The interview with GrandCapital administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. If you are not against, I’d like to discuss with you a couple of moments in respect of the project. First of all, introduce yourself to everyone who is not familiar with you. What project did you launch in the industry? How long ago did it happen?

Hello Dear Alex and GIO Readers, I am very glad to answer your questions. My name is Walter Dunham, I am a main Administrator of Grand Capital investment program and second founder of Grandcape LTD Trust management in the Forex market it is fairly common practice nowadays. So we try to make every effort to become the best in the market. Grand Capital it’s already working within 86 days. I would like to note that the summer is coming to the end and is ahead stormy autumn and a new stage in the development of our company…

2. What can you tell about GCLimited course of development? Did investors welcome your new resource warmly? Did activity of investors grow sufficiently in comparison with the initial period?

The onset of our program has just for the summer period. In the summer we have a low business activity. Therefore, we have taken the tactics expectantly for the period of summer. At this moment we begin to develop a new frontiers and expansion into the new markets. For now i can talking about increased public interest in our program after changing the design of our website.

3. Which moments attract new visitors to your site (in design, investment plans and so on)? Why did you choose such a name for your program?

As I noted earlier, our company has the name Grandcape LTD So the name of our investment program fully consistent with our mood and severity of approach. Our investment plans are completely balanced for continuous operation of the company and are guaranteed a steady income of our investors. So I think that many investors may prefer stability income in the long term rather than short-term gain with high risk.

4. Give several unqualified GCLimited advantages that your direct competitors are lacking. What measures do you take in order to assure investors in your paying ability?

We do not consider direct competitors as enemies, but we will try to provide smooth conditions for which the investor would have a choice, and if he chooses our company, we will be happy to provide the level of service which the client remains satisfied.

5. What updates have happened in the project within the whole time of its online existence? Did hyip members appreciate your diligence?

We do not stand still and continually improve our program. We have added support by phone and live chat, but the strongest change was new design for our website. We try to make our program more convenient and attractive to investors.

6. In what direction do you implement GCLimited promotion campaign? On what social resources can we find some information about the program?

What do you attempt to do in order to strengthen security measures on the site? A full-scale advertising campaign will be in this autumn. We are not interested in short-term advertising campaign, and we are working, most importantly, to achieve long-term results. So it’s just only beginning of our advertising campaign. You can find our page on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, very important for us to remain socially active and open to discussion. We have a wide range security options for safety investing. Our platform uses only cutting-edge technology in the field of online investing.

7. Do you plan any additions/contests for hyip investors in the near future? How are you going to keep clients interested in the project?

Yes, I think we will add some of contests in the autumn. We believe that the stable operation of our company it’s a better argument for safety investing.

8. Could you voice at least approximate end terms of GCLimited functioning? Do you plan to continue a stable operation during the autumn season?

It is still too early to talk about any deadlines. We are very determined and autumn has always has high business activity so it’s just only beginning of our journey…

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