The interview with Diamondfund. biz admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, admin! If we talk about 17 days of project online, are you satisfied with results?

Hi, yes we are happy with the results, we have over 1.5 thousand investors.

2. What digits in statistics of DiamondFund program are you ready to list at present moment?

We have more than 150,000 dollars in investment and more than 70,000 payments, investors have already trusted us and contribute to long-term plans.

3. What primary aims did you set during project preparation? What aims are still to be fulfilled?

Make a good project that will attract many investors to once more to develop our business in the future, we want to attract investment from around the world.

4. The level of technical part in DiamondFund proves that you’ve put sufficient amount of funds while preparing the project. Is the game worth the candle?

Yes we did put a lot of money into the project and thus were able to attract the attention of many investors, we are pleased with the result.

5. Which of your previous creations may be an example for DiamondFund?

No comments.

6. Tell us about the amount of income for an average investor within your program?

Main contributions are the first tariff Polar Star (10-300 $) with a profit of 5% on the day but also gaining popularity deposits (301-500) which gives 7% of income per day.

7. Currently technical support is represented rather poorly. Perhaps, you plan to add other contact means in the future?

Our technical support while coping with his job, but if we need to add other modes of contact in the future.

8. Evaluate DiamondFund popularity in the future (by 10-grade scale).

I think 7-8 points, but we’re going to do to become even more popular.

Thanks for the interview!

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