The interview with GrandMoneyFX administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. How is the GrandMoneyFX project doing as of today? Is the current project position in a competing medium the very thing you’ve counted on?

Grand Money FX is exactly where it has to be. As most readers noticed, we do not force ads campaign to allow project develop gradually, which is vitally important those days. We have a few monitors currently with the only purpose: show investors community GMFX isn’t here for a day.

2. How much time has the program passed online? What first large financial achievements can we talk about?

Today Grand Money FX is completing it’s first cycle of 10 days and I think the best achievement is the feedback we’ve got from our members. Many of other investors like your readers have found GMFX a good venture to dig into and we do everything to gain their trust and prove it’s a safe place to grow their capital.

3. How do you personally feature your creation? What qualities allow it keeping its image and stand out in the crowd?

Grand Money FX has everything: profesional protection from BlockDos, dedicated backend server, high-class security, in-house developed script, verified accounts and a small team monitoring and improving our online system 24/7. I believe, these are the required things for a successfull HYIP, not something outstanding. So, what really makes GMFX stand out from the crowd? You will surely find couple other projects with same quality.

So, it’s really nothing outstanding about Grand Money. Except one thing. We value our members more than their money. Of course, money is the blood of the “creation”, but if admin doesn’t gain trust, the blood flow stops and you know what happens. I’m not trying to imply any conclusion here. Trust takes time and efforts. So, please wait, carefully analyse every aspect of our project and do not invest into GMFX unless you are 130% certain.

4. What can you say about material benefits? List all possible (main and additional) options of income multiplication. What minimum entry is required?

Money earning performance of Grand Money isn’t really high. In the “Basic” plan you will get 16% total profit in 10 days. The minimum investment for this plan is $10 and $199.99 is the maximum. Principal is returned at the end of the investment term, and this rule works for all 4 plans you will find on our website.

5. What key stages in the GrandMoneyFX development have been built in the project foundation? At which distance is the program now?

Currently Grand Money FX is working for a good positive reputation. You know last time many admins were running HYIPs with the only purpose to run away at the first peak. Some of those programs looked so well that you could not even think it will close in a counted days. Many investors lost their faith and felt so desperate that decided to apply same strategy to admins. As a result, even good admins had to close their programs way earlier before they should. This all looks like a silly situation, but someone has to make the first step. If reading this, you find something reasonable, do not hesitate to contact me and share what you think: meghan@grandmoneyfx. com.

6. In which way will you keep investors interested in the project? With which digits in respect of amount of deposits/participants can you share?

As I mentioned before, Grand Money FX is here to play a big game and make more investors multiply their capital. On the home page you will find our project statistics, which isn’t something special at the moment. GMFX is in the very early stage of development and this is what we really need right now: grow slowly, gradually and gain trust.

7. Perhaps, not all target users are acquainted with your hyip / ready to join it. Now you have an opportunity to assure them by using arguments. Go on!

Well, the best thing you could do is open our website at https://grandmoneyfx. com and see for yourself. There is nothing hidden and we try to be as open to our client as possible. So, if you have any questions, simply contact me at meghan@grandmoneyfx. com. I’ll do my best to answer your questions in a very short period of time.

8. It’s up to you to end the conversation. How many investment circles will GrandMoneyFX complete for sure?

Grand Money FX has almost completed it’s first cycle and we have certain statistics to answer this question. GMFX can last 16 more cycles like this (10 calendar days each one) having no external cash inflow. On the other hand, I don’t really believe investors will stand from raising their bets and this will only increase it’s lifetime. So, in my opinion, it’s unpredictable in a positive way.

Enough words. I invite you to look at the website and ask your questions at meghan@grenamoneyfx. com.

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