The interview with AxiomInvestment. co. uk admininstrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Greetings, administrator! In a couple of days it will be 1 month since project start. What are the brightest moments during AxiomInvestment development? Could you recall any?

My name is Susan Williams, public relations specialist. Every day we have a bright and something different from the previous, the DDoS attack, a new record for attendance (24 February 6276 visited our website people). Without opening too, was not, on that below…

2. Tell us about program establishment: who inspired you with such idea, who fulfilled ideas? What is your role in working process?

It was clearly a task to create a project with a focus on long and high quality work. In my opinion, we did it, the project feels great, we love many large and novice investors. My role is public relations and rapid response to events around the project coordination.

3. With what peculiarities in the project can you surprise experienced investor? Are there some additional pieces of information in AxiomInvestment for a newcomer?

Surprise has something and it works. For experienced investors we carved technical side, laid plans, the possibility of an early return of the deposit, the abundance of payment systems, operational reports, professional support (in four languages). For those wishing to join the ranks of our clients we have a wealth of information about our company, activities, videos, reports, and contacts, and in the case if this information is not enough, we are always ready to answer the most tricky questions.

4. Explain us the structure of investment plans in the project and all supplementary functions enclosed to them.

All plans in this project is for one term – 100 days. The term is not accidental – in our view at least 3 months that need to effectively manage your cash flow and generate new revenue. The revenue part of the plan is divided into 4 with rates ranging from 1.5 to 3%, depending on the size of customer deposits. As I wrote earlier it is possible to take a deposit in advance, but this is only possible with a 30% fee. The conclusion arrived at by the working days UK.

5. Where do you get resources for providing payouts? In what spheres are you involved?

Let’s start with the fact that the company has formed a decent back-up financial cushion, we can safely operate even in the volatile market. Secondly we do not operate in the same market, it is very risky, and to risk other people’s money we do not like. At present we are working in the following markets: stock market NASDAQ, real estate market, oil and gas companies echelons of transportation, drilling and service. A new direction for us was the Forex market in which we have invested 200000$, our traders have shown excellent results in the first day, we will continue to work in the same spirit.

6. What new features are your going to introduce in order to surprise project members in near future?

For me as an expert in public relations it is a mission. My head is full of new creative ideas that I’m starting to realize (the latter is the idea – a system of loyalty). Soon one more interesting and useful option will be implemented.

7. Is your public forum popular? How do investors perceive such kind of introductions?

Forum is not very popular, investors are skeptical about it, but they visited it. One of these days we’ll run a contest for everyone to raise the popularity of the forum, of course prizes will be modest, but honest.

8. We’d like to know your opinion: how much longer will the project stay online? Do you think 100 calendar days – stated in plans – is a real term for you?

The project feels great and full of energy, the team is professional and easy to cope with any difficulties, business scheme is efficient and generates income for us and our customers – whether it is the key to successful long-term work?

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