The interview with BricInvestGroup administrator

Attention! Program has some problems with payouts. We don’t recommend you to invest in this fund till the situation willn’t become clear.

1. Hello. What can you tell about the current position of BricInvestGroup after 2 weeks online? How warm did investors meet you in the industry?

Our program was met very warm. I see a lot of interest to it. It is not very well known yet, but we are just in the very beginning of our development and will continue our advertisement campaign and increase our presence in top monitor and blog sites…

2. What key aim do you personally pursue with your project? Do you have any certain achievements in this HYIP in the financial aspect?

I cannot say we were flooded by big number of deposits, but this was not our goal. Our goal is smooth, stable and sustainable growth day by day and so far everything goes as planned. The aim we pursue is long and successful work and we have enough experience and knowledge to make this happen.

3. Let’s say, an investor decided to postpone investing in BricInvestGroup until the first investment circle is over. Try assuring him/her that you are a reliable business partner even now.

This is a typical position, many people are careful and prefer to wait some time before invest. For these people I can suggest to start with small investment amounts to touch our services (we have BRIC Touch plan designed exactly for this purpose) and then, upon their confidence grow and they completed their first cycles, invest more serious amounts in longer cycles. Our plans are designed for long work.

4. Hence another question is: what terms/limits for participation in the program do you impose? On what volume of profit can middle class count?

We got some questions from US members if we accept US citizens. Our investment offer is open for investors from all countries, there are no restrictions for participations. Investors should have a legal age under their legislation. The minimum investment amount is just $20 which is very affordable. All our investment plans have relatively low minimal amounts required for participation, so all plans should be available for majority of investors. I would recommend two our special plans: BRIC Stability which provides interest on calendar days unlike all other plans where interest is paid only on business days and BRIC Performance where principal return is included in daily payments which makes this plan very safe for investor.

5. What texts from available on the site will be of use for a hyip novice? Suggest a couple of sections which help him/her clarify some moments.

We have special sections for hyip novice explaining why you need to invest (http://bricinvestgroup. com/whyinvest), convenience of online investments (http://bricinvestgroup. com/investonline), what are the benefits investing with us (http://bricinvestgroup. com/whyus). We also have large FAQ section (https://bricinvestgroup. com/faq) explaining various aspects of using our site and investment products. Our support is ready to answer any additional questions.

6. Is your fund reliable enough? What technical means help a client feel comfortable while working with the site?

We have large reserve fund to guarantee positive returns regardless of market conditions. As for technical means, protection is one of the most important things for us. All of the data entered on the protection pages is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. We guarantee that every transaction you make with BRIC Invest Group will be completely safe. We use top level DDOS protection and threats protection service provided by CloudFlare. Besides this, we use Cloud Flare CDN solution to make our site loading fast in all parts of the world.

7. How much decisive are you to promote the resource? What kind of tactics do you follow if we talk about you as a manager?

Our promotion tactic is rather conservative than aggressive, since as I said before our aim is stability and not explosive growth (which in most cases is followed with rapid decline). Also, I so not like to rely on any false in promotion. If you see any kind words about our project you can be sure this is not fake and these words are coming from our real investor that is happy to share the satisfaction from our services.

8. What can we expect from you in the near time? Do you plan to continue working just as before?

We will continue working as before, but we are always looking for improvements. We are considering to add some more payments methods available and also translate site content into several languages to make it more easier to understand for investors in various countries.

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