment everyone who is ready to invest from $100 can become its investor. $100 is minimum for each investment plans. A minimum investment period takes 12 weeks.

I am relatively new to this company, but I’ve managed to gather a good team for work. Main plans and achievements are ahead, and it’s great that my colleagues and I are provided with such a unique opportunity by the company.

6. Could you suggest moments, to which non-members of the resource should pay attention? Give links to outside sources (if there are any) that help learn fund’s opportunities better.

The project has just started to spin up, that’s why it’s a good chance to be among first investors and keep up with the company. I have already made my choice and I am quite satisfied now.

So far the company website is not informative enough, but they promise to fix it by the New Year’s period. They are preparing an interesting and detailed site. Besides that you can get information about this project on my portal.

7. Can you share your forecasts with regard to project longevity? How willing are CIS citizens to believe in prospects of AlmidaInvest?

Surprisingly, the project was received quite nice not only by devotees of classical TM, but also by MLM leaders and experienced hyip players. Besides that the company shows its work in real life; it arranges multiple seminars in various cities where you can talk to company management in person. Undoubtedly, the project’s titbit is its bonus (referral) system too. It contains 9 levels.

Of course, forecasts are never rewarding, but I dare to suppose that it will last for several years upon such ambitions and investors’ inflow (over $150 000 per month).

8. In conclusion, I would like to put you a kind of individual question. What bonuses are given to regional representatives of the program? Is there such an opportunity in case someone wants to join rows of regional representatives? What requirements are provided to candidates? Thanks!

As of now, no extra bonuses to regional representatives are given. Reps work as volunteers) But the company plans to cut down referral bonuses for mass investors and leave it only for representatives (leaders). The latter are people who correspond with all necessary requirements. Until recently such a condition has been 50 attracted referrals.

The company does not work with usual monitors for the hyip world, but I provide a 50% refback from my personal bonus in the first line to all my partners without exceptions. Welcome))

I am thankful to Alex Sagalov for the arranged interview that let me tell readers about Almida Finance Ltd company and its future plans in detail.

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