The interview with BaoBaks administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. Today attention of our readers is drawn to your current project – BaoBaks. How long has the program been functioning? Is it successful among investors?

Hello. Thanks a lot! I’m very glad that our project gains popularity and causes interest! The first ideas concerning the program appeared in spring of this year. In May and June we finally built a technical task and main concepts of project operation. In July programmers and the designer were working at its fulfillment. And as you know, on August 7 we launched it. Surely, we could have launched it earlier, but we needed to make sure that the system would be working without failures…

Is it popular with investors? I think, it is. It is enough to take a look at stats. After 1 week online over 1400 people have joined it and 80% of them have deposits. And one of clients has bought 1000 baobaks. A video-review has been filmed about us. We are getting many positive reviews and words of gratitude in online chat and Skype. Users post only good things about us. I guess it’s a success.

2. On what marketing principle is project work based? How much asked for is your investment strategy?

We have done our best in order to make our marketing as easy and interesting as possible for all participants. It has a fundamental economic principle of “Demand and Supply”. Someone prefers storing money in rubles, someone users dollars. These currencies grow and fall in price and BaoBaks keeps growing. That’s why it attracts more and more attention and turns into an ideal currency for storing and multiplying our savings.

3. Which website section can you suggest investors who want to get the BaoBaks core? How do you inform project members about additional conditions/actions within the marketing plan?

Basically, main pieces of information about the project are concentrated in these sections: About – here each user can learn basic project principles and learn the principle of getting income with its help; Main – on this page you can count income for a certain period; Partners – here users can learn referral system peculiarities; Back office – get in there in order to buy and sell baobaks. New actions and updates are described in detail on the news page. As we have a multi-language project and many users speak English but do not know Russian, newsletters are sent in both languages. We provide the most important updates in an informative line in the website header which you can see on each page.

4. What depositing options for charging account balances in the system are available nowadays? On which of them have you added video tutorials to the site?

The Payment methods page says how to work with PerfectMoney and Payeer systems. There is a video tutorial on how to use PerfectMoney. At the moment we are working at the integration of EGOPAY and SolidTrustPay payment systems. As soon as they are available for users, we will add detailed manuals on them as well.

5. What are the points of attraction to your side for investors? How much transparent is the flow of money in the system for users? How can they predict the course of events for the next days?

I think that the main features in our project are transparency, openness and a friendly attitude to all to a man investors! We do our best in order to provide prompt replies to all questions that arise when investors work with our project. At the moment we have no unsolved question or a person whose request remains unanswered. We are constantly keeping in touch with project participants. That’s why our investors have a precise and real picture of what is going on.

6. What minimum daily income is guaranteed for an average depositor? How does your referral program work? Do investors actively participate in it?

In the first place, investor’s earnings depend on himself/herself. The amount of earnings depends on the deposited sum and its duration. Interest rates grow as each day passes. And each user decides for himself/herself whether he/she wants to sell baobaks to the system and get income or wait till the price increases more. Our referral system works in a simple way. Every time our referral buys baobaks from us, you are getting 3% from the sum he/she has spent. When he/she sells them, you will get 2%. Note that referral rewards are charged in baobaks and are set automatically for withdrawing after the administrator confirms the transaction by the current rate.

7. How fast does the overall money pool in the system increase? On what numbers did you personally count during BaoBaks launch?

At this moment we can observe the exponential-like growth in deposits after a smooth start. It indicates that the project is interesting and it needs to be developed in the same way. Now we are considering the matters of expending ad campaign (it is mostly focused on the English-speaking audience) and new actions.

8. Can you share your forecast in respect of course of affairs in BaoBaks for the coming week(s)?

With pleasure 🙂 According to our forecasts, the cost of BaoBaks will increase from 2 dollars 15 cents to 8 dollars 15 cents per one BaoBaks. I think it’s an excellent period for serious investors with ambitious investment aims to join our project.

Thanks for attention! In case some of readers have any questions, you can always get the answer to them in our chat on the site, in Skype chat or by e-mail ( ‘); document. write(addy81190); document. write(”); //–>\n ‘); //–> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ‘); //–> ). We consider suggestions and wishes of our project participants and wherever possible, try to fulfill them in order to improve it and make it more convenient. It’s our goal to make the project suit everyone and correspond with his/her interests. Good luck and financial prosperity to everyone!


Baobaks. com team

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