The interview with Brows&CO administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Sir. Tell us a couple of facts about yourself which allow judging your professional capacities. With which project are you conquering the hyip industry now?

My name is Mark Larrabure and I am the owner of Brows and Co. The company was established in 2006 in UK. However with time the government of our country has introduced heavy duties making it impossible to conduct any profitable business here. Thus early in 2013 we have made a decision to restructure the company and to establish a legal entity in Seychelles offshore jurisdiction…

That allowed us to reach high level of liquidity and positive return on investments. Richard Marc Labrosse, my friend and partner, became the co-owner of the company in Seychelles. He is young but very talented economist. On October 14, 2013 we established a branch office in the United Kingdom (Brows and Co LTD, reg. N 08730656), which is managed by our partner Joshua Plake. The main aim of this rep office is to establish contacts with the key corporate and private investors in Europe and Asia.

Brows&Co hold itself out as а management company, with a wide range of investment opportunities provided for the private and corporate investors. It generates rather high return.

However, many online investors, whom we talked to, consider Brows&Co as HYIP. That is probably due to our marketing and promotion programs (key issues were discussed with a number of experienced online investors, but now we have revised those methods of promotion). Probably this belief is connected with the unpopularity of hedge&mutual funds outside the USA. I would like to dispel the stereotypes. Almost all hedge&mutual funds are capable to generate a return + 100-200% a year. This could be achieved thanks to the hard work of professional team and the availability of insiders.

2. What helps your resource look fresh and unique? Can you share a brief story of its creation with us?

Long time we were looking for the new markets for our services, as there are a lot of management companies acting on the USA and European regular markets and the competition is very sever. After a number of consultations with online investors we have made a decision to develop a website and to enter the online market. The online market has provided us with the boundless opportunities, allowing to search for the investors and offer them really high-quality service.

Our corporate website is created in accordance with the standard cannons inherent to all management companies, such as laconic design, quick access to sections and quick search of all necessary information, user-friendly personal account. The website was developed on the basis of own program platform. It was passed through all security and stability tests. Everyday the website is scanned by Norton for the presence of Malware viruses. To improve operations we had connected the website to the popular payment systems, such as Perfect Money (for USSR countries), EgoPay (popular Asian payment system), BitCoin (unique bitcoin actively developing in the whole world), VISA/MasterCard cards (PayNode Inc.). We also provide our clients with the possibility to make bank transfers directly to our corporate account in Rietumu AS Bank. I would like to ease clients’ anxiety, believing that the payment systems are not secure enough. We only accumulate funds on our electronic accounts, and then transfer them on a daily basis to our banking account. So you should not worry at all.

3. What documentary proofs of Brows&CO reputability are available in the project? Why should an investor believe you?

The section devoted to the information about our company contains the list of documents, such as certificates of incorporation (Brows and Co Corp. (reg. N 126730) and Brows and Co Ltd (reg. N08730656)), public fund license (according to the legislation of the Republic of Seychells, granted by SIBA, the analog of U. K. FSA), and other documents. In the investor has some doubts concerning the document authenticity, he can cooperate with is and create a deposit via corporate banking account. The banking account belongs to our company and is held in Rietumu AS (banking details are provided in the invoice). Banks will never cooperate with defunct companies and accept forged documents. We are ready to cooperate with major and corporate investors under bank guarantee as well.

On October 14, 2013 our company has established a representative office in UK once again 14 (Reg. No. 08730656), to provide our European clients with more freedom when investing.

4. Describe the range of offered investment plans. An investor can choose among a quite wide range of options. Which of them are the most popular?

Actually we provide a wide range of investment tools. Each fund is optimized for a certain market or niche that allows an investor to diversify his capital. If an investor has a lack of experience in market liquidity assessment, then we advise him invest into several portfolio, making the daily interest less volatile and more predictable. Experienced investors will appreciate the number of markets available for investing. They will be able to assess the rate of return independently using charts (the figures are available from the moment a fund was established), and to advise personally with the managing partners.

5. Please advise, what should a user know before signing up in the project? Name basic requirements which are considered obligatory for each potential client.

Any private investor from any country of the world can create an account on our website. The only requirement is to be of legal age. We also offer our services to institutional investors. However it is impossible to register this type of investor via the website. All agreements shall be made directly with fund manager.

It’s worth to mention about risks. Each investor assesses investment risks using his own methods. Brows and Co does its best to avoid financial losses, however even we may have some failures. When the fund experience difficulties of any kind we are applying the rate of return equal to 0,01%. If there is a negative trend during 7-10 days our company will close the fund and return money to the investors (either we can reinvest them into another existing funds). We use the client-oriented approach and provide our customers with maximum transparent services.

6. What events have happened in the program lately? What do you personally do to keep current participants and attract new ones?

We were surprised by high Internet activity, after we had launched our website. Truly to say, we did not count on such interest. But I do not want to be ahead of the game and to speak about online investment volume as some serious one that can be compared with the offline activity. The company fulfills its promises, adhering the conservative development plan. All these factors have the favorable impact on the online investors. Thanks to our website we have got acquainted with a number of new major investors. We believe the conservative method of promotion speaks about company’s solidity and its serious attitude towards work. We are not the sharpest tool in the shed, however we have ambitions. We proved to our clients everything we want during last 7 years and we become mature.

7. How are you going to win trust of investors in the near future (with stable payments, new additions and so on)?

Confidence is a kind of wrong belief on the investment market. Professional investors choose a fund relying not upon their emotions and feeling, but basing on such criteria as expertise, transparency, results and adequacy of an offer, provided by the management company. We call the investors to soberly evaluate the risks and benefits.

I want to note, that a new iOS app will come soon. It will help online investors to make all their transactions via iPhones and iPads. This app is our answer to clients’ requests. We are always glad to discuss with our clients things we can make to improve our services.

8. Depositors are interested in your plans in respect of Brows&CO operation terms. Could you please satisfy their curiosity?

The company is on the market since 2006. During this time we have gained a great experience solving problems of different complexity. The representatives of our professional community never ask us how long we are going to stay on the market. On the contrary, they always wish us continuous development and prosperity. Our clients are sure of us, and we are grateful to them for that.

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