The interview with Elloda administrator

A non-traditional interview – to be more precise, it’s a monologue – with the administrator of the same intriguing project is on the air today. Elloda has already managed to accept hundreds of participants, but still one can feel some incompleteness. Within this article the administrator has poured out his heart and told everything as it is. Everyone who is curious about both the very project topic and its future can learn something interesting right under the cut…

Hello, Alex! Greetings to all readers of a highly distinguished and popular GIO magazine! I am very pleased to have received such an opportunity to answer your questions which allow judging the Elloda company in an objective light.

The very idea of our project has been born long before its creation. Our main aim has been to create a project not for a short term. It has had to be the one to work and bring profits regardless of decrease in new investments. We’ve provided a financial insurance for this purpose. It will allow our company working stably and will let our investors be independent from this factor, and get guaranteed profits.

A nice and bright picture was not our main focus at the point of bringing this idea to life. The main company’s virtue had to be marketing, protection and technical components. We had long wanted to something different from everything else that would not be tormenting investors with long periods of waiting for deposits’ “unfreezing”. From here the Progress plan appeared allowing each user to decide about the deposit withdrawal moment on his/her own. This part of the marketing strategy is the very Elloda advantage.

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Now let’s look inside it: after a simple registration is completed, a user sees only one tariff plan called Foundation that required a $10 (and more) deposit with 2.2% per day during 21 day. But if you deposit a minimum sum, you will see that very plan without unfreezing in the cabinet. It gives 3% per day with a chance to withdraw a deposit and interest at any time (it’s up to each investor). Payments are provided automatically. Also, all plans provide for up to 100% compounding option.

A minimum amount of profits that a deposit with minimum investments can expect is 46.2% in case he/she invests a minimum sum by the Foundation plan. There is a calculator for a more visual and precise profit calculation in the back office. The Rating page allows seeing all our partners. Elloda investors have created a Skype chat to be joined by everyone who wants it. In order to do it, click on the corresponding icon in the very website page bottom.

As Elloda users could have noticed, our website was never unavailable for a minute. And it’s all thanks to our Koddos hosting provider. Owing to it, our website is fully protected from DDOS attacks that have contributed to closure of many hyips. We have an additional. biz domain and SSL certificate by Comodo which ensures safety of users’ data.

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We are looking into the future with confidence! The speed of the Elloda development will keep growing! Our aim is a long-term and reliable partnership!

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