The interview with Bourgeois-Assets administrator

1. Greetings, Sir! Factually, your work with Bourgeois-Assets can be divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’ periods. What atmosphere in the program prevails at present moment?

Hi, Alex!

Our project has been given the second birth. We can say that it’s the only case in the world history. 🙂 And we do not regret about the decision we’ve taken: at present moment the volume of deposits exceeds a 1 month old number…

2. Clarify the situation: what triggered sudden scam of the program? Why did you decide to resume your operation?

When we were considering the provider for hosting our resource, we opted for the UK rather than Belize (unlike other similar programs). And once our hosting announced to us that the representatives of SOCA (like FBI) had visited it with a warrant and seized the discs on our site. It came as a complete surprise. However, after inspection the British authorities returned the discs, and the site was restored. This fund had been intended to be a long-term project and as soon as the site was restored, we immediately resumed payments.

3. What can you offer with regards to financial opportunities nowadays? Have any changes happened in the project since publishing the news about project’s comeback?

Yes, they have. Besides that we do not accept LibertyReserve now due to obvious reasons. Also, we decided to reduce minimum withdrawal limit to one dollar. We have received many requests about it and surely, met the wish of publicity.

4. What are the conditions of investors’ work with Bourgeois-Assets? Do you plan making any corrections to current rules (for instance, broaden the range of investment plans)?

The conditions are traditional: the more you invest, the more you get. I think we will make no changes to plans. Time benefits us: nowadays we are one of the oldest funds in the industry, and the level of trust to us is growing day by day.

5. In the e-mail about resumption of fund’s operation you mentioned the fulfillment of payment duties to investors? Did you manage to do it?

Yes, of course. All expired deposits have been returned in full amount. Considering the fact that after resumption all investors started to withdraw deposits with interest, we had to use our stabilization fund. Still, now this project is among the most successful ones.

6. How willingly do investors join the new wave of deposits in the project?

The quality of an investment fund (just as the quality of cognac, for instance) is defined by ageing. The more it lives, the more investors it gains. Taking the opportunity, I would like to thank all investors who have believed in our project.

7. How do you promote Bourgeois-Assets online? How quickly have you been able to regain a positive reputation for the program?

Time…Time…It alone can convince investors in fund reliability. However, monitors and advertising are also important. Unfortunately, not all monitors have responded to our request of taking the program back to listing. For example, hyip. com still keeps our fund in the Problem section. Despite hundreds of e-mails we have sent to their support, we still have no answers.

8. Let’s speak frankly: can you guarantee a hyip’s faultless operation in the future? Has the second chance been given to you not in vain?

Surely, it’s not in vain. I can even say that this is one of the best projects in my career as an investment administrator. Although I did not have high hopes about this project, many investors liked it.

And thank you so much, Alex, for supporting our project. We wish success to your magazine and hope to see your readers among our clients.

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