The interview with Car-Ltd. com administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello administrator. Introduce your investment product to GIO readers. How much successful was your first month online?

Hello. Our investment fund is a classical medium-term fund with moderate interest rates and comparatively long investment terms. The first month of our operation concurred with mass closure of many investment projects and investors’ hesitation. Nevertheless, we met all our engagements in front of investors, who had entrusted their capital to our management…

2. What is the guarantee of successful hyip functioning? What working principles do you personally use in work?

Investors’ trust is primarily won by means of stable payouts. We are confident that a relative long term of our project operation shows investors our long-lasting intentions. Besides that, deposit may be withdrawn at any time, and if somebody doubts our future, he/she can cease working with us whenever they want.

3. How active are investors in supporting Car-Ltd topic? Are you satisfied with user feedback?

As I’ve previously mentioned, many funds have fallen into oblivion over last month, as a result, a lot of investors were essentially less active during this month. But there are some positive sides. Our website is getting more visited, our fund is among leaders in the industry according to allmonitors. net, and all that happens even though we offer almost no ad.

4. What are your criteria of investment plans selection? How can you reason the establishment of such clearly low tariffs?

Considering the fact that our project is medium-term, I can’t speak about low tariffs. I believe, investor would rather get 1 percent during the year than 10 percent for two days. Making our choice between stability and profitability, we stopped at stability. As our experience shows, we’ve made a right choice. Our fund is still active disregarding an obvious crisis in hyip industry.

5. What means of attracting users do you practice? How are you going to increase your client database in the future?

Currently our project has just started to function. Only one month has passed, which is a short term for a medium-term hyip. We have been in listings of leading monitors from the start. But we also plan to carry out a more large-scale promotion campaign in May-June. Well, the most important tool is ‘word of mouth’. Nobody complains about payments, and it is the best ad for any fund.

6. Describe the direction and the type of promotional campaign in the program. Could you indicate latest additions?

One of the most remarkable events is cooperation with free-kassa. Thanks to it we now have a chance to accept deposits via many kinds of e-currencies, including bank cards. However, it is worth noticing that payments are provided in initially stated currencies.

7. On what dynamics of events do you count in the near time? Can we rely on you in the same time frames?

I think that after the least reliable funds have left the market, the situation is getting more or less stable. As usual, we are looking into the future with confidence and call on both potential and existing clients to do the same.

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